Ipad/tablet/laptop/ Charging Cabinet B602

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60 unit
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2000 unit/month

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Product Description:


Capacity: 60 units

Compatibility:  Charging port compatible,designed for various sized chromebooks,tablets,and ultrabooks.

Security design: Leakage and short circuit protection

Input power:   100-240~50/60HZ 0.45A

Output power :5V/2A(Standard,customize)

Working temperature -15°— 65 °


1.Leakage and short circuit protection.Double protection make charging more safety.



2.The cable channels are on top of each dividers,to recognize and reach the connection easily!


2.We improve our devices! High quality  storage made of molded ABS p2olymer,with cable channels on top to recognize and reach the connection easily.

3. Premium materials  and quality construction ,we care about every details.

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Q:Can the battery of the car be used on the UPS power supply?
Can be as long as the voltage match on the line For example, your UPS is a battery 12V then you then the car must also be 12V, but if you are two 24V three 36V or 4 48V, then then only one car battery is Not necessarily have to be connected in series to the same voltage
Q:What is the UPS line of online and off-line work?
UPS power online work: that is, in the case of power failure is not broken. Offline work is, there is a power outage, then the power saved by the UPS power to make the machine continue to work. UPS this work is called off-line work.
Q:What is the role of UPS power supply in the power distribution room?
UPS power supply is equipped with UPS power supply equipment, power outages without any impact, by the UPS automatic power supply to continue running! Metaphor bank ATM machine must be equipped with UPS power supply, or else when the customer is withdrawing power when the power failure, the consequences are unthinkable!
Q:What is the difference between a UPS outlet and an ordinary outlet?
UPS is an uninterruptible power system (English), is able to provide a sustained, stable, uninterrupted power supply of important external equipment. Pull into the UPS power outlet is the UPS power outlet UPS according to the working principle is divided into backup, online and online interactive three categories. UPS is the name suggests, it is one such machine, it stops the supply of electricity in the time, to maintain a power supply time, so that people have time to save, and then calmly shut down the machine.
Q:Merry ups power and mountain ups power that good? Where is the main difference? Thank you
Small power to buy who does not matter, if the high power Emerson may be good. Note that the "mountain" is not "three special", mountain special fake, careful to buy
Q:Everyone who knows UPS uninterruptible power supply after the power, up to how long can be powered?
Uninterruptible power supply is generally used to regulate and prevent data after the power is not saved and lost. Is not used in the absence of electricity when a long time to the computer power supply.
Q:What are the requirements for the UPS power supply installation site?
1. Place the UPS area with good ventilation, away from water. Combustible gases and preservatives. 2. should not be placed side. Should keep the bottom of the front plate into the air hole, rear cover fan fan outlet and the side of the box into the air hole smooth. .
Q:What parameters need to be confirmed when purchasing a UPS power supply?
Load power and delay time. No special requirements, do not have a long delay. UPS's general role is to save the data, to prevent a sudden power off.
Q:Can drive a desktop computer ups power how much money?
A computer with a half of the ups power supply on the line, although the rated power is more than 400w, but with Lu master or hardware master test, the peak is also about 200, half of the enough, like your case, Mt500, k500 or tg500 will do,
Q:Hills uninterrupted power ups how to shut down?
Halo, Lz, it is normal. LZ's UPS is a CPU-controlled models, CPU-controlled UPS in the mains state is basically not shut down! [CPU machines are non-lock switch, boot need to press the switch after a few seconds to boot. No CPU of the machine is a lock switch, press the switch at the same time the machine will boot. To [In addition to the backup machine, all the UPS, such as online machines, online interactive UPS, etc. are CPU control] There are CPU backup machine plug the mains and then press the shutdown key, the machine will generally long, but will not shut down. On-line machine (all of the CPU) in the electricity state press the power button, the machine will self-test, that is, between the electricity and inverter conversion, not long will not shut down, only unplug the electricity to Turn on the key. No CPU of the machine, no matter what circumstances as long as the press the boot button will shut down, this machine is the most in the UPS garbage.  Individual built-in CPU UPS has automatic boot / bypass function, automatic boot is the machine in the shutdown state of a market point will automatically start, bypass function is the machine in the shutdown or fault state, insert the electricity, the machine Output socket has output, output voltage = input voltage.   Good point of the load rate function, such as UPS2000, full load is 1200W, when loaded with 1400W, the buzzer will be anxious, prompting you to reduce the load.   Mountain special star is not a real mountain, the real mountain is the Shenzhen Hill special electronic, Eaton Hill is Shenzhen sub-brand of the mountain, the rest of the XX are just drilling the law of the law control, then the famous fame to eat, although there are Part of the machine is very good, but most are the main cost-effective bargain.

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