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Safety Glasses Specifications:

1. Help protect your eyes from flying particles, dust, and splashes.

2. Goggles are injection molded of soft, pliable, non-irritating vinyl for your working comfort.   

3. Adjustable flex headband 
4.Fits all face sizes and shapes

5. Function: Visible light transmission -92% minimum, UV ABC absorption - 100%, up to 390nm,Heat resistance - up to 80ºC, Nylon nose pad offers greater comport and non-slip fit

6. Complete package available (hardcase, microfiber pouch, sunglasses cord, individual box)


Safety Glasses Specifications:

A) Grey: Outdoor. 100% UVA&UVB Protection
B) Clear: General purposes
C) Yellow: Night driving and pilot. Absorption of the blue light in the visible range providing contrast enhancement.
D) Red: Special UV mixed. Laser resistant rays 
E) Orange: Soft sight. Filtrate electric wavelength and infrared ray 
F) light mirror coating: provide protection against high impact and harmful UV rays for both indoor and outdoor applications without changing lens.

*  Extension-type glasses frame,easy and comfortable to use

* Snug fit with enough elasticity to provide comprehensive protection


*  Remark:  Soft temple tip (black)     Hard temple tip (blue)  



Item Number



Extension-type glasses frame,easy and comfortable to use  


blue & black 


12pcs/box, 18boxes/ctn




100 Pieces

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7 days after receive the payment or according to quantity


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Q:What's the use of an eye patch? Can I protect my eyes?
I always thought that the eye patch was used for sleeping during the day, but it was said to have a special eye shield.
Q:Snow mountain plateau workers can filter UV protective glasses in order to prevent what disease
Snowblindness: snow reflection effect on ultraviolet radiation, ultraviolet radiation can cause corneal and conjunctival epithelial damage caused by inflammation, is characterized by red and swollen eyelids, conjunctival hyperemia and edema, foreign body sensation and severe pain, symptoms of photophobia, tearing and blinded, during the course of the disease will have blurred vision.
Q:What's the use of an eye patch? Can I protect my eyes
The o eye mask is for travel, sleep, light protection, no vision recovery
Q:With welders goggles to watch the solar eclipse is harmful to the eyes?
Welding welders can see the glass.
Q:Are those steam goggles and ice patches useful for protecting vision?
Steam eye patch is mainly to relieve eye fatigue, the effect is good, ice compress eye mask on firming skin effect is better, see you want swollen what kind of cough. Recommend eye patches.
Q:Filling workers, labor protection products
Generally speaking, liquid filling products are equipped with anti splash protective equipment, and powder filling materials are mostly protective powder powder;
Q:Does laser speckle harm the body?
Eyes are most afraid of is the face of light, a strong light can let the eyes have temporary blindness, and the working principle of laser freckle is the use of light, because the light emitted when the laser spot is very strong, and the laser light emitted by the light of many colors, the eye is the retina and cornea damage is particularly large, so be sure to wear protective glasses or goggles in the process characteristics of laser speckle, which can avoid the harm to the eyes caused by laser speckle.
Q:How to prevent damage to human body by nuclear radiation?
For when the wavelength of ultraviolet radiation, shorten the ability through the cornea is also reduced, but the absorption rate was significantly increased, 370nm, through the rate of 90%; 330nm 80%; 305nm 50%, 300nm 25%, 290nm is only 2% of the ultraviolet light through the cornea into the eye, the other half of 98% for corneal epithelial absorption, half for corneal stromal absorption. If the wavelength continues to fall to 230nm, then about 97.3% is absorbed by the epithelium and almost does not enter the eye.
Q:What kind of protection do individual need when operating the slotting machine?
Don't lose your strength and your body because you earn a little hard work. To do this work, you should install a protective cover for grooving machines. You should wear special protective goggles and masks, especially masks, and don't use cheap gauze masks.
Q:What is the reason for wearing an eye mask after a myopic operation?
Therefore, it is recommended to wear a hard eye mask to protect your eyes while you are sleeping. Avoid crushing and involuntary damage.At the same time, many people have dark at night get up on the toilet or water experience, goggles can protect eyes hard, avoid touching or hit the chairs accident in the darkness, the eyes give security protection.

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