Inorganic Noncombustible Composite Board

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Introduction of Inorganic Noncombustible Composite Board:

Light burned magnesium oxide power,It is suitable for building materials and fireproof material,because its content is more than 85%,and its price is two times the price magnesite,what’s more no impurities.Its fireproof performance is better than the magnesite.

Technical Data of Inorganic Noncombustible Composite Board:

Inorganic Noncombustible Composite Board

Inorganic Noncombustible Composite Board

Inorganic Noncombustible Composite Board

Applications of Inorganic Noncombustible Composite Board:

Fire resistance board series:used in the tunnel ceiling, steel structure column, beam,horizontal floor, fire partition wall, and room dividers.

Decorative board series:used in the hotels, office building, residential renovation.

Substrate board series:used in ceiling, partition, fireproof door core,warehouse board and lining board.

Sound absorption board series:used in the subways,bus stations, theaters, factories, and other public building.

Safe: 100% does not include such harmful substances as asbestos and etc, and no nasty smell before and after application.No toxic gas after burned under high temperature .No radiation. It is Eco-friendly.


Light burned magnesium oxide power,It is suitable for building materials and fireproof material,because its content is more than 85%,and its price is two times the price magnesite,what’s more no impurities.Its fireproof performance is better than the magnesite.


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A:1pc for sample.At least 300pcs(or a trial order)after sample order.

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A:Sample order 3-5working days,bulk order 15-20days working days.


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