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Safety Glasses Specifications:

1. Help protect your eyes from flying particles, dust, and splashes.

2. Goggles are injection molded of soft, pliable, non-irritating vinyl for your working comfort.   

3. Adjustable flex headband 
4.Fits all face sizes and shapes

5. Function: Visible light transmission -92% minimum, UV ABC absorption - 100%, up to 390nm,Heat resistance - up to 80ºC, Nylon nose pad offers greater comport and non-slip fit

6. Complete package available (hardcase, microfiber pouch, sunglasses cord, individual box)


Safety Glasses Specifications:

A) Grey: Outdoor. 100% UVA&UVB Protection
B) Clear: General purposes
C) Yellow: Night driving and pilot. Absorption of the blue light in the visible range providing contrast enhancement.
D) Red: Special UV mixed. Laser resistant rays 
E) Orange: Soft sight. Filtrate electric wavelength and infrared ray 
F) light mirror coating: provide protection against high impact and harmful UV rays for both indoor and outdoor applications without changing lens.

*  Extension-type glasses frame,easy and comfortable to use

* Snug fit with enough elasticity to provide comprehensive protection


*  Remark:  Soft temple tip (black)     Hard temple tip (blue)  



Item Number



Extension-type glasses frame,easy and comfortable to use  


blue & black 


12pcs/box, 18boxes/ctn




100 Pieces

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7 days after receive the payment or according to quantity


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Q:How to prevent damage to human body by nuclear radiation?
When the wavelength is above 3000Nm, the cornea can be absorbed completely. The infrared light below 3000Nm will change the transmittance. For example, at 2300nm, the transmittance is 25%, 1650nm is 65%, 1200nm is 80%, and 1000nm is 100%. These infrared rays passing through the cornea can be absorbed by house water if the wavelength is 2700nm; if the wavelength is 2300nm, most of them will be absorbed by the crystal; when the wavelength is 1600nm, all of them will be absorbed by the vitreous body. The crystal is a very active absorbing tissue, its transmittance varies with age and the extent of crystalline sclerosis, and its absorption rate is related to the content of the protein in the crystal. In short, for the eye, can be more than 500nm infrared refractive medium absorption, lower than the wavelength, refractive interstitial absorption is reduced, most will be the iris and retinal pigment absorption into heat. The damage of the infrared rays to the eyes is mainly caused by high temperature, which leads to the coagulation of corneal proteins and the local opacity of the lens, causing cataracts". Cataract is commonly seen in glass workers and blast furnace workers, and the incidence rate of domestic reports is from 0.93% to 7%.
Q:Filling workers, labor protection products
The specific protective articles are determined according to your actual situation. For example, protective goggles, protective gloves, safety shoes, protective clothing, dust or gas masks, protective earplugs and earmuffs, conditions can also be equipped with labor protection supplies, gas detection instruments or other high level.
Q:Do not use electric welding goggles, eyes are very red and tingling, will it be very serious?
I don't know how high your current is. It will be very serious for a long time. If you are not feeling well now, go to see a doctor
Q:But how to do welding
1 cold compress eye: apply cold towel to the eye2., with fresh human milk eye drops, each sick eye drops 3~5 drops, after dripping milk, do not immediately open eyes, eyes closed for 3~5 minutes, every 2 hours drop once.
Q:What should be the PPE in the chemical plant?
A safety helmet, protective masks, protective goggles (glasses), protective screen, earplugs, protective gloves, sleeves, aprons (acid), acid and alkali resistant respirators, safety shoes and double steel shoes and a series of occupation health and environmental safety products.
Q:Occupational hazards and safety protection products in the pharmaceutical industry?
Pharmaceutical process can be divided into two major steps: production of raw material medicine and preparation of pharmaceutical products. Raw materials used in the production process are many raw and auxiliary materials, and the raw materials, intermediates and solvents are flammable, explosive, poisonous and harmful substances, and they are a high pollution process. Drug activity, dust pollution and noise pollution are serious in the preparation process.
Q:Can steam hot patches protect your eyes?
Well, the eye has a lot of blood vessels and nerves, and acupuncture points, so with an eye patch can be directly covered
Q:What kind of protection do individual need when operating the slotting machine?
Buy a special one! The dustproof effect is good and convenient to use. Under the conditions of the job site with a fan head. Let the dust concentrate in one direction.
Q:What are the laser safety goggles? Is it a regular plastic? Or polymer composite material?
It's not plastic. It's a special laser protection material;
Q:Can an eye shield really protect your eyes?
It should be a better rest for the eyes

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