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This series of tyre are with excellent matrix structure design, beautiful and practical pattern, good traction and driving stability, abrasion resistance and anti-tearing performance.

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Q:tire wear insided and out?
Tires are manufactured to have a particular amount of air pressure in them. When the tires are inflated to the correct pressure, the head -on profile of the tire will look like an U, with a flat bottom. This allows all the tire to make contact with the road. By looking at the tread wear, you can get an idea of what may be wrong. Wear on the edges of either side of the tire indicates a toe-in or toe-out (leaning) problem. Wear in the center and not along the edges indicates over inflation - the tire is riding on just the center and not the edges (looks like U). Wear on both sides, but not in the center indicates under inflation (the U with a flat bottom now looks like an arch). This appears to be your problem. Depending upon where you live and how much you drive, it is a good idea to check the tire air pressure at least twice each month.
Q:What are the tires of cars?
According to the purpose is divided into passenger tires and tires. ① passenger tires: for the inflation pressure of 4 kg / cm 2 low-pressure tires, ply is generally 4 to 6 layers, bead diameter is generally below 16 inches. Passenger tires for cars and light trucks. Passenger tires are moving in the direction of ultra low pressure. ② tire tires: for the inflation pressure of 4 kg / cm 2 or more low-pressure tires, ply is generally 10 to 16 layers, bead diameter is generally 16 to 32 inches. Tires are used for medium and heavy duty trucks, buses and trolley buses.
Q:Use of radial tires in bikes ?
They provide the friction with the ground sufficient to propel the bike forward when pedaled. The front tire also rotates side to side, allowing the rider to steer the bike.
Q:sOoOo tired!!?
2 days after my positive pregnancy test at 4 weeks.
Q:Is the car tires wide or narrow?
If this as a means of transport, according to the original car configuration on the line.
Q:What should I go by for filling up my tires?
Go by the trunk sticker.
Q:Why does Nascar only have one tire manufacturer?
Goodyear paid to be the official tire of NASCAR. Back in the day you would of seen Goodyear, Hoosier, BF Goodrich on the cars, maybe others as well. But the bottom line is they paid for exclusivity. I wonder what would happen if Michelin wanted to be the Primary sponsor of a car. Would they be denied based on last years ATT vs NEXTEL (I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about) and Sunoco vs Shell (on Harvicks helmet the Shell symbol was too big and Sunoco had a problem with that)
Q:Car tire pressure how much is appropriate
To the number of tire pressure should be the number of vehicles to recommend the value of the depot. This is because the tire pressure setting is mainly taking into account the weight of the body, the chassis height and other vehicle factors. And the use of any brand of tires without necessarily contact.
Q:Car tires 100w 100y stands for anything
The difference between 100W and 100Y is that their speed levels are different. W indicates that the acceptable speed limit is 270km / h. Y indicates that the acceptable speed limit is 300km / h.
Q:' 02 rsx tires?
finally nice to see someone getting 40k out of a set of tires, it just blows my mind when people come into my shop with say an 06 vehicle and two tires are bald because of lack of rotation. Shop around, I like the bf goodrich traction ta,s they have a 60 k mile warranty and if you rotate them like you have been, they will last that long good luck to ya

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