Integrated Beam Carrier-Launcher Gantry Crane

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PFS Launchers are use for installing precast box girders weighing up to 1700t and spanning from 25 to 60m.

Precast box girders are delivered to the back of the PFS Launcher on a tyre trolley which travels on the previously constructed deck.


PFS Launchers can install two precast beams per day depending on the distance from the precast yard to the launcher.

Rated lifting capacity


Applicable spans

35m, 30m and 25m

constant or varying spans

Overhead winch trolley hoisting speed

0~0.5m/min, heavy load                      

0~1.0m/min, no load

Overhead winch trolley longitudinal running speed

0~3m/min, heavy load                    

0~6m/min, no load

0~6m/min, no load

Crane lifting height


Overhead winch trolley transversal fine adjustment range


Beam hoist mode

hoisted by 4 points,louterpoised by 3 points

Launching speed


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Q:Do I need a driver's license for the loader?
Yes, to go to the local labor bureau for special operations qualification certificate, is the first two years
Q:How much money for rammer one meter three-phase cable?
According to the brand, the quality is different, there is a big difference in price! Had better go to local market to turn, 3*6+1 cable price from non-standard to national standard 10 yuan, -18 yuan one meter range, this kind of cable market is not pure national standard, can buy 3 main line, can achieve 5 square of good.
Q:What is the power of a tower crane? Five
TC7525-16D switchboard power 80KWTC5610-4 switchboard power 34KW.TC6015A-10E switchboard power 71.5KWThe other two types have not been touched and will not be answered. I'm sorry
Q:Basket installation unit qualification?
To more stringent management norms Jiangsu Sheng Zhejiang Province, for example, the height of the operating basket of the normal use of two main categories of qualifications, first, production and production qualifications
Q:Laigong Lu Yu Gongming loader which brand of good quality
I have a buddy told me that the quality of Ming Yu, Lai work done early, Ming Yu production technology is the best in the industry
Q:What qualification does the hanging basket for production and construction require?
5, basket installation safety agreement 6, basket factory qualified, special 7, safety inspection station annual inspection report 8, safety record check list
Q:What is the structure of the sand making machine?
special concentrated lubrication, lubrication parts for the spindle assembly and the lower part of the upper bearing two,
Q:Major in Mechanical Engineering
The application of many subjects: Vehicle Engineering, aerospace, chemical machinery, textile machinery, precision machinery, nuclear instrumentation, machinery, agricultural and construction machinery, petroleum machinery, ship machinery, surface ships, submarines and so on.
Q:An ordinary bulldozer can probably push much of Earth Day?
35 yuan for an ordinary forklift truck and about 10 for an hour.
Q:The average commodity concrete is mixed with a day to use how much fly ash
That depends on how many square measures you do in a day, and you typically do 1,000 concrete words 80 to 90 t

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