Integrated Automatic flushing Valve Ceramic Men Wall-hung Sensor Urinal-2007

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Ceramic wall-hugn Sensor Urinal
Sensor flushing valve system integrated
Lockable cover
Self-flushing water saving
Men style

Automatic flushing valves for urinals use an infrared sensor to detect urinal usage and flush automatically after each use. There is no need for the user to touch any surface what prevents vandalism and improves hygiene. The flush valve will be activated on demand eliminating the odors caused by unflushed urinals. When urinals and toilets are promptly flushed, a germ free, odor free, and automated environment is created. 


1) Conserves water
2) No unpleasant odors
3) Hygienic, no-touch activation
4) Easy installation
5) Built-in filter
6) ADA complaint
7) Vandal resistant
8) Waterproof components


1) Power: DC 6V

2) Power consumption when not in use: 0.50mW (DC)

3) Ambient temperature: 0.1 - 45oC

4) Suitable water pressure: 0.05 - 0.6MPa

5) Detection zone: factory set 70cm (based on standard inductive board)

6) Diameter of inlet pipe: DN15 (G1/2")

7) Diameter of outlet pipe: DN15 (G1/2")

8) Dimensions: 20 x 70mm

9) Protection degree: IP56

10) Samples: send after receiving your samples fee and shipping charges


Packing: one set in retailer white box with complete components (Filter, Solenoid Valve,

Flex hose, and other installation parts)


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Large hardware stores generally have
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The best thing I've used so far that actually worked was something called CCLS which is a septic tank additive consisting of concentrated enzymes. This stuff is rather expensive, about $135 for a case of 4 gallons, but since I already use this to add to my septic tank I thought I'd try it in my bathroom sink drain, since on the bottle it says good for drains, too. I've had the bathroom sink drain snaked out once but it clogged back up again in about 6 months. I figured the snake only punched a pencil-sized tunnel down through the clogged pipe, so snaking it out again did not make any sense at all. It cost $110 to get the pipe snaked, and I was not about to waste more money like that so I tried the CCLS. I poured a few ounces down the drain overnight after warning the pipe first with hot water. This was a situation where the sink would fill up with water and take a half hour to empty. After several treatments it became noticeably improved. Now I always add the CCLS to the septic by way of the sink drain, and it's been free flowing ever since, over a year.
Q:low hot water pressure in bathroom sink only??
Remove the aerator first, and clean the screen. Install a new faucet, or at least trace the line back to a place where you can remove it, or open it, and test the water pressure there. If it's good until then, you have a faucet problem. Once in a while, I find a glass bead from the water heater thermal loss preventer that has blown through to the supply valve. It seats just inside of the supply valve, which you can't seem to find!
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It's probably your vent. Are wasps or birds blocking it? Do you have the problem in winter also?
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Structural glue. Can make the basin after the basic eternal, unless broken
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Not a plumber but I would try a longer snake or use compressed air with the pipes full of water.
Q:Problem with bathroom sink?
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