Induction Cook Top Cookware Cookstove Kitchen Appliances CE/CB/UL/ETL/EMC/ROHS

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Product Description:

  Kitchen appliance Induction Cook Top Cookware Cookstove

  •  120~220V 1300~2000W, Black color      induction cooker 

  • Plate Size:340*405mm

  • 20' / 40HQ : 1584 / 3852  pcs

  • N.W.: 2.8kg

  • G.W.:3.2kg


  • Detail informations for main parts:


1.  Touch sensor control

2. Big PCB board

3. Imported IGBT

4. A grade black crystal glass in the middle, size diamater 250mm

5.10 Levels adjustable power by "-" and "+"

6. 4 digital LED display with multi-function

7.  24 hours reservation,v4 hours Timer,child lock  ,

8.Temperature Range   140F-464F

9. Multiple functions like milk,soup, stew,fried,water,braize,and time setting.

10.100% copper coil, good product quantity.




1.   Portable design

2.  With Child Lock

3.  Anti-magnetic wall

4.  IGBT overheating protection

5.  Over voltage/Low voltage protection

6.  Over current protection

7.  Electro-magnetic cooking system

8.  Energy saving and environment protection

9.  Automatically shut off if lack of pot or the pot is empty.

10. Can be used in office/home

11. Available with auto off moce


  • Powerful feature:

 outdoor travel ceramic cooker, charfing dish, quick frying,boiling,hot pot,stewing and etc;

  1. outdoor travel ceramic cooker, touch control system, LED digital display,quite easy to use;

  2. multi-function electric ceramic camping stove outdoor, it is very suitable for family and commercial specially,  high performance, stable and durable.

  3. high quality pure black crystal glass is very easy to clean and keep, just need to wipe lightly;

  4. high thermal efficiency to save energy compare with the traditional cooking method;

  5. go through strictly QC and aging-test, ensure the safety and its value;

  6. high quality components, professional assembly, giving you great value.


  • Safety


  1. overheating and boiling dry protection;

  2. anti-magnetic well;

  3. child lock to protect your baby;

  4. environmental friendly, smoke-free, do not create any poisonous and harmful gas;

  5. no electromagnetic radiation




OEM and ODM is available!

Induction Cook Top Cookware Cookstove Kitchen Appliances CE/CB/UL/ETL/EMC/ROHS


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Q:Main sensor of induction cooker
Using the multimeter to check whether IGBT, rectifier breakdown of the damaged element is removed and replaced with the types of components. Check the resistance R310 and R311 with the universal meter. When measuring the two components, they must be disassembled to measure the accuracy and replace the damaged components. The following steps are not available
Q:What is the front panel of an American induction cooker?
Now widely used in induction cooker panels for imported products. There are two main types, the German Schott board (the German HEGON dazzle gold panel, the black translucent). This kind of panel has special manufacture technology, smooth surface, good glossiness and no scratch. The utility model has the advantages of high heat resistance, high strength, long term use, no yellowing and no discoloration.
Q:How to measure the resonant capacitor of an induction cooker with a universal meter?
Disconnect the capacitor first, then turn on the resistor. If the resistance is always small, then it is broken. But the capacity of capacitors is normal and cannot be measured.
Q:Why does the noise of the induction cooker suddenly become very large?
This is because the fan blades dirty or motor bearing wear, poor lubrication caused, the electromagnetic bottom cover removed, clean up the dust on the fan blades and air around and debris, power test, if there is noise, motor bearing lubricating oil is required. If the fan blade is deformed, new blades need to be replaced.1, check the pot bottom and the furnace surface is completely good contact (see the bottom surface if there is any, remove dirt, can); 2, the heating coil in the stove caused by loose, open the back cover with the fastening tool can be fastened (Note: 1 of the electrical appliances do not know do not move. Please understand the appliance repair personnel to repair; 2, in the maintenance before going off; 3, if not please go to customer service warranty maintenance - free).
Q:Is it safer to use electromagnetic ovens and microwave ovens at home?
I don't know the induction cooker. But microwave oven is best not to face, if want to be opposite, want 2 meters of above.
Q:Which kind of electromagnetic oven is good?
High quality induction cooker should have automatic adjustment of output power, which can improve power supply adaptability and load adaptability. Some electromagnetic ovens do not have this function, when the power supply voltage rises, the output power rises sharply. When the power supply voltage drops, the power decreases significantly, which brings inconvenience to the users and affects the quality of cooking.
Q:Water induction cooker pot, then put the bowl (a food bowl), I will not be dangerous or illegal operations.
You take the bowl and the bottom contact after high temperature easy to crack, so they want to put a rack in the lattice. Otherwise, you can put two chopsticks on the bottom.
Q:How many a inserts are used in the 2100W induction cooker?
2100W induction cooker. Rated current 9~10A, P=UA, 220V * 10A=2200W.10A plug can be used, the current rating of this socket is 10 A. work in the 220V power supply, the maximum load is 2200W., more than this power is not safe. It will damage or shorten the service lifePower (P) = voltage (U) * current (I).The following three general results can be obtained from the upper model:If the rated voltage is AC380V, the rated power is 3800W;If the rated voltage is AC220V, the rated power is 2200W;If the rated voltage is AC110V, the rated power is 1100W;Other voltages can be derived by formula.The above is the theoretical value, pay attention to the actual use, because contacts and temperature, time and other factors, generally do not exceed the rated power of 80% of the application limit.
Q:Is the induction cooker waterproof? What brand of electromagnetic stove waterproof best?
De Chen Shi waterproof patent electromagnetic oven with special material about the motherboard electronic components of bare feet are sealed up, set on a plastic shell, the board will be the entire circuit board seal, and under vacuum processing, this can protect the electronic components from damage of natural corrosion electromagnetic oven. Electronic components, bare feet are isolated from the outside, then there are cockroaches, insects and the like, in which it will not affect the normal operation of electromagnetic ovens, at the same time, into the water, into the oil, wet weather does not affect the normal operation of the induction cooker.
Q:Is there any magnetism in the induction cooker?
No, the energy is produced by electromagnetic coils that radiate to the iron pan to heat the food

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