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Widely used in home appliances, power supply, modern office equipment, network and communications equipment, power adapter, battery charger and military aerospace and other fields.


Switching power supply transformer has the advantages of high efficiency, small size, light weight, wide application, etc., the output power from a few watts to several thousand watts.





Company have 21 years of business history, set research and development, production and sales as one of professional transformer manufacturing enterprises, also is transformer industry of Shandong Province CQC certification (the original Great Wall certification system, certification time longest enterprises (14 years), mainly produce and sell all kinds of transformer products, including: (transformer Division) three-phase dry type transformer, intelligent three-phase servo transformers, BK\JBK1\JBK3\JBK5 control transformer, toroidal transformer, (small transformer Division) pin, potting type, lead type power transformer series products. (high-frequency transformer Division) EE series, EFD series, PQ series, filter, I-inductor, loop inductance etc..

We are able to supply various types of terminal blocks according to clients' requirement,Please contact us so we can offer you the best quality,competitive price and timely delivery.

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Q:friedland d753 door bell transformer?
Although, I have not tested a unit like you mention, I would get the 1.5a unit because that is the maximum it puts out in amperage. If your bell uses less its OK
Q:Rectifier and rectifier transformer
1) rectifier transformer is the rectifier device power transformer. Rectifier equipment is characterized by the original input current, and vice president through the rectifier output after the original DC. Converter is rectifier, countercurrent and frequency conversion of the three working methods in general, rectification is one of the most widely used. Transformer used as rectifier power supply is called rectifier transformer. Industrial rectifier DC power supply is mostly by the AC power grid through the rectifier transformer and rectifier equipment and get. The application of rectification change the most chemical industry. Simply talk about the industrial high-power DC power supply. Civil rectifier transformers are commonly referred to as power adapters, transformers, power converters. 2) rectifier (English: rectifier) ​​is the exchange of alternating current into direct current devices, can be used for power supply devices and detect radio signals. Rectifier can be vacuum tube, ignition tube, semiconductor diodes, SCR, mercury arc and so on. Generally do not contain voltage transformers. Refers to a wider range. Basically most of the electronic products are in use. 3) folk often put the ballast as "rectifier", inductance ballast is a core inductance coil, rectifier is a rectifier device.
Q:Transformers of the three transformations are the three?
Take a 10kV / 0.4kV, d / yn11, 100kVA transformer rated voltage full load operation: 1, the high side of the 10kV into the low side of the 400V; 2, the high pressure of 5.77A into low pressure side of 144.4A;
Q:How long will it take to fix a transformer?
If the transformer belongs to the utility company, then they usually have it replaced within 24 hours. If it is privately owned then it could take a week or more.
Q:What will happen at primary side of transformer?
the transformer converts Watts if it is rated at 12V 3A it means 36 Watts if you load-it more than that it will overheat and eventually burn the primary current is proportional to the secondary current however with an overload of 5 A as oppose to a load of 3 A it may last for several hours before becoming too hot the answer is yes you can run your load for a while provided that you monitor the temperature and watch the situation however do not load over 3 times the rating (8~9A) for any length of time more than 1 second A
Q:How much capacity the transformer has
According to GB / T6451- "three-phase oil-immersed power transformer technical parameters and requirements", the voltage level 10kV-220kV, the capacity is as follows (kVA): 30,50,300,123,80,100,125,160,200,250,315,400,500,630,800,1000,1250,1600,2000,2500,3150,4000,5000,6300,8000,10000, Lt; / RTI & gt;
Q:about the Transformers Movie?
Looks like Megatron to me, but this movie is going to suck ***. It has shia lebouef in it and he is such a crappy actor.
Q:Your opinion on Transformers: Dark of the Moon (video game)?
I didn't like it.
Q:10KV distribution transformer how to calculate the tap voltage
10kV distribution transformer tap voltage can be Ue ± Ue X% (X is the percentage of each range of adjustment). General distribution transformer tap adjustment range of Ue ± 2 × 2.5%; tap for 1 - 5, the tap voltage is calculated as follows: 1 ----- 10+ (10 x (2 x 2.5%)) = 10.5 kV 2 ----- = 10 + (10 x 2.5%) = 10.25 kV 3 ----- 10kV rated voltage, 4 ----- = 10- (10 x 2.5%) = 9.75 kV 5 ------ 10- (10 x (2 x 2.5%)) = 9.5 kV Transformer tap on the high side, according to the needs of the low side to adjust the high pressure side of the tap position. If the low voltage side of the low pressure should be raised to 4 or 5, and vice versa to 2 or 1 up. Because the adjustment tap is used to change the transformer ratio. In the case of a transformer with a rated voltage of 10 / 0.4kV, its change ratio K = U1 / U2 = 10 / 0.4 = 25; when the secondary voltage is low, if the split is set to 4, the position K4 = U1 / U2 = 9.75 / 0.4 = 24.375, the primary voltage is still 10kV secondary voltage = 10 / 24.375 = 410V. Increased secondary voltage. In fact the adjustment of the split is adjusted by the number of turns of the coil, the change in the ratio and the number of turns of the secondary coil is constant. To reduce the secondary voltage, increase the number of turns of the coil.
Q:when i connect the positive side of a battery to a transformer, i can read an ac current that doubles the dc?
I don't really understand your question but I think you are talking about Induced EMF (EMF means voltage). Contrary to popular belief, applying a DC source to a coil will cause something momentary to happen. When you initially connect the battery to the coil (transformer), current will begin to flow. This flow of current creates a magnetic field (flux) around the conductor (wire). As current flow in the conductor increases from zero to maximum, the flux density of the surrounding field will also increase. When the current reaches a steady state, the flux density is also at a steady state. It is the changing current that causes the changing flux, which in turn creates a voltage in nearby conductors. Once the current has reached its' steady state (stopped changing), flux stops changing nearby conductors are not affected. When the battery is disconnected, the same will occur as the current decreases to zero. In summary; If you connect an ammeter in series with your battery transformer, you would see an initial high current flow, which would quickly reduce to a lower steady state. If you put a voltmeter across the transformer, you would see an initial voltage spike until the current reaches steady state. Also, if you were to attach a voltmeter to the secondary winding of the transformer, you would see an initial voltage spike when you connected the battery to the primary. You would see the same thing happen when you disconnect the battery except the voltages will be reversed. Lenz's Law (a bit like Newtons 3rd law). The direction of an induced EMF is such that the resulting current flow will produce a magnetic field, which tends to oppose the original motion causing the induced EMF. This is how the ignition coil in older cars works. Cars do not use ACthey use DC.

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