Ip65 1000W Led Flood Light For Golf Sport

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Product Description:

IP65 1000W LED Flood Light for Golf Sport 



General Information 


• Unique fin aluminium heatsink greatly reduce product weight and guarantee the safety usage, 

   as well as to avoid the material wastage comparing with conventional die-cast or extrusion heatsinks. 

• By increasing the number of fins to enlarge the area of heat dissipation and air flow, 

   this new heatsink significantly increase the efficiency of  thermal conduction with less material usage and more saving on energy. It is the best solution of LED flood lights



Key Features


•  Proprietary thermal management design to ensure low LED junction temperature

•  Extremely light weight to enhance the safety use and installation

•  Full product portfolio up to 600W, with luminous flux of up to 60,000 lm

•  LEDs from Philips Lumileds, Cree or Edison, with Meanwell drivers, up to 5 years warranty

•  Available in various optical beam profiles, including 15° to 60° round, 65°×135° symmetric rectangular, and 85°×135° asymmetric rectangular



Design Innovation


•  Air ventilation design and distributed heat source

    - Very effective air flow across the heatsink
    - Bring the heat away by natural convection
    - Largely spread the heat source and thus lower temperature

•  Fold-Fin Heatsink (FFH) Technology

    - Formed by Aluminum sheet metals
    - Fully automated production
    - Resulting in large surface area and less weight

•  Flexible Optics and Mounting Design

    - Available in various optics (round and rectangular profiles)
    - Easy mounting bracket design



Data Sheet


Input Voltage90-305 VAC, 50/60 HZ
LED Light SourceCree
LED Qty500pcs
LED Power1000W
Total System Power1100W
Led Luminous Efficiency110-130 lm /W
Led Initial Luminous Flux110000 Lm
Illuminance Uniformity>0.8
Color Temperature3000K-7000K
Light DistributionAsymmetric / rectangular
Illuminance DesignLED+Lens
LED Junction Temperature≤70°C (@ Ta=25°C)
Working Temperature-40°C ~ 45°C
Storage Temperature-40°C ~ +65°C(Best 25°C)
IP RatingIP65
Net weight39.8 Kg
Power Cord0.75mm2 triple shield wire
Connecting Wire  BrownL  live
BlueN  Neutral
Yellow/GreenG  Earth
CertificateCE ; RoHS ; ETL, DLC, UL (Power supply only)
Light Fixture ColorBlack





It's perfectly suitable for outdoor&insoor flood lighting applications,such as football fields, tennis courts,baseball courts,hockey fields,airport,

Stadiums, ports,marine lighting and so on.


Company Information


We are located in the Shenzhen the heart of China's modern industry and growing economy.

This is the international centre for the production of LED lighting products. We design and manufacture complex, performance

based industrial LED Solutions -from concept through post-production. We supply you with various levels of solutions integration

depending  upon your needs.



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Q:LED street lights, LED flood lights, LED courtyard lights, LED tunnel lights, LED solar lamps, current market capacity and saturation?
The LED market is far from saturation, you said these lamps accounted for less than US market for 1/100, not everyone does not want to buy LED lighting products, because we don't want to do the experiment, now LED in lighting there are many shortcomings, lack of brightness, brightness 60LM/W, brightness is not enough, electricity price compared with the ordinary lamp, the price is too expensive, the only advantage is long life, but now LED is not mature, reduced life expectancy.
Q:What do you mean by "near distance attenuation" and "far distance attenuation" in 3DMAX floodlight?
Near attenuation: used to avoid light from a light source.Role: control the light source and object too close, close to expose serious situation..
Q:What's the difference between LED floodlight and HID floodlight? How many kinds?
LED flood light (HGLED-F)The light source adopts a LED, and the device adopts a special driving power supply. LED flood lights can be turned off instantly, lit instantly, and activated quickly. But if the light source or drive life is up, you may not change it, and you need a professional replacement.
Q:How long is the life of two LED50w floodlight?
I have done in the lighting factory, generally can be 2 years. Hodge half a year to a year
Q:How long is the life span of the lED high-power floodlight? Is there a factory that can solve his problem of heat dissipation?
Increase the power of the driving power and reduce the working current of the LED module. The temperature of the power supply and the LED module can be lowered simultaneously.
Q:What's the difference between floodlight and LED sky lantern?
Floodlight is a light source that can be irradiated evenly in all directions. Its range of illumination can be adjusted arbitrarily, and in the scene it is shown as an icon of a positive eight body. Floodlights are one of the most widely used light sources in the production of renderings, and standard floodlights are used to illuminate the entire scene. Multiple floodlights can be used in the scene. To produce a better effect, the light bulb is mounted into a large reflector for use as a high brightness diffused light source. Although the lighting is essential for the shed, but for the average amateur indoor photography, also can be a good source of lighting effects.
Q:How about the PHILPS floodlight?
Leakage current LED pan light is one-way conductive light, and if there is reverse current, it is called leakage, leakage current of large LED, short life, low price.
Q:What's the difference between LED floodlight or HID floodlight? How many kinds?
HID flood lightThe light source is made of metal halide lamp (HGJLD) and high pressure sodium lamp (HGND) bulb. The appliance adopts the metal halide lamp inductive ballast (HGHID-Z) and the high voltage sodium lamp inductance ballast (HGNG-Z). Electronic trigger (HGCFQ-001), capacitance (HGDRQ-001). High luminous efficiency, high display and small volume. Light up, turn off the light bulb, and then cool down before you can light it up again. Cannot start instantaneously. But when the bulb or appliance is on, you can replace it yourself.
Q:How long is the life of a LED50w floodlight?
LED lamp beads Jingyuan general 50000H, but if the equivalent matching power supply is inferior to may not to this time, and the use of the environment will also affect the life span, if at high temperature will also affect the long-term life. LED floodlight housing, heat, water, dust, etc. will also affect the life expectancy, so generally speaking, 5 years.
Q:Do you use spotlight for car led, or floodlight?
Anti fog lamp is also a stray light, not far off, but a large range of eye-catching! The only light is light, the actual is a form of astigmatism! Watch yourself slowly

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