Industrial Nonwoven PTFE Filter Fabric Filter Bag

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Place of Origin: Shandong, China Brand Name: AOBO shape: Snap band
Material Of Bag: PTFE Certificate: FDA, IS19001, ISO14001 Model Number: AOBO-PTFE FILTER BAG

Product Description:

Industrial Nonwoven PTFE Filter Fabric Filter Bag


The PTFE needled felt is a fiber of extremely stable chemical performance


1,Continuous operating temperatures above 250, the instantaneous temperature of 280
2, Good acid & alkali resistance and oxidation resistance, non-combustible. 
3, The only not aging fiber. 
4, Can be used under the most adverse conditions, with extremely long service life, and usually the service life is 4 years.



 Description of product






Square weight






Air permeability


Breaking Strength-lengthways

≥450 N/125px

Breaking Strength-crosswise

≥450 N/125px





Heat shrinkage@150degC,90min


Bursting strength

300   N/cm2

Continuous temperature


Instantaneous temperature




Heat Setting

Basically all needle felts at Shandong Aobo are heat-set. 

The residual shrinkage is reduced to a minimum by means of an optimum combination of the decisive quality factors , such as temperature, dwell time and cooling phase.

The controlled process management during the cooling phase ensures that the filter bags will have excellent form stability even under most difficult conditions.

Quality-determining parameters

  • Temperature

  • Reaction time

  • Cooling time


Thermal surface treatment

The surface of any needle felt influences the structure of the filter cake, its cleanability as well as pressure drop and the emission.

-          Singed

Three different kinds of treatment are possible: 

  • smooth for adhesive and moist dust

  • medium for universal treatments

  • rough low agglomeration or fine dust

-          Calendering

Through calendering a more compact fiber structure is achieved. This allows a more surface-active separation of dust with lower emission.


Protective Impregnation

-          hydrophobic, oleophobic

This treatment makes it more difficult for moisture to penetrate into the needle felt. Thus the risk of excessive dust deposits and caking is reduced.

-          Protection against acids and hydrolysis

Special impregnation based on TEFLON®. This treatment coats the fiber surface, thus providing it with the anti-adhesive character of a PTFE finish.

An oil- and water-repelling effect is produced, and the fibers are effectively protected against acid and hydrolysis attack.

-          Active finish, hydrophobic

Special water-repellent treatment providing a high cleaning and separation efficiency.


Through the filter-active coating dust is already separated on the surface. In addition the anti-adhesive surface reduces the adhesive forces between the filter medium and dust cake.


  • Optimised cleaning

  • Increased service life

  • High separation efficiency

  • PTFE-Coating, hydrophobic and oleophobic fibers, protection against acids and hydrolysis

  • Primary finish membrane, microporous foam coating, high separation efficiency, easy dust release, hydrophobic and oleophobic

Industrial Nonwoven PTFE Filter Fabric Filter Bag

Industrial Nonwoven PTFE Filter Fabric Filter Bag

Industrial Nonwoven PTFE Filter Fabric Filter Bag

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Industrial Nonwoven PTFE Filter Fabric Filter Bag

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Industrial Nonwoven PTFE Filter Fabric Filter Bag

Industrial Nonwoven PTFE Filter Fabric Filter Bag

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Q:How to remove the filter bag of semi-automatic washing machine?
Filter the plastic card button down, and gently pull out!I hope my answer will help you.
Q:What are the benefits of using a filter bag
Secondly, the filter bag is made of advanced technology, it is not the phenomenon of the needle eye and it is very good.
Q:How can the filter bag be processed later?
Waterproof and anti-oil treatment Of needled felt filter material using fluorocarbon resin and PTFE impregnated processing oil waterproof processing, the wet dust gas dust (especially for water imbibition, deliquescence) the surface of the filter bag dust catcher, more easily to avoid and reduce the paste bag
Q:How do you use a filter bag?
Third, the cloth should not hang too loosely or too tightly, too easily to accumulate dust, too close to pull out. Fourth, new process old filter bag should not be mixed, avoid damage time different effect equipment normal work
Q:Can liquid filtration bags be cleaned and reused
According to the mechanism of liquid filtration process, surface filtration and deep filtration are classified.
Q:What is the quality inspection of the filter bag?
The instrument is used to test the filter bag after cleaning, to ensure the quality of cleaning is met. Through the processing of the above process, the cleaning bag can meet the requirement
Q:What is a good filter bag?
However, the loop suture of the filter bag can be a single line, but it needs to be sewn more than two times.
Q:Is there a filter bag for the washer?
Platen washing machine also has a filter bag, it's in the washing machine at the bottom, maomao, hair will collect there, you will see that place on the ground in a washing machine has a small door, it is inside the filter bag.
Q:Who has used a liquid filter bag? What is its feature?
The filtration efficiency is high, can reach more than 99.5% Expanding filter cloth (bag), improving filter wind speed and filtration efficiency, reducing the volume of dust removal equipment
Q:Why is the filter bag material PE a polyester, not a polyethylene
Polyester: the general name of a polymer compound that is condensed by diglycol or polyols and dibasic acid or polyacid. Include polyester resin, polyester fiber, polyester acid glue etc. Polyester, Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) belong to the high molecular compound. Consists of terephthalic acid (PTA) and ethylene glycol (EG) through polycondensation produce polyethylene terephthalate (PET), part of the PET and ultimately generated by underwater pelletizing. Purpose: fiber grade polyester chip is used to make polyester staple and polyester filament, which is the raw material for fiber and related products of polyester fiber. Polyester film and bottle, and other purposes at the same time, widely used in packaging industry, electronic appliances, medical and health care, construction, automotive and other fields, the packaging is one of the largest non polyester fiber application market, is also the fastest growth in PET. It can be said that the polyester slice is an important intermediate product that connects the petrochemicals and the products of several industries.

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