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This series of tyre are with excellent matrix structure design, beautiful and practical pattern, good traction and driving stability, abrasion resistance and anti-tearing performance.

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Q:Car tires will not be due to how much weight and the lack of pressure situation
1, the tire load capacity is the upper limit. Please refer to the sideways load index. 2, tire use is a tire pressure conditions. Please refer to the manufacturer's tire pressure recommended value.
Q:Car tires inside and outside wear is not the same thing
Tire wear is mainly caused by the friction between the tire and the ground. Car start, turn and brake conditions such as the continuous change, turning too fast, too fast start, too much braking, tire wear on the fast. In addition, the wear of the tire is also related to the speed of the car, the faster the speed, the more serious tire wear, the quality of the road also directly affect the tire and ground friction, poor road, tire and ground sliding, Wear accelerated. The above situation produces tire wear, is basically uniform, is a normal wear and tear. If the tire is not used properly or the front wheel positioning is not allowed, will produce abnormal wear and tear failure
Q:How does car tires do the meaning of dynamic balance detection and detection?
The wheels of a car are made of tires and wheels, but the mass distribution of the whole parts can not be very uniform due to manufacturing reasons, and when the wheels are rotated at high speed, a dynamic imbalance occurs In order to avoid this phenomenon or to eliminate this phenomenon has occurred, it is necessary to make the wheels in the dynamic case by increasing the weight of the method, so that the wheel to adjust the balance of the edge of the edge of the wheel The process of correction is the dynamic balance that people often say.
Q:BMW snow tires?
Q:Tire car tire model stands for what
Usually the car tire size logo is *** / ** R ** * part is the number. You can find the tire size information for your vehicle in the vehicle user's manual, the cab door (near the B pillar), the tank cover, the storage box, and the like.
Q:Why the car tire pressure will be puncture
Insufficient air pressure will cause the tire carcass to buckle too much, the tire carcass buckling excessive will produce high heat, the inner airtight layer of rubber will be burned into dark spots, and then rubber and carcass cord fabric stripping. Serious words, the airtight layer of rubber will be high heat burning, resulting in melting, sustained high heat will make the tire's internal structure is seriously damaged. If the tire continues to travel in the event of a decrease in strength, it will eventually cause damage to the tire, and more severe damage to the tire pressure.
Q:Are there any fake car tires?
For Michelin passenger tires, the regular sales of Michelin tires in the tire label paper are affixed with a certificate. The certificate has a silver coating, according to the instructions scratch the coating to find 16 digital.
Q:saturn tires?
If you look at the side wall of your tyres you will see three numbers separated by a /. An example is 205/55/R16. The first number is the width, in millimetres. The second is the size of the side wall, again in millimetres. The last number is the size of the rim, in inches. If you tell your local car mechanic these numbers they should be able to source you four new tyres.
Q:What are the tires of cars?
According to the carcass structure is divided into: ① ordinary structural tires. The cords of the ply are laminated in a crossed form, the carcass is strong and the lateral rigidity is good, but the cushioning performance is poor. ② radial tire structure. The cords of the carcass are arranged in the form of meridian, orthogonal to the outer circumference of the tire, and the strength is fully exerted. Radial structure tires than ordinary structural tires rolling resistance is small, good cushioning performance, long mileage.
Q:What is the tire screw for each car?
Nissan car is 21 Land Rover is 21 Lincoln is 21 Ferrari and Bentley all kinds of imported cars == have not seen the real car to see the screw is how much I know seen imported cars I know that all the domestic car is a screw how much I know not interested in the import car see Too little too much

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