Industrial PE/Polyester Filter Cloth/Fabric CC

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industrial PE/polyester filter cloth/fabric CC

It can be divided into

PE staple fiber filter cloth,

PE multifilament (long thread)filter cloth ,

PE multifilament/monofilament filter cloth .


PE industrial woven filter material


PET3927 Product acid-weak alkali resistance, normal temperature < 130 °C.Filter cloth for plain weave, 3927 per square grams weighs reach up to 500 gsm, belong to the encryption type filter cloth, Suitable for high accuracy requirements of filtering purposes.


wastewater of steel plant with belt filter presses and paper making ,coal ,pharmacy, mining, chemical wastewater treatment,big material sludge dewatering treatment



1.Good water permeability,

2.good abrasion.

3 acid resistance ,hi-temperature resistance,

4 .smooth surface. excellent cake release, easy clean.

5.High dimension stability. Long life work time



Representative products :

Thinner filter cloth: 747,758,729,208,130,240,260

Thicker and with higher density :3014,3927,4030,822,3010,621,F625

Crossing weave filter cloth :903,3751,3850


  Note : We can weave different Denier fiber/yarn into different weaving (plain ,twill ,satin ) to form different filter efficiency cloth and meet requirements from different customers ,also we can make as offered sample of filter cloth !



Model No.



Air Permeability

Bursting strength(warp/weft)(N5*20cm)







































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Q:What are the types of filter cloth and what areas of industry are they mainly used in?
Introduction: Xiao Bian introduces the types and applications of filter cloth: filter cloth, also called industrial filter cloth, is a filter medium made of natural fiber or synthetic fiber. It is mainly used for solid-liquid separation and gas solid separation. Cloth type: according to weave, monofilament filter cloth, filter cloth, filter cloth comprises a single multifilament multifilament, double cloth, non-woven cloth, industrial filter belt. Main industry of filter cloth application: chemical industry... The types and applications of filter cloth, also known as industrial filter cloth, are filter media woven from natural fibers or synthetic fibers. They are mainly used for solid-liquid separation and gas solid separation. Xiao Bian for everyone to introduce, filter cloth is widely used, has been used in dozens of sectors of the filter industry. The cloth is mainly used for filter press, filter, centrifuge, vacuum drum machine, plate filter processing large-scale filtering machine equipment.
Q:What material filter cloth does the sewage treatment plant of the chemical plant use?
We must first confirm the filter press cloth material, polypropylene, polyester, nylon, cotton, vinylon, followed by the material models, in addition to several of the most common, most manufacturers have their own fixed type, not necessarily the same.Then, the specifications of press filter cloth should be the size of press filter cloth. This is based on the filter press board to decide.
Q:Today, change the filter for the fish tank. Why is it changed? The water is getting dirtier and dirtier
This is only a temporary phenomenon,The reason is when you pick up the filter cotton,By the way, it stirred the impurities that had fallen silent in the filter box
Q:How is the model of industrial filter cloth indicated?
Because industrial fabric no national standards and industry standards, technical standards are all enterprises of their own making,
Q:Do industrial filters have industry standards or national standards?
Current industrial standards or national standards for industrial filter cloth are available:FZ/T 64015-2009 woven filter clothDetermination of water permeability of woven fabrics of GB/T 24119-2009Determination of GB/T 24219-2009 woven filter cloth bubble diameterGB/T 5542-2007 dyes -- Determination of large particles -- single layer filter cloth filtration methodTest method for mechanical and physical properties of woven fabrics for JB/T 11092-2011 solid liquid separationTest method for filtration performance of woven fabrics for JB/T 11093-2011 solid liquid separationTechnical specification for weaving filter cloth for JB/T 11094-2011 solid liquid separationJC/T 768-2002 glass fiber filter clothQB/T 2735-2005, sugar making machine, filter cloth, vacuum suction filter.
Q:Filter cloth filter removal rate in general COD, BOD, SS, NH3-N
Filter cloth filter is mainly used for cooling circulating water treatment and wastewater treatment. As the cooling water circulating water reuse: filtered water quality SS is less than or equal to 30mg/L, the effluent SS is less than or equal to 10mg/L.
Q:How long will the last cycle aquarium filter be changed? What is the standard? What filter cloth is good?
Without a fixed pattern, and the proportion of water tank] volume size and the number of fish.Simple way to judge is to filter cotton dirty, you must wash, change.New filter cotton or clean filter cotton water leakage soon, no water,Filter cotton dirty, plug, water leakage, uncomfortable, will be stagnant water, then you need to wash or replace.
Q:Filter clogging 30
Check backwash time according to field backwash. Extended backwash time is certainly better than short time. The filter block of belt filter press stops the mud and carries out backwashing, and the time is decided by the degree of washing.
Q:What specifications should be used for edible oil filter cloth?
Vinylon for clothPerformance: chemical name of vinylon cloth called polyvinyl alcohol, its strength is lower than polyester, strength is only3.52 - 5.72Cndtex. Elongation of fracture ranged from 12% to 25%. The elasticity difference, the fabric maintains the shape to be bad, the abrasion resistance is good, the durability is 1 - 2 times compared to the pure cotton. But there is one of the biggest advantages is able to withstand the strong effect, and good hygroscopicity, and easy rubber together, is a good material used in rubber industry, it is the shortcomings of low temperature, the temperature of 100 DEG C has no shrinkage, acid resistance.
Q:What is non-woven filter cloth?
Miniature laser cutting machine | acrylic cutting machine | cloth cutting machine | paper cutting machine | leather cutting machine | cloth cutting | felt cutting machine | paper cutting machine | printing plate cutting machine | hot plate laser cutting machine | kraft paper cutting machine | organic glass laser cutting machine | laser cutting bed | large format laser cutting machine | flannel paper cutting laser cutting machine | laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine | double long | custom paper-cut hanging money bed and laser | large format laser cutting machine laser cutting machine | felt | plush toy laser cutting machine | shoe material hollow laser cutting machine | dust-free cloth cloth | laser cutting machine laser cutting machine cutting machine | withembroideredcloth the laser cutting machine 1, the equipment in the design of beautiful appearance, stable working table, can ensure the high precision of laser processing; before and after connecting, the upper and lower material is convenient, the operation is simple, easy to large sheet cutting; 2 Configuration of the world's top imported lenses, the lens energy loss, high reflectivity, focusing, friction resistance, not easy to burst. To minimize the loss of light path during transmission, to avoid large attenuation of laser cutting power due to transmission of light path.

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