Interior Wall Waterbase acrylic Emulsion Paint

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300 bottle
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10000 bottle/month

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Product Description:

Product Name : Water-based Acrylic Emulsion Paint for Interior Use


Model No: D-2100


Color: White Or As per Color card


Product Features:


1.Environmental friendly, VOC contains≤120g/L


2.dust-dirt-free, odourless, non-yellowing, matt silicone based top coat paint.


3. Excellent covering power. Can be rubbed and washed up.


4.Water-repellent properties, allows transmission of vapor due to silicone and special binder components contained in its structure



Moq: 300 TIN Buckets


Payment Terms:TT or LC


Loading Port: Guangzhou port, China




18Liters, 20kgs Per Tin  Bucket


Main components:

Acrylic emulsion, multiple additives and rutile type titanium dioxide


Gloss &Color:

Matt, white


Theoretical consumption:

0.1~0.12 kg/㎡/coat (thickness of dry film: 2mm).


Dry time:

Touch dry, 2H/25℃; Recoat time, 4H/25℃



Construct Solutions:

1. Top surface processing: Make sure the wall surface is smooth, dry and clean,  without oil ,floating ash or other contamination.

2.  Put putty: Put putty one or two coatings according to the wall surface flatness.

3.  Brush primer paint: Use professional tool to brush the sealled primer paint Model No:D-200 , dosage:6-8m2 /KG, it will take about 60minutes to dry .

4.  Aftering drying the primer paint, apply the exterior wall paint with the professional tool such as roller, spray gun and brush etc, please do it evenly. Dosage:10-12m2/kg,Tow coatings are necessary. 


Interior Wall Waterbase acrylic Emulsion Paint

Interior Wall Waterbase acrylic Emulsion Paint





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Q:What is the difference between lake and pigment?
Lust Pigment: A water-soluble pigment is made into a water-insoluble particle by a metal salt or other precipitant. In contrast, the pigment itself is water-insoluble, known as pigment pigments.
Q:Indoor wall brush ordinary paint on the body ok
The inorganic coating is an inorganic polymer coating composed of inorganic polymer and dispersed metal, metal oxide nanometer material and rare earth ultrafine powder, which can react with the iron atoms on the surface of steel structure to produce physical and chemical double protection , Through the chemical bond and the matrix firmly combined with inorganic polymer anti-corrosion coating, the environment pollution-free, long life, corrosion performance reached the international advanced level, is in line with environmental requirements of high-tech replacement products.
Q:What is the difference between water-based paint and oily paint?
Water-based paint and oil paint What is the difference between 1, environmental performance: water-based paint: only water as a thinner, harmless to human health Oily paint: to banana water, days to take water as a thinner, containing a lot of benzene, xylene and other harmful carcinogens. 2, odor: water-based paint: no harmful carcinogens, non-toxic and tasteless, brushing can stay. Oily paint: contains a strong irritating smell, people unbearable, harmful to humans. Containing a large number of harmful substances, endangering human health, generally used after 1-2 months, strong irritating odor volatile to the basic tasteless, but a large number of harmful gases will continue to release volatile 10-15 years 3, Appearance: water-based paint: Material, will not be volatile to the air, so there will be no yellowing and other defects, more durable as new. Oily paint: harmful substances continue to slow release long-term volatile, so easy to yellow change, poor persistence. Water-based paint: a new generation of PU water-based paint products, whether it is film fullness, hardness, or resistance to scratches are in no way inferior to oily paint. Oily paint, but also can be made oily paint can not be achieved high-end furniture unique "see the wood but not paint" effect. Oily paint: film quality is better, but the film is more hard and more brittle, easy to repair after damage. 4, storage: water-based paint: non-flammable, no special storage requirements. Oily paint: very flammable, must be stored separately according to fire requirements. 5, the construction performance: water-based paint: no special requirements, after a simple training, that can be painted, for their own brushing and repair is extremely convenient.
Q:Latex paint the quality and area conversion, a KG can brush how many places
1KG theoretical value can brush about 3 square meters.
Q:how to paint ceramic tile?
Any ceramic tile can be painted no matter if it is old or new. The most important thing is to make sure the tile is perfectly clean.Repair any cracked tiles and crumbling grout. If you need to regrout, do so before painting the tile. Regrouting will damage the paint.Water-based paints that contain a urethane resin are good paints to use.Do not apply it to ceramic tile that gets wet on a regular basis. Examples of this are tile surfaces inside a tub or shower area.You can use a roller to paint a ceramic-tile floor. I suggest a roller with a low nap to keep bubbles and texture to a minimum. You can also add products to the paint that allow them to flow well and attain a finish as if they had been sprayed. If you have a sprayer, you absolutely can spray the tile. Be sure to protect adjacent surfaces from overspray. Tape over grout lines with blue painter's tape if you do not want to paint the grout. It's much easier to paint the entire floor one color, but the decision is yours. If you plan on painting the grout, you should let it dry for 48 hours before painting.
Q:Can you use a watercolor pen on a wall painting?
Do not recommend the use of watercolor pen, although the wall paint raw materials between propylene and oil paint and no adverse reactions, but the use of its adhesion to be time to test, in general, easy to use watercolor painting deformation.
Q:How to paint with jade
Chemical acid cycle process is very long, generally takes a month, after 15 times the repeated cycle of acid and alkali cycle, in order to become the ugly duckling into a white swan foundation.
Q:do birds like painted or un painted houses?
Paint or no paint on the outside is fine...just leave the inside bare.
Q:What is the polymer orientation structure?
According to the external force can be divided into: uniaxial orientation, biaxial orientation uniaxial orientation - fiber stretching biaxial orientation - film stretching
Q:textile painting?
Take oil colours and paint

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