Integrated Beam Carrier-Launcher Gantry Crane

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PFS Launchers are use for installing precast box girders weighing up to 1700t and spanning from 25 to 60m.

Precast box girders are delivered to the back of the PFS Launcher on a tyre trolley which travels on the previously constructed deck.


PFS Launchers can install two precast beams per day depending on the distance from the precast yard to the launcher.

Rated lifting capacity


Applicable spans

35m, 30m and 25m

constant or varying spans

Overhead winch trolley hoisting speed

0~0.5m/min, heavy load                      

0~1.0m/min, no load

Overhead winch trolley longitudinal running speed

0~3m/min, heavy load                    

0~6m/min, no load

0~6m/min, no load

Crane lifting height


Overhead winch trolley transversal fine adjustment range


Beam hoist mode

hoisted by 4 points,louterpoised by 3 points

Launching speed


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