Intelligent Robot Vaccum Cleaner with Alarm Function LCD Display

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$65.00 - 150.00 / set
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100 Sets set
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10000 Sets per Month set/month

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Product Description:

0.7L dustbin and disposable bag 
Ultra-thin fuselage
Alarm function LCD display 
Easy operation 
floor washing robot


Compare with other models:

 Advantages:  1:Dirt Detection Function

             2:Easy operation with powerful function

             3:LCD display and indicator function


1:Intelligent scan system: calcutor the cleaning time for the whole room.
Remember the uncleaning area.
2.Dirt detection fucntion:can research the dirter area, 
prolong the cleaning time and add its cleaning strength.
3:Preset cleaning time : can be easily operated on robot
4:LCD display and indicator instruction
5:Multi- modes for cleaning
a. Auto cleaning mode: maximum cleaning coverage
b. Spot cleaning mode: partial cleaning, 
c. cleaning along the walls or furniture
d. Precise cleaning mode
6:Low noise: < 55dB
7:Flexible side brush
8:0.7L Large Capacity Dustbin—0.7L
9:Virtual Wall
10:Self-charging Function 
11:Mini Body
13:Remote control
14. Mop function
15. It will stop working and alarm when lift the robot.
16:Disposable bag for the dustbin(not free of charge).
17.Fragrance(optional smell, not free of charge)
works on carpet,hardwood,linoleum & tile.
*Main accessories :
 Virtual wall unit x1,Batteries Charger x1,Clean brush x1
 Charging base plate x1,Side Brush x2,Mopping*2
 ,Rechargeable Battery Pack x1
 Remote Controller x1
*color: red,white,black,purple,blue

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Q:What do you think of Roomba vacuum cleaners?
You can see comments like these: Does an excellent job of cleaning. Easy to program and maintain. So nice to come home each day to a freshly vacuumed home - just like having a maid. I love this! We have dogs and cats, so pet hair is a continual problem. Use of the Roomba has helped keep my house looking good daily. (You still have to vacuum some areas where it can't reach, under the bar stools, etc.) I wish I would have bought this years ago! I was skeptical, but desperate to keep up with a shedding puppy. After 2 months of use, I'm very pleased with my Roomba (nicknamed Putzfrau, German for cleaning lady). It does an amazing job even with LOTS of dog hair. I clean it after every use, which takes only a few seconds. It works equally well on hardwood and carpeted areas. It doesn't do as well with the door mats, but does get around furniture and over area rugs. I highly recommend it - a huge time saver. The bottom line is that most people really are impressed with Roomba vacuum cleaners.
Q:what are the best brands of upright vacuum cleaners?
I've used a Rainbow for over 8-years, now I use an Oreck, either one you can't go wrong with. A little pricey , but well worth it.
Q:Suggest a creative fictional company?
Belly Button Vacuum Cleaners Clean belly button lint without ever having to touch it. Lint is sealed in a hepa filtration bag. Cyconic action for powerful suction! Changeable suction wands for everyone in your family. Everyone has a belly button so the belly button vacuum can be sold world-wide. May be sold directly or through the mail. Replacement bags only available from Belly Button Vacuum Cleaners. And for a limited time, recieve the dandruff vacuum attachment!
Q:Why will my Sears Whispertone vacuum cleaner not turn on?
Do you need to push a reset button that stopped the beater brush when it got clogged with something (like a sock)? { i e how do you know the motor works if the switch does not turn it (what it?) on. - Hence my idea.)
Q:Vacuum Sales?
nice avatar
Q:Does anyone have an opinion on Miele vs. Kenmore vacuum cleaners?
Have used Kenmore for years, also based on C/R ratings. Mine is a cannister; works well on dog fur. As I recall, Miele's biggest problem was initial cost, so if it's working ok, stick with it, but if you NEED to replace it, go with Kenmore. (My sister-in-law, whose kids have asthma, also swears by Kenmore.)
Q:Where are DYSON vacuum cleaners made?
I don't know where they are made, but I can tell you that they are the best vacuum on the market! I love them and wish I had the money to buy one for myself. My old boss had one and it picked up everything off of every surface, even the dog hair. I used to love sweeping his office/house just cause I got to use the vacuum.
Q:What kind of vacuum cleaner works best for long hair?
You can have the kind of vacuum cleaner with a spinning brush, which is the kind that works best for cleaning carpets. You just have to look after it and since you know that long hair is a problem then clean it out of the vacuum cleaner once in a while. A canister vacuum that gives you a choice between using the spinning brush or using a floor brush only might be a good choice. However, if you vacuum a carpet with just a floor brush it doesn't work that well and it doesn't matter how powerful the vacuum is. The beating action of that spinning brush is what knocks dirt out of the carpet so it can be vacuumed up. A floor brush probably won't even pick up all the hair and it definitely won't get all the dust out of the carpet. This isn't about how the machine performs. This is about you not giving the machine the maintenance it needs for the conditions it's being used in.
Q:how do you feel about vacuum cleaners?
I hate them too. Pets hate them too.. you like to have a nice house , but who wants to play house? I hate ALL brooms too.. shows you what a cursed dirty world we all live in... no wonder we got allergys
Q:What pool vacuums/ cleaners works with Intex above ground pools?
Have Your local pool shop should be able to get one in for you, since most deal Polaris or at least the good ones do. This is a pressure side cleaner, not a suction based one, so it's a little more forgiving of smaller pool pumps and will definitely work for you. I'm just not sure what your budget is though since Polaris cleaners tend to be a little more than other makes, but get what you pay for and Polaris is one of the leaders in the industry.

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