Industrial Vermiculite Powder for Fireproof Using

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Product Description:

Specifications of Industrial Vermiculite Powder for Fireproof Using:

Crude vermiculite   

10-20 mesh Roseite 

Size:1-3mm, 2-4mm, 3-8mm, 4-8mm, 10-20mesh, 20-40mesh, 40-60mesh 

ISO 9001-2000

Product Information of Industrial Vermiculite Powder for Fireproof Using:                                                                                  

Vermiculite is a mineral consisting of aluminium-ferrous-magnesium-silicate. Which is in exfoliated form. which is natural,harmless.            

Expanded vermiculite can be used as a kind of material with the properties of lightweight, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound absorbing, fireproof. 

Vermiculite can be used to produce bitumen coated vermiculite screeds, construction coatings, lightweight concrete, etc.

Technical Data of Industrial Vermiculite Powder for Fireproof Using:

Industrial Vermiculite Powder for Fireproof Using

Industrial Vermiculite Powder for Fireproof Using

Features of Industrial Vermiculite Powder for Fireproof Using:

Good effect to sound-proofing 

size:+20mesh 20-40mesh 40-120mesh 120-270mesh 

Usage:Building refractory heat

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