ISO 9001 certificate scaffolding steel prop

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10000 pc
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10000 pc/month

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light duty


can be customized as reqested


as requested


ISO 9001 passed


painted, galvanized, powder coated


1*20GP container


can be square or flover type




15-25 days after confirmation


1000-2000 pieces per day

loading quantity:

1500 pieces in bundle

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:in bundle or in pallet, or loading in bulk,
Delivery Detail:about 20 days after confirmation


steel prop height: 2.0-3.5M with U head 
outer tube:56*1.8mm 
inner tube: 48*1.8mm 
plates:120*120*4.5 mm 
weight:10.4 KG

Steel Prop With Nut





flower platewire pin8.72 kg9.35 kg10.23 kg
G-pin8.95 kg9.58 kg10.46 kg
square platewire pin8.93 kg9.56 kg10.44 kg
G-pin9.16 kg9.79 kg10.67 kg
1.8mmflower platewire pin9.11 kg9.78 kg10.71 kg
G-pin9.34 kg10.01 kg10.94 kg

square plate

wire pin9.32 kg9.99 kg10.92 kg
G-pin9.55 kg10.22 kg11.15 kg
2.0mmflower platewire pin9.89 kg10.63 kg11.66 kg
G-pin10.12 kg10.86 kg11.89 kg
square platewire pin10.10 kg10.84 kg11.87 kg
G-pin10.33 kg11.07 kg12.10 kg





flower platewire pin10.67 kg11.48 kg12.60 kg
G-pin10.90 kg11.71 kg12.83 kg
square platewire pin10.88 kg11.69 kg12.81 kg
G-pin11.11 kg11.92 kg13.04 kg
2.5mmflower platewire pin12.07 kg12.98 kg14.25 kg
G-pin12.30 kg13.21 kg14.48 kg

square plate

wire pin12.28 kg13.19 kg14.46 kg
G-pin12.51 kg13.42 kg14.69 kg
3.0mmflower platewire pin13.95 kg15.04 kg16.55 kg
G-pin14.18 kg15.27 kg16.78 kg
square platewire pin14.16 kg15.25 kg16.76 kg
G-pin14.39 kg15.48 kg16.99 kg


Steel Prop With Cup Nut


thicknesshead platebase plate1.8~3.2m2.0~3.5m2.2~3.9m


flower plateflower plate8.55 kg9.13 kg9.92 kg
square platesquare plate8.76 kg9.34 kg10.13 kg
U-headflower plate9.11 kg9.69 kg10.49 kg
square plate9.22 kg9.80 kg10.59 kg


flower plateflower plate8.93 kg9.55 kg10.39 kg
square platesquare plate9.14 kg9.76 kg10.60 kg
U-headflower plate9.50 kg10.11 kg10.96 kg
square plate9.04 kg9.69 kg10.58 kg


flower plateflower plate9.31 kg9.96 kg10.85 kg
square platesquare plate9.52 kg10.17 kg11.06 kg
U-head flower plate9.88 kg10.53 kg11.42 kg
square plate9.98 kg10.63 kg11.53 kg


flower plateflower plate10.07 kg10.79 kg11.78 kg
square platesquare plate10.28 kg11.00 kg11.99 kg
U-head flower plate10.64 kg11.36 kg12.35 kg
square plate10.74 kg11.46 kg12.45 kg


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Q:What are the characteristics of hysteretic curves of steel supports
The anti S shape reflects more slip effects, and the shape of the hysteresis curve is not full, which indicates that the structure or the component ductility and the ability to absorb seismic energy is poor. For example, the hysteresis curves of the general frame, the Liang Zhu node and the shear wall are the same.The Z shape shows that the hysteresis curve is affected by a large number of slip and has the slip property. For example, the components with small shear span and oblique cracks can be fully developed, and the members of the anchor steel bars have large slip.
Q:Welding steel support electrode needs to be tested
The test, the electrode level tapped from 0.5 ~ 1m high degree of freedom to thickness greater than or equal to 14mm and the horizontal smooth plate and detected electrode can be severely damaged, only broken in the coating at both ends of the electrode allows the falling height and the values shown in Table 11 allows the total length of rupture the.Table 11 allowable values of the dropping height and the total length of the crack in the test of the electrode skin strengthElectrode type electrode diameter /mm drop height /m electrode electrode skin rupture length
Q:Removal of deep foundation pit support
Wire saw more trouble, longer time. Static explosion, rope saw after the material transport is generally not broken crash and broken loading two, free choice
Q:How to calculate the axial force of steel support in subway construction
Axial force: in architecture, the internal force which coincides with the axis of the rod is called axial force, which is represented by the symbol FN. When the bar is pulled, the axial force is Tension, which points away from the cross section; when the member is pressed, the axial force is the pressure (Compression)
Q:What is the pre - steel brace
When it comes to brace generally refers to Rachel steel purlin, it is reinforced, but also to enhance the stability of the purlin purlin, not easy to lose in the external force under certain failure. Section purlin are generally H steel, C shape, Z shape, is reducing cabin panel span and fixed roof panel.The main specifications of steel support are Phi 400, Phi 580, phi, phi, phi, phi, phi, phi, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on.
Q:What are the safety measures of steel support construction
Improve the system, strengthen management, to solve the construction of the following work and problems: 1, regulate the side of the entrance and exit protection. Pay attention to wear safety helmet and high operating safety belt; according to the provisions of the use of qualified safety nets, safety helmets and seat belts
Q:Does the basement steel frame support column need concrete pouring
Two: concrete floor in the basement after adding steel frame supporting column, the need to drill holes in the concrete floor of the original, and column bolt, anchoring can be welded. Fire resistant steel structure can be used high-quality fire paint. I hope my answer can be helpful to you, wish you happy work, happy life!
Q:Steel support, mixed soil support, calculation method?
There are many kinds of support, you said, according to the points of the material as well as the credits,
Q:The support system of the steel roof structure of a single storey workshop is composed of
The roof support system of single storey steel structure workshop is generally: 1 lateral horizontal bracing; 2 vertical horizontal bracing; the vertical support of the 3; the tie bar of the 4.
Q:How to calculate the weight per meter of steel support
Depending on the type of steel used for supporting, the weight of the different models is different

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