Induction Melting Crucible

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Graphite induction crucible sets

1.High pure graphite material.

2.Thermal stability, Corrosion resistance,Impact resistance

Isostaic graphite

High pure graphite

Extruded graphite

Estimated casting time




Refractorines (degree centigrade)




Net weight of crucible


1. Thermal stability: According to the quench acute thermal using conditions of graphite crucible, we will specially design the production procedure, so as to ensure the reliability of product quality.

2. Corrosion resistance: Even and fine basic design will delay the erosion of crucible.

3. Impact resistance: Graphite crucible can bear high thermal impact, so any process can be carried out.

4. Acid resistance: The adding of special materials will greatly improve the quality of crucible, especially its index of acid resistance., and will prolong the service life of graphite crucible.

5. High heat Conduction: High content of fixed carbon ensures the good heat conduction, shorten the time of dissolution, and remarkably reduce the energy consumption.

6. Control of metal pollution: The component of material under strict control will ensure that graphite crucible will not pollute the metals when dissolving.

7. Quality stability: The process technology of forming under high pressure and quality guarantee system will fully ensure the stability of quality

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Q:What is the white product in the crucible?
Reacts with oxygen in the air to produce a white Zinc Oxide, producing white smoke, which does not melt into brass liquid, and the remaining copper in the crucible is also Zinc Oxide, so the phenomenon that you describe
Q:Is it often influenced by graphite tube replacement in atomic absorption furnace?
Graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) is a kind of atomizer made of graphite material, such as tube, cup and so on. It is analyzed by atomic absorption spectrometry by current heating atomization. The sensitivity of the analysis has been greatly improved since all the samples participate in atomization and avoid dilution of atomic concentration in flame gas. The method is used for the determination of trace metals and is superior in performance to many other methods and can be used for the analysis of small amounts of samples and for direct analysis of solid samples. Therefore, it has a wide range of applications.
Q:How to reduce the degree of oxidation of graphite when sintering at high temperature?
Proper flux and refining time should be smooth, without damaging the oxide film on the melt surface and covering the graphite plate melt at the right time;
Q:How is graphite formed?
The company has advanced production and processing equipment, modern production management, perfect product testing means, a good service network and strong development capabilities. For customers to produce all kinds of special-shaped, high-precision graphite products! Such as: graphite plate, graphite rod, graphite block, graphite crucible, graphite anode plate, graphite mold, graphite lining, graphite bearing, Shi Mohuan, graphite tube, graphite pad, graphite electrode and so on.
Q:Is the yellow metal in the graphite rock gold?
Not necessarily. Many minerals are also golden.Specific is not gold, you can easily test from the hardness, gold is very soft metal.
Q:Melting the iron in the graphite crucible. Does the graphite in the crucible turn into carbon and it melts into the steel?
In addition to carbon, charcoal contains hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and a small amount of other elements. Carbon in charcoal is not a transition crystal like graphite, but amorphous carbon and no C-C covalent bonds. Charcoal ignition is 320-370 DEG C, the general fire than the high temperature, so the charcoal can be lit.
Q:How do you use crucibles to process copper?
The medium frequency furnace crucible is made of quartz sand lining material, and the crucible has a long service life, usually in three months. The power frequency furnace is also sintered with quartz sand.
Q:How can food detect heavy metals and microbes?
Graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry, atomizer the graphite furnace atomizer is, will be placed in the graphite tube wall, graphite platform, carbon sample holes or graphite crucible with electric heating to a high temperature so as to achieve atomization, the detection limit is Sug/kg. Flame atomic absorption spectrometry. This method uses flame atomizer and flame atomizer. It consists of three parts: sprayer, premixing chamber and burner. The detection limit is 0.Img/kg.
Q:I'd like to smelt 104 aluminium alloy by medium frequency furnace. What should I pay attention to? Please point it out, thank you!
Don't know what is your crucible material medium frequency furnace, if using graphite crucible, graphite as easily broken and easy to absorb moisture, must be handled with care to avoid the collision, but must be in use before the slow heating and drying, until the crucible to dark red, check no cracks can be put into the molten alloy. If the iron crucible, the Aluminum Alloy are strictly limited, so the iron, iron crucible, Tieshao, ladle, the tool must be coated with paint, paint is selling goods, components do not know, iron crucible and apparatus must also be preheated, exclusion of moisture. In addition, do not know you are refining aluminum ingot or making ah Aluminum Alloy parts, if the production parts should pay attention to defects of oxidation, slag and coarse grain, I am afraid that refining, refining agent are also ready to sell goods, how can read the instructions. Especially when smelting Caution!, preventing aluminum liquid splash, including many contents, such as inspection and testing, there is not much to say, the main note in the smelting process I thought so much, typing is slow, very hard ah, hey. Hope to be of some help to you.
Q:How to extract gold from activated carbon filter?
High temperature roasting filter core with graphite crucible and acetylene burner.
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