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Product Description:

 Sizes: DN100 - DN800 

Pressure: 1.6 - 6.4MPa 
Suitable temperature: <80 C 
Connection: RF


Constant Head Check Valve


Sizes: 4“ - 48" 
Pressure: 1.6 - 6.4MPa 
Suitable temperature: <80°C
Connection: RF

aterial list(CN standard):
NO.Part NameCarbon Steel SeriesStainless Steel SeriesAlloy Steel SeriesLow-temperature Steel Series
3Washer Flexible graphite+ss304 Flexible graphite+ss304 Flexible graphite+ss304 Flexible graphite+ss304
Technical Specification:
Design StandardGB/T 12235
Temperature Pressure RatingGB/T 12224
Structural LengthFactory Standard
 Flange DimensionsGB/T 9113,GB/T 79
Inspection and TestJB/T 9092,GB/T 13927
nominal pressurePN1.6PN2.5PN4.0PN6.4PN10.0PN16.0
Test Pressure(Mpa)Body Test2.43.756.0 9.615.0 24.0 
High Pressure Seal1.762.754.47.0411.0 17.6
Low Pressure Seal0.
Applicable temperature-196°C~550°C(Differeent temperature use different material)
Applicable Mediumwater,gas,oil and corrosive media(different media use different material)
Quick Details     
Standard or Nonstandard:





Medium Pressure




Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

Temperature of Media:

Medium Temperature


Water, Oil, Gas etc.

Port Size:


Place of Origin:

Hebei, China (Mainland)

Model Number:


Brand Name:





Check Valve


Lift Check Valve

Nominal Diameter:

DN15~900,NPS 1/4 ~36

Nominal Pressure:

PN1.0-16.0MPa,ANSI CLASS 150-900,JIS10-20K

Connection Type:

Flange, butt welding, thread, socket welding, the clamp, etc

Working Temperature:


Valve Body Material:


Applicable Medium:

Water, Oil, Gas etc




ISO9001, ISO4001



Petroleum, chemical industry, pharmacy, fertilizer, power industry etc.




1.Lift check valve is self-sealing valve. The disc can be acted by the flow which can protect against the media flow back.

2.The disc with spring can keep the valve work in any direction.

3.Reasonable structure, reliable sealing, excellent performance and attractive appearance make a TKFM valve. 



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Q:What are the differences between different check valves applications?
General pump station project, for the pump outlet check valve, the following principles should be observed;The outlet check valve shall be used when the diameter of the outlet pipe of the pump is smaller, that is, DN<50mm.The pipeline of the pump outlet pipe diameter DN is larger than 50mm, should be used in swing check valveSwing check valves can be installed horizontally or vertically.
Q:Should the pressure gauge be mounted before or after the check valve at the back of the pump?
If installed after the check valve, no matter how the pump operation, will show the actual pressure in the pipe.In order to facilitate the replacement, you can install a small valve on the main pipe to connect the pressure gauge on the small pipe. When you change the pressure gauge, you only need to turn off the small valve
Q:What are the types of check valves?
The check valve is divided into three kinds: lift check valve, swing check valve and butterfly check valve:1. lift check valve is divided into two types of vertical and horizontal.2. swing check valve is divided into single, double flap and multi flap type of three.3. butterfly check valve is straight through type.The above types of check valves can be classified into thread connection, flange connection, welding connection and clamp connection in connection forms of four kinds.Texture of material1. cast iron check valve2. brass check valve3. stainless steel check valve4. carbon steel check valve
Q:Ball shaped sewage check valve pictures and working principle of the structure.
Check valve refers to rely on the flow of the media itself and automatically open and close the valve flap, used to prevent media backflow valve, also known as check valve, one-way valve, counter flow valve, and back pressure valve. The check valve belongs to an automatic valve, whose main function is to prevent the backflow of medium, prevent the reverse of pump and drive motor, and release the container medium.
Q:What's the difference between the check valve and the stop valve?
Check valves are used to automatically stop liquid backflow,Stop valve is used in the pipeline to cut off the liquid feed, manual or motorized valve.
Q:What is the air pipe check valve?
One-way valve, one-way flow, to prevent negative pressure reflux.
Q:The difference between the micro and slow closing check valve and the silent check valve
Micro slow closed silencing check valve hammer to drive the valve plate to open and close, silencing check valve spring pressure valve plate opening and closing, and the price of the body structure is completely different, but the function is the same, if the comparison between the two, large caliber selection micro slow closed check valve a little noise small caliber, the silencing check valve a little more.
Q:What's the difference between the cut-off check valve and the stop valve?
Purely from the outward appearance is indistinguishable, but if you do not open the valve body, it can still be differentiated. Turn off the check valve and stop valve (turn the handwheel to the open, the valve stem up), and then shake the two valve, which is relatively large movement, then this is the cut-off check valve.
Q:Why can't parallel check valve be installed firmly?Anonymous browsing | 51 times
The vertical installation is easy to cause the valve core of the check valve to clamp off or fall off, and lose the function of checking back. The direction of the check valve is restricted seriously from any direction of the medium
Q:Check valve h42h-dn80 what does that mean?
According to the provisions of the JB/T 308-2004 valve type programming method:H = check valve4 = connection: flange2 = structure form: vertical lifting typeH = sealing surface material: Cr13 stainless steelDN80== nominal diameter: 80mm

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