IPE/ IPEAA steel beam

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Product Description:

Specifications of I BEAM European standard of IPE and IPEAA  



IPE 100*55*4.1


IPEAA 100*55*3.6


IPE 120*64*4.4


IPEAA 120*64*3.8


IPE 140*73*4.7


IPEAA 140*73*3.8


IPE 160*82*5.0


IPEAA 160*82*4


IPE 200*100*5.6


IPEAA 200*100*4.5


Grade: Q235B, Q235, Q345B, SS400, A36 etc

Standard: EN standard etc

Length: 6m, 12m, or as the customers’ requirements.

Usage of I BEAM European standard of IPE and IPEAA :

1.Support structures 2.Pre-engineered buildings 3.Prefabricated structure

4.It is widely used in various building structures and engineering structures such as roof beams, bridges, transmission towers, hoisting machinery and transport machinery, ships, industrial furnaces, reaction tower, container frame and warehouse etc.

Payment terms: TT or LC.

Package: packed in bundles and then shipped by break bulk or containers.

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Q:What's the difference between I-beam ipeaaa and IPE?
I-beam is also called steel girder (English name Universal Beam). It is a strip of steel with an I-shaped section.
Q:What does "I-beam 16-28b" mean?
Such as 16#, I-beam high, leg width, abdominal thickness, respectively: 160886The height, leg width and abdominal thickness of 28b were 28012410.5
Q:What does welded I-beam I400*1200*12*20 mean?
The width of 400mm, height 1200mm, web thickness 12mm, the thickness of flange 20mm.Generally expressed as: height H * width B * web thickness t1 * wing plate thickness T2
Q:Can the house be made of steel?. It's made of I-beam
Houses can be made of steel, which is made of i-beam.
Q:No. 10 I-beam for the main beam, 10 channel steel by the wall as auxiliary beam reinforcement, attic construction problems
As the top, or building space of more than 4 meters high, double height or Deshang, commercial dual-use residential buildings like office space up to 4 meters above the building, as the LOFT reached the height of 4.8 meters, residential building gable top space is also very high, generally reach more than 4 meters to 4.2 meters, Deshang space can be made into the attic, like villa tiaogao double space, or high space thermocline can make a loft balcony, two layer, can be used in the above, storage, office, living, or shooting studio, loft is the best private space.
Q:How can I distinguish between rolled H steel and welded I-beam?
Hot rolled steel is whole, so the corners of smooth transition, especially on the two h plate has a certain inclination. H type steel welded by plate group of welding, so both sides of H steel are flat. As shown, the first one is I-beam and the second is H steel.
Q:Which bearing capacity is big, I-beam or H?
When H steel has large bearing capacity and the same bearing capacity, H steel needs to be saved more than I-beam
Q:No. 20 I-beam boasts 7.5 meters. How many tons can it take in the middle?
I-beam is also called steel girder (English name Universal Beam). It is a strip of steel with an I-shaped section. I-beam is divided into ordinary I-beam and light I-beam, H steel three. It is a section steel whose shape is trough.I-beam is mainly divided into ordinary I-beam, light I-beam and H steel three.
Q:There are no columns in the middle of the workshop of 37 meters span. How much I-beam do I need?
It's OK to use 60 angles or channel steel as a truss.I-beam is mainly divided into ordinary I-beam, light I-beam and H steel three.Ordinary I-beam, light I-beam flange is variable cross-section, depending on the thickness of the web, the external thin; H steel: HW, HM, HN, HEA, HEB, HEM and so on, the flange of I-beam is a uniform section
Q:What is the modulus of elasticity of No. 16 I-beam?
When the material is in the elastic deformation stage, its stress and strain should be changed into a positive proportion (that is to say, according to Hooke's law), and the coefficient of proportionality is called the elastic modulus. The elastic modulus of the unit is dyne per square centimeter. "Modulus of elasticity" is a physical quantity describing the elasticity of matter. It is a general term. It can be expressed as "Young's modulus", "shear modulus", "bulk modulus" and so on.

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