Iron reel or Plastic reel,25KG/Reel or as customer's requirements Hose steel wire

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50 m.t.
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12000 m.t./month

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  • Model Number: 0.2-2.4mm
  • Copper: Bright

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Iron reel or Plastic reel,25KG/Reel or as customer's requirements.
Delivery Detail:7 days after receving the 30% advanced payment


Tensile strength:1770-3350Mpa
Use:rubber hose reinforcement

It is a top-qulity product of Hebei Province which is used for high pressure and high temperautre resistance.


Hose Steel Wire                                                                                             
Dia. (mm)Copper of coating (minium)/(g/kg)
Less than 0.353
More than 0.80-1.401.85
More than 1.40-2.401.5


Hose Steel Wire                                                                                             
Dia. (mm)Tolerance (mm)Tensile Strength(Mpa)Torsions (times)Bends (times)Knot strength rate(%)
0.20±0.012150-2450 2450-2750 2750-3050 3050-335070         70         65         6012558
0.252150-2450 2450-2750 2750-3050 3050-335070         70         65         60125         125         105         75
0.302150-2450 2450-2750 2750-3050 3050-335065         60         60         50105         95         85         60
0.35±0.0152150-2450 2450-2750 2750-3050 3050-335065         60         60         5060         80         55         30
0.402150-2450 2450-2750 2750-3050 3050-335065         60         60         5055         55         50         45
0.422150-2450 2450-2750 2750-305060         60         5050         60         45
0.462150-2450 2450-2750 2750-305060         60         5045         45         40
0.502150-2450 2450-2750 2750-305060         60         5040         35         3050
0.56±0.0152150-2450 2450-2750 2750-305060         60         5035         30         25
0.602150-2450 2450-275060         5030         25
0.652150-2450 2450-275055         5025         20
0.702150-2450 2450-275050         5020         20
0.75±0.022150-2450 2450-275050         5020         20
0.782150-2450 4018
0.802150-2450 4015
1.001770-1860 1860-1950 1950-215028         25         2314-
1.201770-1860 1860-1950 1950-215025         24         2314
1.401770-1860 1860-1950 1950-215024         23         2214
1.601770-1860 1860-1950 1950-215023         20         1913
1.801770-1860 1860-1950 1950-215022         20         1912
2.001770-1860 1860-1950 1950-215020         20         1910
2.201770-1860 1860-1950 1950-215018         18         1710
2.401770-1860 1860-1950 1950-215018         18         1710


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