Interior Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile for kitchen and bathroom

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1. Descriptions of Interior Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile For Kitchen And Bathroom

  Usage: Fitment-living room, bed room, study, wash room, Project-market, bank, hospital,

        metro, school, office building, hotel, bar, aiport, shopping mall, deluxe club, etc..


  Material: Ceramic Tiles


  Function: Acid Resistance, Wear Resistance, Heat Insulation, Firebrick, Non Slip,



  Surface Treatment: Glazed Tiles


  Technique: Inkjet Tiles


  Color: Any color you want


  Tile Type: Wall Tiles, Floor Tiles


  OEM: Accepted


  Free Sample: Available


  Certificate: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004


  Size: 300×300, 300×450, 300×600, 400×800mm 



2. Features of Interior Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile For Kitchen And Bathroom

  1) Acid Resistance, Wear Resistance, Heat Insulation, Firebrick, Non Slip, Antibacterial


  2) Adopted international advanced machines such as Italy SACMI Pressing Machines, Spain

KERAjet Digital Printing Machines, EDING Nano Coating & Antifouling Production Line,

EDING Calibrating Machines, and so on.


  3) Big fatory, excellent quality, competitive price, quick delivery



3. Specifications of Interior Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile For Kitchen And Bathroom

  1) Size: 300×300, 300×450, 300×600, 400×800mm


  2) Average Water Absorption: 14.6%



4. Test Report of Interior Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile For Kitchen And Bathroom


Test Item

National   Standard (GB/T4100-2006)

Test Result







       Size and deviation



Long sides   +0.01% ~ +0.03%


Short sides   +0.03% ~ +0.07%




Long sides   -0.01% ~ +0.01%


Short sides   -0.03% ~ +0.02%




Straightness   of sides




Long sides   -0.02% ~ +0.04%


Short sides   -0.03% ~ +0.05%






-0.16% ~   +0.19%




Side   Curvature


-0.3% ~ +0.5%

Long sides   +0.04% ~ +0.16%


Short sides   +0.08% ~ +0.18%





-0.08% ~   +0.11%




Center   Curvature

-0.3% ~ +0.5%

+0.06% ~   +0.21%







Average Value

> 10%



Minimum Value

> 9%










Average Value




Minimum Value





       Breaking Strength


(Thickness 7.5mm )




       Surface Quality

At least 95%   without surface defect

100% without   surface defect



Stain   Resistance

Minimum three   levels

Five levels





5. Pictures of Interior Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile For Kitchen And Bathroom

Interior Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile for kitchen and bathroomInterior Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile for kitchen and bathroomInterior Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile for kitchen and bathroom


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Q:Does anyone have a textured tile floor?
It’s a pain but a stiff scrub brush with hot water and a small amount of soap will get the dirt out. The problem is that you have to do it every week because the groves collect dirt. But don’t use too much soap because when you use the scrub brush you will end up with too many bubbles!
Q:Bathroom tiles seepage
Yes, your home wall is a permeable brick, you should be affixed to the 200 by 300 of the brick, that brick is permeable brick, and now posted a very troublesome, and you should use impermeable interior wall Brick, Hing Fai ceramic interior wall is completely impermeable, because I and several friends have used the family, when we go to see when the turn, do not understand anything, is the Hing Fai Purchasing Guide to do our experiments , So we chose Xinghui wall, installed out of the effect is really good, there will be no water seepage phenomenon. The first renovation, are so, do not know anything
Q:paint tiles need help cant re tile?
You need to paint tiles with tile paint, especially if they're in a wet place like your bathroom or toilet. Alternatively (if you want to put yourself into more expense), you can buy a universal sealant to first seal the tiles. Paint the sealant onto the tiles and give it enough time (according to manufacturer's specifications) to dry. You can then paint over this with emulsion paint. One word of warning: Don't expect it to last forever and it may scratch easily. It'll look good though... I've used this method in the link below. I painted granite and tiles.
Q:How can I tell which ceramic tiles are good quality?
Ceramic tile is the same where ever you choose to buy it.If you see the boxes in home depot,some are from the Dal tile company,one of the largest in the US.I am a ceramic tile artist and I buy direct from Dal warehouse for one reason,a bigger selection than what home depot carries.If your not looking for an unusual color,most likely home depot has the same stuff there for cheaper.
Q:how to prepare divider for making cement tile?
The metal frame that divides the tile into different sections is made from strips of metal carefully bent and soldered into place. I have seen steel ones and also brass mold patterns. The key to it is to have the bottom of the strips perfectly flat and level so that when you pour in the liquid cement mix, each color stays in its own compartment. See the link below to see a mold pattern and also the finished tile from it. A lot of history and more photos are on the second link.
Q:How do I fix a stained bathroom tile?
The tile should have been sealed, and then re-sealed every year by the people at the carpet store - you are not responsible for her not maintaining her house. I understand that probably doesn't help you - the short answer is - the tile is cheap and painted/stained not all the material dyed to match. You may be able to fix it by using a similarly colored Porcelain stain, or other stain type - just be very careful that you don't get stain on the grout - and once the tile is stained make sure it is sealed.
Q:Tiles falling off the outdoor walls, What could be the cause?
Outdoor Wall Tiles
Q:How to choose the difference between tile types
1, glazed tiles Glazed tiles are the bricks of the brick surface treated by glazing. Glazed tiles according to the different materials, divided into ceramic glazed tiles and porcelain glazed tiles. Ceramic glazed tiles are made from clay, with high water absorption and relatively low strength. The main feature is that the back color is red and the porcelain glazed tiles are made from porcelain clay with low water absorption and relatively strong Higher, the main feature is the back of the color is gray. Glazed tiles are the most common brick decoration, not only rich in color, and anti-fouling ability, is widely used in wall and floor decoration.
Q:Do I want to use the concavity of a marble tiles to make a TV backdrop, right? Help designers,
Or very good, I went to see the last one is about 700 it, the store should have activities, the last sister-in-law with the use of decorative convex stone, tropical rain forest? Or rice. The Can not remember.
Q:Were my vinyl tile/planks installed correctly?
The new vinyl floor should only have been applied to a good, sound and stable substrate. If the tiles underneath were chipping, flaking, bubbling or falling apart there is no way the new flooring should have been applied. Most asbestos tile comes up easily and requires basic Personal Protective Equipment. Not like asbestos pipe installation...the nasty stuff. Another option is to remove the loose tile and fill with a latex floor patch...not the best option, but OK for most. A better option is a 1/4 plywood underlayment on top of the tile and under the new vinyl. You still need to remove lose or bad tile and level uneven areas, but the new plywood underlayment will give you a much more stable surface. You'll need to prime the plywood with a floor primer and also consider a new threshold to account for the elevation difference.

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