Ipad/tablet/laptop/ Charging Cabinet B602

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60 unit
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2000 unit/month

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Capacity: 60 units

Compatibility:  Charging port compatible,designed for various sized chromebooks,tablets,and ultrabooks.

Security design: Leakage and short circuit protection

Input power:   100-240~50/60HZ 0.45A

Output power :5V/2A(Standard,customize)

Working temperature -15°— 65 °


1.Leakage and short circuit protection.Double protection make charging more safety.



2.The cable channels are on top of each dividers,to recognize and reach the connection easily!


2.We improve our devices! High quality  storage made of molded ABS p2olymer,with cable channels on top to recognize and reach the connection easily.

3. Premium materials  and quality construction ,we care about every details.

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Q:What is the uninterruptible power supply
UPS (Uninterruptible Power System), that is, uninterruptible power supply, is the battery (mostly lead-acid maintenance-free battery) connected with the host, through the host inverter and other modules to convert DC power into the main system equipment The Mainly for a single computer, computer network systems or other power electronic equipment to provide a stable, uninterrupted power supply.
Q:Power supply and ups power which is good?
2, UPS power is divided into backup, online and online interactive, the general computer is equipped with a backup, it belongs to the emergency power of a, the use of the whole, the use of the power supply, Regulator control technology, the input voltage range (160V ~ 280V), can access the generator grid. The inverter line adopts the latest power device, with the load capacity, the inverter has the short circuit protection function; The charging line adopts the advanced constant current float charge, may extend the battery life, the built-in lead acid maintenance-free battery, does not need the maintenance, the easy to use. The machine has a strong load compatibility, can be adapted to home computers, small office environment, small communication switches, small network equipment, commercial PC workstations and peripherals. On-line UPS: On-line UPS at work, the first electricity will be converted into DC power to the UPS battery charge, while the inverter will be the DC inverter AC power supply for the load, because the electricity through the exchange to the DC, and then to the exchange Of the conversion process, so the main power of the interference and pulse voltage components have been filtered very clean, therefore, by the in-line UPS inverter voltage is very stable. The benefits of high-frequency UPS is small size, light weight, high efficiency, the disadvantage is poor resistance to overload resistance. On-line interactive UPS: has excellent electrical characteristics, can completely eliminate any voltage fluctuations from the mains, waveform distortion, frequency fluctuations and interference caused by any impact.
Q:What is the D-ups power supply?
Uninterruptible power supply is used for frequent power outages
Q:How is the UPS power supply?
You can connect the UPS to the power supply and then connect the computer to prevent power, immediately shut down, its main function is that after the power failure, but also support the computer boot about 10 minutes, you can save some unsaved information
Q:What is the role of UPS?
UPS is for the computer and other equipment after the power outage to provide continuous power supply. To ensure that computer equipment, etc. from power failure. The power supply time is determined by the UPS battery.
Q:UPS power supply can not be charged? How to solve
Let him rest and rest your battery waste can change the battery
Q:UPS power supply time can be calculated
65AH battery 16 sections enough for your request to live for 2 hours
Q:Ups load problem
The proposed load is less than 80% of the UPS capacity, because some load will have a high starting current, the load is too large will lead to UPS downtime risk, after the UPS problem can directly consult the Shanghai Wu Mai Electronic Technology
Q:Ups power supply needs 380V output how much V DC battery?
Through the installation of SNMP card, UPS can also achieve network monitoring function, through the network can be a long time to observe the UPS operating parameters and to manage. (1). The inverter uses SPWM high-frequency sine wave pulse width modulation technology (2). The inverter uses IGBT module design, extremely high reliability (3) The inverter uses the IGBT module design, (4). Data processing and panel display are controlled by a separate CPU (5). Intelligent network communication management function (6). Wide input voltage range (7). Pure sine (8). Compatible with the generator system (9). No need to start the electricity (DC start) (10). Multi-function dual-language LCD display panel (11). Can double (13). Perfect UPS fault recording function (14). Overload, short circuit automatic protection function (15). Can be the main function of the power supply, the unique bypass tracking system (12). Advanced delay off button design, to avoid misuse (13). Self-detection and testing of battery status
Q:What is the role of UPS power supply in the power distribution room?
UPS is an uninterruptible power supply, to prevent the power failure to the equipment caused by damage and data transmission and so on. Baidu look at the role of the UPS to know more detailed.

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