Intelligent LV reactive compensation box

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Intelligent LV reactive compensation box

1. Purposes and characteristics

LV intelligent reactive compensation box of XBZW type can be installed with the transformer on the same pole or the linepole or the wall, etc.  It keeps the priority of power factor on on-load feedpoint by selecting suitable capacity,

LV intelligent reactive compensation box ofXBZW adopts distribution intelligent monitor terminal as the control core, the intelligent monitor terminal adopts full digitized designAC sampling, man Machine Interface of a large screen LCD of 128*64 lattices, and full metal enclosure design to improve efficiently the index of electromagnetism compatibility.  

The installation of it is in accordance with the DIN standard, with the installation of an embedded/wall mounted series, the main board adopts AMT SMT (surface mount technology) equipment with power distribution monitor,reactive power compensation, harmonic analysis, incident record, electrical energy measuring, I/0 interface, and temperature sensor interface. The device provides serial port 1 of  RS232/485 and serial port 2 of RS—485, the serial port 2 is a data transmission serial port to mainly support the multi-function electronhour meter.  The communication method of serial port 1 supports twisted-pair, coaxialline, data radio and CPRS, which also can be commutated with the cooperation of light MODEM and optical fiber.

2. Technical specification

1. product model

2. technical data

Operating power supply range: 85V

 Weight: 1.5kg

 Measuring signal:0~5A

 Measuring mode:AC sampling

 Measuring voltage: 59V~280V

 Measuring current: 05V

 Measuring power factor: lag 0.200~ preact 0.200

 Measuring harmonic: Spectrum manner display

 Measuring active power: 0999.9Kw

Measuring reactive power: 0999.9Kavr

 Measuring active electrical degree: 09999999.9Kw/H

 Measuring reactive electrical degree: 09999999.9Kavr/H

3. Function description

This equipment can record once after every 15minute interval, and can save 90 days history records. The record density can be chosen by 15 minute, 30 minute, 45 minute, and 60 minute. For the operation of this equipment, please see the communication rule as a reference.

4. Guide line for switch control

The controller complies with the control ruleof the shape of” # “, the users can reset the upper or lower limit for eachphase and reactive power.

1) The controller is in the state of auto switch when the voltage is between UL and UH. (UL is under voltage threshold for the users, UH is over voltage threshold for the users)

2)  It can be blocked when the voltage is lower than UL. It can not be put into use when the lack of reactive power, and the parts that have been put into operation should be cut off, it can be unblockedand returned to the state of auto switch when the voltage is higher than UL.

3) It can be blocked when the voltage is higher than UH. It can not be put into use when the lack of reactive power, and the parts that have been put into operation should be cut off, it can beunblocked and returned to the state of auto switch when the voltage falls backto UH-6.

4) In the state of auto switch, the controller measures on-load reactive power, if the value of on-load inductive reactive power is larger than the set value of switch on, then the capacitor switches in,  the capacitor will switch out if the capacitive reactive power is more than the set value of switch off.

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