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1000 Pieces per Month pc/month

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The stainless tank is strong and durable,with powerful lower-noise motor,the vacuum cleaner has a specially strong suction .New-style large wheel plate,It is stable and beautiful,A complete set of accessories are supplied with vacuum cleaner.  

  Made of semitransparent plastic,the tank is bump-proof and erosion-proof and waste water in the tank can be viewed anytime.With a powerful mute motor,the vacuum cleaner has a specially strong suction.allowing a stable and handy use.a complete set of accessories are supplied with the vacuum cleaner.



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Q:Does Dyson really make the best vacuum cleaners?
We have Dyson Vacs here at work and they do work really well for vacuuming the floor, but the attatchments are not user friendly at all! I have already broken one of them, and every time i lift off the hose to use an attatchment i somehow turn off the vacuum! So annoying!
Q:Help! Vacuum cleaner bit the dust!?
I have several vacuum cleaners some cheaper, some $2000 +. My favorite of all is either my Ocean Blue canister or the Dyson DC21 canister. Both due a wonderful job! Furthermore, the Dyson cleans just as well and fluffs my carpet better than my Ocean Blue, Rainbow or Electrolux canisters. Happy Vacuuming!
Q:What value does Voltage indicate for vacuum suction?
You need to explain this better, it makes no sense as it is. edit: no way to know exactly. Voltage alone tells you nothing. But the power used (in watts) could be a guide, if you have that number, in watts. 1400 mA-hour is a measure of the charge stored in the battery, so that is no help, as you need a time number to convert that to mA, which, with the voltage, can give you power in watts. My experience is that hand held vacuum cleaners are all very feeble.
Q:Best vacuum cleaner for hardwood/tile floors?
A canister style vac is better as opposed to one of the upright vacs. Why? Because with a canister vac, the hose attachment has special attachments made espcially for hard floors. It is easy to manuever the long arm of the hose around too, where as an upright is large and bulky and won't go into tight corners. I have had a Sears cannister style vac for years with my hard floors and I love it. there is no susbstitute. There is a carpet attachment too, which makes it the most versatile vaccum out there.
Q:How do I use a vacuum cleaner as a masturbation aid?
This Site Might Help You. RE: How do I use a vacuum cleaner as a masturbation aid? I hear stories about guys using vacuum cleaners for stuff other than housework. Is that for real, how you doin' that? Which is the best model to use, AC or DC? Which buttons do I need to press? How do I clean up the aftermath? What other electrical appliances can be used for self...
Q:what metals are used to make vacuum cleaners and why?
The basic unit in vacuum cleaners is a motor with steel housing for safety, windings of copper, brushes of copper -impregnated carbon. The rest of the cleaner can be made of almost anything. Copper for the windings for conductivity, steel housing in case the 3000 rpm parts break apart.
Q:Where can I find ratings of Kirby vacuum cleaners?
I clean house for a living. I despise the Kirby. It isn't any better than it's cheaper counterparts. I know....when they demonstrated it it really picked up the dirt. ALL NEW vacuums will clean that well. They are over priced dinosaurs!
Q:Men, if your girlfriends bought you new vacuum cleaners would that be the time when you actually look the ?
Women buy tools for presents all the time for men. Drillers, electric saws and what not and I think they have been quite happy about it.
Q:What are some inventions (etc.) that helped women's chores at home (post war)?
Feminism lol
Q:How come some dogs are afraid of hoovers?
Dogs have hearing a thousand times better than humans. It hurts there ears so the dog will either be afraid of it or attack it.

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