Insulated aerial cable with rated voltage up to 35kV

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The product is made  up of the compacted copper, aluminium(aluminum alloy) conductor,inner shield,  climate-resistant insulation material and outer shield.It has simple structure  and reliable. It has both excellent peoperties of the power cable and good  physical peoperties of the aerial cable. By using the climate-resistant  insulation material, the product has the excelent properties of resistance to  air aging. Compare with the bare wire, it has the good characteristics such as  smaller laying distance, higher reliability. It is suitable for using in the  bulidings, brushhland and bad weather zone.


1)       There are three rated  voltage:1kV10kV35kV

2)       Allowed long-term working temperature: PE  insulation--70, PVC insulation--70, XLPE insulation--90.

3)       When short-circuit(the longest time is not  more than5 second),the highest temperature: PE insulation--130, PVC insulation--160, XLPE insulation--250.

4)       The enviroment temperature for laying  should be not lower than -20.

5)       The working enviroment temperature is  from-40to +40, the relative humidity should be not more than 90% in rainy  season.

6)       Permitted bending  radius

Cable with rated voltage 1kV and below: outer diameter of the cable  D25mm,bending  radius should be not less than 4D.The outer diamter of cable D>25mm, bending  radius should be not less than 6D.

Cable with rated voltage 10kV, 35kV: single core cable:  20x(D+d)±5%

                                                            Mutiple  core cable: 15x(D+d)±5%

In which: D-the actual outer diameter of the cable,mm

               d-the actual  outer diameter of the cable conductor,mm

7) Derivative  products

  a. Aluminium-alloy aerial insulated  cable        b. Parallel bunding aerial  cable

  c. Water-blocking aerial cable                        d. Water-blocking  bundling aerial cable

  e. Non-standard insulated aerial  cable

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Q:What is the name of this computer psu power adapter cable from psu to 9600 graphics card....?
PCI express 4 pin to 6 pin power adapter it takes the 2 4 pin molex connectors that connect to a fan or a CD rom or hard drive/ect into 1 pci express 6 pin adapter. People use them if they don't have the 6 pin pci express on their power supply they use the adapter to connect extra 4 pin molexes to use for their video card/devices
Q:What is a PVC Power Cable and what is its application?
PVC Power cable : Polyvinyl coated power cable. this kind of cable can be used in domestic appliance, machines and outdoors, it's quite durable.
Q:where can i purchase a power cable for my compaq laptop?
In order to give you the exact source to purchase the cable, please re-post with the Compaq model number. In general, you can purchase a power cable at any of the following sources: (1) Compaq, of course, online -- but its prices will be higher. (2) A 'brick-and-mortar' store, like Fry's -- bring your existing cable, and they will match it, at a price that will probably be lower than Compaq's online price; and (3) OKorder -- which will probably have the lowest price, but you will have to be careful about security. Again, please re-post with additional facts. Hope this helps.
Q:6 Pin PCI Express Power Cable Dongle Question.?
That one splits a 6 pin PCI-E connector to two 6 pin connectors. This one is potentially a problem waiting to happen. If power is not adequate you don't want to split a connector to provide power to each plug. If you determined you don't have an adequate power supply then you need to consider replacing it and when you do you should have all the connectors you need for your system. Please do make sure you have adequate power. You could cause your system to not work properly or worse cause permanent damage by trying to run it with inadequate power. Hope that helped! Good luck!
Q:How high voltage armored power cable is grounded
When the armor leads directly to ground to buy the cable terminal, the manual has a specific production process
Q:where do i run my amp power cable?
As mentioned you should be able to find a hole already but I like to drill my own and keep all of my electronics separate from the other factory wires. It should not hurt anything to run them with the other wires but you could get some induced current plus it makes it easy to keep track of all your stuff in case you would need to take it out. 2 things to keep in mind no matter where you go through though 1 make sure you have a bushing in the hole to protect the wire and 2 be sure to run your ground beside your power wire, dont separate them too far.
High input cable ...? Not really sure what that is, Also, that power supply is junk. 750W and it only has a single 6-pin PCI? That's sad. Good 750W power supplies are at least £70 and have four 6-pin PCI cables. Heck, a good 430W costs more than that and it's guaranteed to perform better.
Q:What causes a laptop power cable to be loose?
the only element you do no longer point out is that if the output is AC or DC. If the connectors are the comparable length, as a ways because of the fact the specs pass, evidently like it is going to paintings. How do you tell if this is AC or DC? Many capability adapters in simple terms say it (AC/DC) with the output archives. If yours does, you in trouble-free terms did no longer positioned it on your post. If it would not say, you should seek for a logo. the logo for DC is 3 dots with a good line section over the three dots. For AC you get a tilde (wave image) over the three dots. The pc furnish is definitely is DC. as long because of the fact the different is DC additionally, then pass forward. in case you do no longer see any image, you may desire to obtain a digital meter which will inform you for helpful. good luck.
Q:why won't my laptop recognize its power cable?
did you try to remove the battery
Q:why my pc is shutting down and restarting only when removing the power cable and connecting it again?
u question is confusing, need more details, post again

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