Irrigation Tape distance 10cm Small Farm Land Good Quality

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The Application of new Plastic Agriculture Irrigation Pipe for Greenhouse:

The layflat hose has a wealth of residential and commercial applications, and it is usually used for general water transfer purposes as well as for submain.Generally layflat hoses are used in the industry of agriculture,in pipe lining and rehabilitation,in removing waste water,in mine dewatering ,in the chemical industry and even for household chores


Irrigation Tape distance 10cm Small Farm Land Good Quality

Irrigation Tape distance 10cm Small Farm Land Good Quality


The decription of of new Plastic Agriculture Irrigation Pipe for Greenhouse:

Two layers of PVC bonded together encapsulating high tensile polyester fibers.

Thick wall dimensions and strong yarn structure help products to hold connections and resist bursting.

It assumes the conventional round appearance when pressure is being passed through it and then returns to its flat shape after use.It does not need drying and can be rolled immediately after use.


Irrigation Tape distance 10cm Small Farm Land Good Quality


Features of of new Plastic Agriculture Irrigation Pipe for Greenhouse:

1.Great durability mainly given by the reinforcement and high-density PVC material.

2.The layflat hoses can have up to 12 inches diameter based on their applications.

3.Extra thickness are added in order to prevent bursting due to pressure in heavy industry.

4.Can be easily rolled up,stored and reused,as it has a very durable construction.

5.The hoses come with a variety of fittings and accessories ensures the water transfer process free of leaking.

6.Temperature range:-5°C~65°C(23~149F)


1.Q:Are you manufactory or trade company?

A:We are the Manufactory specialized in drip irrigation more than 20 years; Our factory have passed IS09000.

 2.Q:How can I get the samples?

A:If you need some samples to test, we can make as per your request .You should pay for the transportation freight of samples and our samples cost, while the samples cost can be refundable after you place the order if the amount meets our requirement.

 3.Q:How much the transportation freight of samples?

A:The freight depends on the weight and packing size and your area.

 4.Q:How long can I expect to get the sample?

A:The samples will be ready for delivery within one week. The samples will be sent via express and arrive in 7-10 days.

 5.Q:Can we have our Logo or company name to be printed on your products or package?

A:Sure.Your Logo can be put on your products by Hot Stamping,Printing,Embossing,UV Coating,Silk-screen Printing or Sticker

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