Interior Veneer Design Doors made in PVC

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Product Description:


  • Stiles: Timber running full length of the door

  • Rails: Timber

  • Cross banding: High density MDF 6mm/ Plywood 

  • Core: 33mm medium density hollow core, Solid Core or Timber (Depends on order and client requirement) 

  • Finished edges: solid lumber to match face veneers,  “T” edge, bonded to stile and cross band.

  • Face veneers: Standard grade is AA, As per selected skin designs.

Common Veneer Species 

Choosing a veneer species for your project is an important decision in the design process. While there are many different species to choose from, Beech, Mahogany, Sapelli, Maple, Walnut, Cherry, White Oak, Red Oak are major choices in many commercial Building & Residential Projects. Its Important to keep in mind that veneer is a natural material and its individuality is a characteristic that makes each piece unique. Nature produces many individual shapes and colors even with in the same tree. 


Bonded core: Stiles, rails and cross bands are bonded to the core using a hot press. Matchinghardwood edges are then installed prior to face veneering.

Calibration: The door blank is then sanded to achieve uniform thickness.Face veneers are manufactured from carefully selected.   Face veneers are applied to the door blanks in a second pressing stage.

Finish sanding: 100 & 220 grit, ready for finishing.

Factory Finishing: Standard finish is catalyzed lacquer Custom stains and topcoats are spray applied and cured in a heated air convection oven.

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Q:I want to repaint my metal garage doors. Do I need to take all of the old paint off? ?
Not necessary to remove the old. Just use a Liquid sandpaper to clean it well. Available at all paint suppliers. Manually sand any bare or rust spots, (although may be aluminum), and use a metal base coat. There are many paints for metal. Check with your supplier.
Q:Aluminum alloy doors and windows of the main structural components which ah
Up, down, left and right borders, atrium, light Kai, hook Kai, inside and outside the top, above the column, pressure seat, closing mouth, pressure, open the fan, fixed fan, corner, etc., roughly these, slowly to know.
Q:What is the difference between hollow metal doors and aluminium clad doors?
What you call Hollow Metal Doors are usually made of steel and are filled with expanding foam insulation. The steel shell is the structural part of the door. The insulation provides thermal and acoustic isolation. Aluminum clad doors are solid wood doors that are clad in aluminum. The wood is the structural part of these doors. The aluminum has a baked on color so that repainting is rarely necessary.
Q:How do aluminum windows and doors push?
Landlord, hello, from the map point of view, you buy the first window broken bridge aluminum alloy sliding window (border 45 degrees stitching), the second is the ordinary aluminum sliding window (border for 90 degrees stitching). If it is finished, then there should be instructions, see your third map should be the second window of the schematic, and should be attached to the profile, should be as follows: 1. This part of the large material for the fixed frame (on the fixed); 2. This part of the large material for the horizontal in the very side (one side should be similar to the decline, this face down); 3, this part of the material for the lower border (there are two Track, 4,6,7,8, this part of the large material for the side of the border (the material is biased with two aluminum bars on the side of the small slot, the use of the lock point); 4,6, this part of the small material Light enterprises; 5 this material for the sliding window hook enterprises. Recognize the profile, the key also have to look at the section of the node map, the corresponding profile to see the cross section of the billing to know, but if you do not familiar with these materials, would like to group up is not easy, it is recommended that the landlord or find a balcony or processing Aluminum doors and windows of the master to help.
Q:If i zap a metal door knob with a electric bug swatter, and another person touches it will they be shocked?
Clayby said, No, the door knob cannot retain an electric charge. Not true. A metal door knob can store an electric charge if it is electrically insulated from everything else. I don't fully comprehend the math, but I believe that the amount of charge it will hold is proportional to the voltage of the bug zapper, and inversely proportional to (something like) the surface area of the knob. This is not accounting for the fact that a high enough voltage on the knob could cause some of the charge to leak away because of corona discharge. In practical terms though, the amount of charge that will be stored on the doorknob most likely will be somewhere in the realm of not-enough-for-the-victim-to-notice.
Q:I often get (electric) shocks when I hold metal doors or filing cabinet, or anything metal.?
Change your shoes. Shocks are caused by you gaining static charge as you move around. This can only happen if you are well insulated from the ground - dry air, insulating footwear or carpet. There is not much you can do about the carpets (you can have them srpayed with an antistatic agent), but you can change your shoes - non-synthetic soles are best.
Q:Consult steel doors and windows are good or aluminum doors and windows sound insulation good?
The best use of insulating glass, that is the sound of the hard truth, aluminum doors and windows of course, better than plastic windows,
Q:internal metal door handles - lever type. how to clean?
home depot
Q:China's aluminum alloy doors and windows of the conventional size
There is no so-called conventional size. Even if there is. Nor how many people will follow to do. The Like the provisions of the country as bread. The No one will ignore this. The
Q:Management System of Aluminum Alloy Door and Window Production Plant

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