Intelligent PLC Transformer Fan Control Box

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Intelligent PLC TransformerFan Control Box

Intelligent PLC Control Box forTransformer Fan is a new type intelligent transformer temperature controldevice equipped with Siemens S7200 PLC as the control center, has powerfulcontrol function, clear and concise wirings inside, and easy to operate andmaintain.

Traditional control box for transformer fans adopts time relay, motorprotector and etc to form required input and output signals, and achieves thecontrol function of fans by a combination of time relay and open-close contactpoint. This traditional control method is limited by the scope of timeadjustment, has lower accuracy of time adjusting, inflexible control logic, andcomplex electrical logic circuit, it is difficult to change and maintain infuture.

After using PLC as the control center, the simulating volume collectsthe temperature values from the temperature sensor of transformer, the fan canbe controlled to switch on/off by the output points of switching volume of PLCprogram control in accordance with the temperature range in PLC, the originalmechanical type time relay has replaced by the Timer in the PLC; the alarmcontact points of fan protector is also connected to the input port of PLCswitching quantities and is directly monitored by the PLC to protect all fans.

Even more importantly, PLC control system can control the fan oftransformer to rotate at regular time in accordance with the internal tuningtime, which not only meet air-cooling, but also effectively extend the fan’sservice life, and significantly reduce the operation failure rate of the fan.

PLC free port is made into 485 port, which follows the normal MODBUS agreementand can be used as RTU (Remote Transmission Unit) for the power system"four remote" control.


The product is composed of Siemens S7200 PLC (CPU+ module of simulatingvolume), intermediate relay, motor protector, temperature sensor, temperaturedisplay meter with signal output, housing and etc.


▲ PLC modularizationconfiguration is flexible, which can be made upon request.

▲ The internal programdesign of PLC is flexible and powerful, it completely replaces the originalmechanical time relay, the operation is more credibility.

▲ The control time isflexible and adjustable to meet the special requirement of the users.
▲ Wring is simple and clear and easy to install, debug and maintain.
▲Medium load fan rotation can be realized, which can extend the service life offan and reduce the fault rate of fan.
▲Provide standard 485 interface and communication agreement to meet therequirement of power automatic in future.


The product is suitable for multi fan control system for four pathways andabove, especially for the situation with digital communication.

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