Inground Lighting M-01B Aluminium Body uv resistant exterior paint system

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20000 pc/month

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Product Description:

Body:Die-cast aluminium body,PMMA diffuser.

Finishing:All die-casting components after mechanical and chemical anti-corrosion

treatment, uv resistant exterior paint system.


Inground Lighting M-01B  Aluminium Body uv resistant exterior paint system

Type:Inground lighting
IP Protection degrees:IP67
IK Protection degrees:IK10
Light source 1:4×0.1W    24V  AC/DC
28  lm    3000K/6000K
lm(N)   CRI 75
Total power consumption (W):0.8
Voltage / Frequency:100-240V/50-60Hz
Warranty (Years):3
Units per box:27
Net Weight (Kg):0.5
Lm(N): Nominal flow of light in actual working conditions. Its actual flow will depend on the environmental conditions and the efficiency of the optics and/or diffuser.
Kled reserves the right to make the necessary technical changes they deem adequate, in order to improve the features of the
Please consult the sales team to clarify any doubt. 


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Q:What is the opening size of a 250*90 buried lamp?
Correct your point of view, the bridge can not be done in the underground, buried cable through the cable well, through the buried pipe into the distribution room, the bridge with the earth does not matter. You may have just started this scene, you have no count!! Try running more,
Q:Why is my buried light connected to the earth switch,
The fault phenomenon is the leakage trip caused by the low line insulation of the load side of the leakage protector.The problem of replacing wires has been solved.
Q:What is the standard distance of fire buried lamp in Shanghai?
Fire regulations two-way 8 meters must have emergency evacuation signs, including evacuation signage installation, installation, lifting the ground walls.
Q:Solar LED buried lights, LED solar buried lights, where to sell?
Solar buried lights, solar tiles, Shenzhen Joyoung solar energy company, yes, a wide range of specifications, independent manufacturers, unit price concessions, quality assurance.
Q:Installation method of buried lamp
In addition to the installation of common sense and skills, a high quality hardware device performance (such as light source, full sealing, etc.) can also greatly simplify its installation process, to achieve twice the result with half the effort. In fact, LVD underground lights should be a good choice. It is made of high quality aluminum alloy. It is beautiful and durable, and it is resistant to hot and cold and toughened glass. In the waterproof and dustproof performance, high temperature silicone rubber ring. When installing, all stainless steel screws are used to make it safe and beautiful. In addition, equipped with LVD Venus electrodeless lamp, with high luminous efficiency, long life, good color rendering, light stability, no flicker, energy saving, wide color temperature range, light light, light output stability and so on. After the introduction of the relevant skills and hardware knowledge, I believe that the installation of buried lights should be further understanding.
Q:Application range of underground lamp
Buried lights in the shape of square and round, widely used in shopping malls, parking lot, green belts, park attractions, residential area, city sculpture, walking street, building steps and other places, is buried in the ground, used for decoration or direct illumination, used to wash the wall or as trees and the application of considerable flexibility.
Q:Solar LED highway buried lamp
Recommended: Shandong linuo! Many of our projects here are completed by them, and the quality is very good!!
Q:Installation of LED underground lamp
Huaqing photoelectric LED lamps manufacturers to brief you. The lamp body of LED underground lamp is made of high purity aluminum alloy material. The surface is treated by electrostatic spraying, with constant temperature curing and strong adhesion. Generally, it has good waterproof and dustproof property. Before the installation work, should be prepared from several aspects: 1, in the LED buried lights before installation, should be arranged with lamps matching a variety of components. LED buried lights are buried in the underground special landscape LED lamps, once installed less parts, want to re fill the installation is very troublesome. So it should be ready before installation. 2, in the LED buried lamp installation, we must first cut off the power supply.
Q:Lawn lamp, buried lamp, TT grounding, how to do?
This must be done! The practice is also very simple, these lamps are buried bolts, here called "the cage", the lamps of the exposed conductive parts with BVR4MM2 double color copper wire to terminal crimping bolt in the cage out of it.
Q:What are the buried lamp sets?
These should be set in the light of the landscape to calculate the quota items, no quota items and categories of the same name in the fixed installation, can only refer to other similar technology or similar materials according to the actual quota items apply, the unit price to enter it.Buried lamp for pressure, or stainless steel, durable, waterproof, thermal performance;

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