Interior Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile for kitchen and bathroom

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1. Descriptions of Interior Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile For Kitchen And Bathroom

  Usage: Fitment-living room, bed room, study, wash room, Project-market, bank, hospital,

        metro, school, office building, hotel, bar, aiport, shopping mall, deluxe club, etc..


  Material: Ceramic Tiles


  Function: Acid Resistance, Wear Resistance, Heat Insulation, Firebrick, Non Slip,



  Surface Treatment: Glazed Tiles


  Technique: Inkjet Tiles


  Color: Any color you want


  Tile Type: Wall Tiles, Floor Tiles


  OEM: Accepted


  Free Sample: Available


  Certificate: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004


  Size: 300×300, 300×450, 300×600, 400×800mm 



2. Features of Interior Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile For Kitchen And Bathroom

  1) Acid Resistance, Wear Resistance, Heat Insulation, Firebrick, Non Slip, Antibacterial


  2) Adopted international advanced machines such as Italy SACMI Pressing Machines, Spain

KERAjet Digital Printing Machines, EDING Nano Coating & Antifouling Production Line,

EDING Calibrating Machines, and so on.


  3) Big fatory, excellent quality, competitive price, quick delivery



3. Specifications of Interior Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile For Kitchen And Bathroom

  1) Size: 300×300, 300×450, 300×600, 400×800mm


  2) Average Water Absorption: 14.6%



4. Test Report of Interior Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile For Kitchen And Bathroom


Test Item

National   Standard (GB/T4100-2006)

Test Result







       Size and deviation



Long sides   +0.01% ~ +0.03%


Short sides   +0.03% ~ +0.07%




Long sides   -0.01% ~ +0.01%


Short sides   -0.03% ~ +0.02%




Straightness   of sides




Long sides   -0.02% ~ +0.04%


Short sides   -0.03% ~ +0.05%






-0.16% ~   +0.19%




Side   Curvature


-0.3% ~ +0.5%

Long sides   +0.04% ~ +0.16%


Short sides   +0.08% ~ +0.18%





-0.08% ~   +0.11%




Center   Curvature

-0.3% ~ +0.5%

+0.06% ~   +0.21%







Average Value

> 10%



Minimum Value

> 9%










Average Value




Minimum Value





       Breaking Strength


(Thickness 7.5mm )




       Surface Quality

At least 95%   without surface defect

100% without   surface defect



Stain   Resistance

Minimum three   levels

Five levels





5. Pictures of Interior Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile For Kitchen And Bathroom

Interior Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile for kitchen and bathroomInterior Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile for kitchen and bathroomInterior Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile for kitchen and bathroom


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Q:Home building, how to buy tiles, to good quality and affordable
Vuitton Fort tile quality and cheap you can refer to
Q:How do the concrete on the outer wall tiles be removed?
To introduce the decoration industry within a black technology, Naluotu diamond grinding stone. Now the decoration can be no ceramic tiles, and can be used cement diamond grinding stone and cast stone grinding stone instead of tiles, cement diamond grinding stone and the whole stone grinding stone seamless, on-site pouring, seamless no bacteria breeding, diamond grinding stone But also can release negative oxygen ions, people relaxed and happy. Seamless cement grindstone and sandstone are made of three materials: Nalut special cement mortar, armor concrete seal curing agent and defender concrete seal curing agent. Above is the full content of this time, more about the related issues, please pay attention to Nalit diamond grindstone.
Q:The difference between tiles and tiles.
When firing two different temperatures, As the variety of tiles on the market now, businesses in order to reduce the cost of quality are mostly poor, so I personally think. Often the tiles on the market are stronger than the tiles.
Q:Dongpeng tiles and Europe Shennuo which cost-effective
First-line brand: First, the new Pearl Group: mainly in the mid-market positioning, has made the customer's recognition, the Group's crown beads, Samit, Gerees, Jin Chaoyang, Hui million, Louis modern, Monte Carlo, Bentley , And other brands and "Lippo" professional bathroom brand can be an economic brand Second, the Mona Lisa Ceramics: Mona Lisa ceramics, ceramic industry, the leader of thin tile, as long as the mention of the sheet will be remembered Mona Lisa, thin plate of the preferred brand Second, the new source of ceramics, the new Run into, Huiya ceramics, Hongyu ceramics and other medium brands Alas ceramic brand too much, not one by one, you can check the Internet
Q:How about a simple tiles? Good quality
"water". The water droplets on the back of the tiles, the water spread after the slow density of the tiles, as the top grade.
Q:What is the loss of tiles?
The number of tiles and the paving process and specifications have a close relationship.
Q:What brand of tiles good? How to choose?
If the landlord parity price, then the proposed look at the new Pearl Group's brand, Mona Lisa, Hongyu, Enuo, the king, strong and other brands, are more reliable products in the domestic products. Or my answer to other friends of those words: In fact, what brand is not important, it is important that you do not understand the tiles, teach some of the industry to identify the tile good or bad way, hope to help you: I have some years in the tile industry, We must first plan before the decoration of their own renovation costs, the cost of each piece of carefully planned, because the decoration is not only involved in the tiles, it is best to use paper and pen to each of the costs are recorded in advance, So you will not be sales staff around and beyond the decoration budget. You first have to determine what style to buy their own tiles, the current market, roughly two kinds of styles: antique tiles and polished tiles, what brick is not important to buy, it is important to choose how to teach you some of the most practical method of brick, Do not have to be fooled by the salesman, these methods are used by the industry to test the tile is good or bad way, although can not say that 100% can be a good brick, but at least 80% is not wrong, hoping to help everyone!
Q:Do I want to use the concavity of a marble tiles to make a TV backdrop, right? Help designers,
This is not very good to do, consider the next hand-painted, the effect is good, I also Nanning,
Q:How to effectively remove the glue marks on the tiles?
4, in the removal of the time, whether it is to use to light water or vinegar, be sure to make these supplies completely soaked double-sided adhesive marks, can be easily and effectively remove Oh! 6, with soap plus a little ammonia and turpentine mixture , Can remove many dirt and make the glass surface more shiny (this article applies to tiles, ceramics, glass, etc.). 7, with a good sticky transparent glue repeatedly tear, you can remove some of the surface 8, with a little letter of sodium water on the wipe off, or paint can be thin .9, with a cotton swab dipped in water to wipe. 10, wind oil fine wipe. 11, use a special cleaning agent or sports shoes to remove the cream wipe.
Q:How to use ordinary drill drill on the tiles to hang things hanging?
Yes, with a special drill (tile needle) is very easy to be able to drill eyes

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