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20000 Square Meters per Month m²/month

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Low water absorption

Light Weight

Easy Installation

Stain resistance and Self-cleaning


Green Sandstone Wallboard

Our green sandstone wallboard is made of inorganic mortar on the top and ceramic board on the bottom (inorganic resin plate, i.e. fiber cement plate, also called calcium silicate board, is optional for internal wall) with our patented technology and advanced equipment, compounded under low temperature condition. It possesses texture and appearance of natural sandstone, and is free from stain, blackening, moldiness of natural sandstone caused by high water absorption. It is suitable for gluing, wet cladding and dry cladding.






Sandstone Board MS Series






Inorganic resin plate or ceramic plate




Inorganic facing material


Standard Size




Max Size


Max Width




Max Length










Dim grey


MS101 MS102 MS103 MS104


Light grey




Light yellow


MS108 MS109 MS111 MS112 MS113


Dark grey




Silver white


MS105 MS106 MS107


Chinese red


MS115 MS114 MS113


Other color customized


Quality Assurance


Good alkali/acid resistance,durable,easy processed with competitive price







Unique technology




1000 square meters per model




Pallet with Wooden Crates and Plastic Shrinked Wrapping


Delivery Time


25-30 days after receipt of the T/T deposit or L/C


 Wallboard Features 

1. Good alkali / acid resistance

2. Good weather resistance (anti-thawing, anti-freezing)

3. Stable dimension, low expansion rate, low contractibility

4. Natural appearance, uniformed color

5. Durable, long service life

6. Good stain-resistance, self-clean ability

7. Excellent fire-proof performance

8. Easy to be processed

9. Eco-friendly

10. Easy installation


 Performance Indicators of Our Green Wallboards


Test ItemQuantiyIndustrial StandardUnitTest ValueTest Result
Size deviation10Ac=0, Re=2Pieces0Up to Standard
Thickness10±5%-1.71~-1.5Up to Standard
Deformation10Ac1=0, Re'=2Pieces0Up to Standard
Edge Straightness10±0.5%±0.2Up to Standard
Water Absorption50.5<E≤3%Average value:0.5                               Single Value: 0.8Up to Standard
Density3≥2.5g/cm32.53~2.54Up to Standard
Breaking Strength7≥7.5mm       ≥1000ND>7.5mm                                                   2804Up to Standard
New Crack Modulus7Average Value≥30   Single Value≥27MpaAverage value:38                                   Single Value: 37Up to Standard
Fire Resistance1Graded by ABC from High to Low---A1Up to Standard
Anti-wear11level and rotation---Level2 / 600rUp to Standard
Resistance to Thermal Shock5No crack after 10 cycle tests between 145°C~ 15°C ---No crackUp to Standard
Resistance to Freezing10No crack or delamination after 100 cycle tests between 5°C~ -5°C ---No crack, no delaminationUp to Standard
Moisturized Expansion5≤0.06%Average value:0.1                                 Single Value: 0.02Up to Standard
Resistance to Acid5Graded by ABC from strong to weakLevelAA
Resistance to Alkali5Graded by ABC from strong to weakLevelAA
Resistance to Stain5Classfied as level 5-level1 from the degree of pollutionLevel55
Radioactivity2A class decoration materials:                                   Ira ≤1.0, Ir ≤1.3 ---Ira=0.4                                                     Ir=0.8A



1.Outdoor systems:exterior walls of new buildings or renovated projects

2.European/American style architectures,high-end villa walls or roofs

3.Large public construction projects such as office building,commercial podium,etc

4.High environmental requirement places such as surgery room,clean room,pharmaceutical and food production workshop wall.etc.

5.Metro system,railway station,tunnel and other underground projects

6.High quality requirement ceiling

7.Interior decoration wall system

8.Damp places such as kitchen,bathroom,restroom,changing room,etc.


                          Australian Sandstone VS Our Sandstone
FeatureAustralian SandstoneOur Sandstone
Texture and ColorNatural color and texture, but big color variation of the Sandstone from different stone mines,installation effect is not uniformed.Natural color and texture, small color variation of the Sandstone from different boards, installation effect is uniformed
Stain resistanceA lot of pinholes make it high water absorption and easy to collect microorganisms, which cause it to darken or get moss, reduce its durability.The surface is made of Inorganic facing materials,processed by our patented techniques, giving it good self-clean and stain-resistance capacity and durability
InstallationAfter cutting into boards, it's sandy and smooth,making it not suitable for gluing for safety concerns, but high cost for dry cladding.Our Sandstone board is made of Inorganic facing material compounded with ceramic composited plate as a base. The embossed base is strong, and suitable for gluing
EnvironmentSevere damage to the natural environment during the mining process.No damage to the Nature as it is not exploited from stone mines
PriceHigh price due to the high cost of mining and low yield rate.Money efficient and affordable due to mass production and lower comprehensive cost

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We possesses more than 20,000 square meters modern and standard plant, over 250 employees, of whom professional and technical personnel occupying more than 30 keel professional and technical talents about 25 and the enterprise fully implements informationized and scientific management and possesses the domestically advanced production equipment currently. The specifications of our products are to meet the requirements of all customers, which made us developed fast and smooth among construction industry and enjoy good reputations in the world market. We were honored to be the world's first research and development base of green sand rock, which attract many overseas building materials buyers to established long-term business relationship with us. Meanwhile, we have made a revolutionary breakthrough by obtaining numbers of invention patent. Eco-wallboards with well-equipped testing facilities and strong technical force are what we manufacture and sell at home and abroad. Our products series are made of inorganic facing material compounded with ceramic composited plate as a base, processed by our unique patented techniques, designed to provide excellent thermal and heat resistance, fire and sound insulation for a wide range of decoration requirements. They are widely applied in large public construction projects and interior decoration with graceful appearance and durability.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Guangdong,China
Year Established 2009
Annual Output Value
Main Markets South America20.33%
Africa 2.32%
Mid East 3.39%
Eastern Asia 4.64%
Central America 2.14%
Northern Europe 5.14%
Domestic Market 62.04%
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2008;ISO 14001:2004

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a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Guangzhou,Shenzhen
Export Percentage 81% - 90%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 3-5 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines
Contract Manufacturing
Product Price Range