Irradiation Cross-linkable Low Smoke Zero Halogen Flame Retardant Polyolefin Compound

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Product Description:

cross link compound:
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Cross Link Compound:

1. Applications and cable specifications:

Used for 125°C less than 3KV locomotive cable, meeting GB/T 12528-2008. Suitable for environment with pollution of mineral oil and fuel oil.

2. Description:

Irradiation low smoke halogen free flame retardant POE compound for locomotive cable, based on special high oil resistant POE resin, is produced and pelletized by special technology, adding special modifier, halogen-free flame retardant, anti-oxidant, assistant crosslinker and other special additives.

3. Processing:

The compound can be processed with conventional extruders, and the normal PVC screw with a minimum 20:1 L/D. It is better if use low compression ratio screw.

The following temperature(°C) profile of extruder is recommended:

ZoneZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4HeadDie
temperature °C130145150150145145

4. Storage and transport:

Packing: 25kg/bag, PE membrane inside bag and craft outside bag.
Avoiding in direct sunlight and weathering.
Storage place should be clean, cool, dry and ventilated.

5. Irradiated dosage:

The normal irradiated dosage(recommended) of irradiation cross-linkable low smoke halogen free flame retardant POE compound is 13 megarad.

6. Properties:


HardnessShore A
Tensile StrengthMpa913.71015.83032.6
Elongation at Break%125191125273100230
Thermal AgingCondition °C×h158×168158×168178×168158×168
Variation on tensile strength %-25-6-25-12Not breakNot break-25-8
Elongation at Break%100174100231

Variation on Elongation %-40-9-40-15

Thermal Prolongation: 20N/cm2°C×min200×15200×15

Elongation Under Load %1002010075

Permanent Deformation %250250

Ozone Resistance

Ozone density and time, Method Appm×h250-300×24×25250-300×24×25250-300×3250-300×24×25
Ozone density and time, Method Bppnm×h200±50×72×40200±50×72×40200±50×72×40
Surface after test
Non crackingpassNon crackingpassNo fissure and not breakNon crackingpass
Oil resistanceOil20# machine oil
20# machine oil902# machine oil
Condition °C×h100×70
Variation on Tensile Strength %-50-22

Variation of outer diameter ±5±30-16
Variation on Elongation %-50-35

Not break±40-11
Oil resistanceOil0# diesel

0# diesel903# diesel
condition °C×h70×168

Variation on Tensile Strength  %-55-38

Variation of outer diameter ±5±30-18
Variation on Elongation  %-55-47

Not break±40-26
Impact Brittleness Temperature°C-40pass-40pass-60 windingpass-40pass
Volume Resistivity at 20 °CΩ.m1.0×10124.8×10121.0×10122.0×1013

Dielectric StrengthMV/m


150°C high temperature stress  %


friction resistance (round trip) times


Oxygen Index30333034

Smoke density  Flaming10067100831006710065
Non Flaming200164200185200164200196
Acidity of gases evolved (PH value)
Conductivity of gases evolvedμs/mm102.0102102102
Toxicity Index



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