ISO 9001 certificate scaffolding steel prop

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10000 pc
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10000 pc/month

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light duty


can be customized as reqested


as requested


ISO 9001 passed


painted, galvanized, powder coated


1*20GP container


can be square or flover type




15-25 days after confirmation


1000-2000 pieces per day

loading quantity:

1500 pieces in bundle

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:in bundle or in pallet, or loading in bulk,
Delivery Detail:about 20 days after confirmation


steel prop height: 2.0-3.5M with U head 
outer tube:56*1.8mm 
inner tube: 48*1.8mm 
plates:120*120*4.5 mm 
weight:10.4 KG

Steel Prop With Nut





flower platewire pin8.72 kg9.35 kg10.23 kg
G-pin8.95 kg9.58 kg10.46 kg
square platewire pin8.93 kg9.56 kg10.44 kg
G-pin9.16 kg9.79 kg10.67 kg
1.8mmflower platewire pin9.11 kg9.78 kg10.71 kg
G-pin9.34 kg10.01 kg10.94 kg

square plate

wire pin9.32 kg9.99 kg10.92 kg
G-pin9.55 kg10.22 kg11.15 kg
2.0mmflower platewire pin9.89 kg10.63 kg11.66 kg
G-pin10.12 kg10.86 kg11.89 kg
square platewire pin10.10 kg10.84 kg11.87 kg
G-pin10.33 kg11.07 kg12.10 kg





flower platewire pin10.67 kg11.48 kg12.60 kg
G-pin10.90 kg11.71 kg12.83 kg
square platewire pin10.88 kg11.69 kg12.81 kg
G-pin11.11 kg11.92 kg13.04 kg
2.5mmflower platewire pin12.07 kg12.98 kg14.25 kg
G-pin12.30 kg13.21 kg14.48 kg

square plate

wire pin12.28 kg13.19 kg14.46 kg
G-pin12.51 kg13.42 kg14.69 kg
3.0mmflower platewire pin13.95 kg15.04 kg16.55 kg
G-pin14.18 kg15.27 kg16.78 kg
square platewire pin14.16 kg15.25 kg16.76 kg
G-pin14.39 kg15.48 kg16.99 kg


Steel Prop With Cup Nut


thicknesshead platebase plate1.8~3.2m2.0~3.5m2.2~3.9m


flower plateflower plate8.55 kg9.13 kg9.92 kg
square platesquare plate8.76 kg9.34 kg10.13 kg
U-headflower plate9.11 kg9.69 kg10.49 kg
square plate9.22 kg9.80 kg10.59 kg


flower plateflower plate8.93 kg9.55 kg10.39 kg
square platesquare plate9.14 kg9.76 kg10.60 kg
U-headflower plate9.50 kg10.11 kg10.96 kg
square plate9.04 kg9.69 kg10.58 kg


flower plateflower plate9.31 kg9.96 kg10.85 kg
square platesquare plate9.52 kg10.17 kg11.06 kg
U-head flower plate9.88 kg10.53 kg11.42 kg
square plate9.98 kg10.63 kg11.53 kg


flower plateflower plate10.07 kg10.79 kg11.78 kg
square platesquare plate10.28 kg11.00 kg11.99 kg
U-head flower plate10.64 kg11.36 kg12.35 kg
square plate10.74 kg11.46 kg12.45 kg


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Q:Steel support can stay in the wall joint position, if not, then why?
1, to 2, in order: first the site even wall, etc. the wall concrete reached a certain strength, in the wall at the seams on the outside the foundation construction of high pressure jet grouting pile
Q:Welding steel support electrode needs to be tested
Electrode type electrode diameter /mm drop height /m electrode electrode skin rupture length/mm carbon steel welding rod, low alloy steel electrode, stainless steel electrode< 41 < 30 > 40.5 < 40Cast iron electrode< 40.7 < 304; 50.5 = 60.3Welding electrode is less than 4 D/d = 1.7 D/d > 1.73010.7 = 4Zero point fiveZero point threeNote: D is the electrode diameter, mm; D core diameter, mm.(3) test for moisture resistance of electrode coatingThe electrode immersed in 15 to 20 degrees Celsius in the water, 4H (cast iron electrode 0.5h) after the observation, the skin should not be opened, cracking or peeling phenomenon.4) test welding length, the diameter of the core wireThe electrode length and core diameter, clamping end length, the relevant provisions should be in accordance with GB/T 5117-95 and GB/T 5118-95 respectively, GB/T 983-95, GB 984-85 and GB 10044-88 standard.
Q:What are the steel support specifications
Geology and mineral resources, metallurgy equipment mechanical and electrical equipment, ancillary equipment, terminal Locomotive Fittings and track accessories, high strength bolt and truss steel structure manufacture and sale of accessories, auxiliary building steel structure design and construction, sales of steel industry
Q:How to speed up the construction speed of steel support in the excavation area
The axial force of the diagonal brace is 1/sin times of the same span. The angle between the axis and the axis of the crown beam
Q:The transformation of the old house can support it with channel beam below
According to the channel shape and can be divided into 4 kinds: cold bending equilateral channels, cold-formed non equilateral channel steel, cold rolled edge channels, the cold bending edge channelsIn accordance with the theory of steel structure, it should be the channel wing plate stress, that is, the channel should be standing, rather than lying.
Q:Who knows how to calculate the cost of steel support
Combined with the average domestic iron and steel enterprises, main factors influencing the total cost of the ironmaking process of raw materials (iron ore, coke and other costs) costs, recycling byproducts including materials, fuel, labor costs, offset only accounted for about 10% of the total cost and other expenses for the steelmaking process in addition to the main the raw materials increased, the power consumption of added alloy and maintenance costs rise accounted for about 18% of the total cost of steelmaking. Other fluctuations in the process of ironmaking, steelmaking.
Q:What are the safety measures of steel support construction
Improve the system, strengthen management, to solve the construction of the following work and problems: 1, regulate the side of the entrance and exit protection. Pay attention to wear safety helmet and high operating safety belt; according to the provisions of the use of qualified safety nets, safety helmets and seat belts
Q:Full fastener type steel pipe scaffold with all the fastener type steel pipe support frame what is the difference?
. The construction load of the frame body top layer transfer through the horizontal bar to the top of the pole, the vertical rod is eccentric compression; 2, full frame support is defined in the longitudinal and transverse direction, by not less than three rows of pole and the horizontal bar
Q:With the steel support template what
How much do you order?. Basic three thousand to five thousand, the model is not the same, the price is not the same
Q:Pillars are reinforced, why use steel
Reinforced concrete (also known as steel reinforced concrete or steel reinforced concrete) composite structural components from concrete, steel, longitudinal reinforcement and stirrup composition

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