Indoor Fire Hydrant

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Specification of Indoor Fire Hydrant


Product name

cast iron Indoor fire hydrant


cast iron or pig iron

Inlet interface

65 mm / 2.5 inch

Intake type

cylindrical pipe male thread

Intake Diameter

G2 1/2

Outlet type

cylindrical pipe male thread with duct buckle

Outlet Diameter:

65 mm / 2.5 inch

Rated working pressure

1.6 Mpa

Height of valve opening:

23 mm


Usage of High Indoor Fire Hydrant

We produce various cast iron fire hydrant and valves. We also can do OEM or ODM service according to your requirements. 

Cast iron fire hydrant is a connector to fire water supply with the valve interface,  used for factory, warehouse, highrise buildings, public buildings and ship . normally installed in fire hydrant box, with fire hoses and water gun or wait for equipment supporting the fire extinguishment.


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Packaging Details : plywood cases

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Q:What are the forms and scope of indoor fire hydrant systems?
The form and applicable range of indoor fire hydrant system:Indoor fire water supply systems include fire hydrant water supply system, automatic sprinkler system, water curtain and other types of fire protection systems.Fire hydrant water supply system: suitable for multi-storey, high-rise public buildings and high-rise civil buildings.
Q:What's a fire hydrant for?
Fire fighting and water supply for fire engines,Generally on these two purposes. Indoor fire hydrant is mainly used for fire extinguishing, outdoor fire hydrant water supply side is fire water and sanitation vehicles; fire hydrant fire special equipment, usually with the fire of other unrelated water shall not use a fire hydrant. In case of special circumstances, it must be used by the relevant water supply department, and no unit or individual may open the fire hydrant valve without permission.
Q:How do I get the fire hydrant button?
SECCO fire alarm button type HM-2This is online the signal equipment, such as the title, this type of equipment is commonly known as the alarm button at the hand, the device comes with a conventional telephone interface, the connection mode for 4 wire, 2 for signal line, telephone line 2.If the LZ determines your equipment for fire hydrant, 4 wire cutting, estimation is the old standard, directly from the pump line is not set, the device is also non encoding, a twisted pair is connected in series with universal input module, a twisted pair for 24V power line switch, in linkage state by input and output control module 24V light indicator.
Q:What's the size of the fire hydrant box?
Self installing single bolt self rescue box =1600*700*240; 4, concealed loading single bolt self rescue box =1600*700*160;
Q:Does fire water come from sprinkler or hydrant?
The source of fire blisters comes from fire hydrants.This is to prevent the pressure of the spray pump is insufficient, can not effectively extinguish the fire,
Q:How can the vertical fire hydrant be properly closed?
When water can no longer be squeezed, it produces a sharp surge of pressure. In this case, assuming that more than 50bar, the upper part of the hydrant continues to exhibit allowable operating pressure. As a result, the operation pressure is increased when the hydrant is operated. If the operator closes the fire hydrant with excessive force, the nut of the drive rod will be damaged, resulting in deformation or even damage to the taper fastener of the valve body. Normally, the damage of fire hydrants will not be noticed at first, but such damage will affect the use of the whole hydrant when the fire hydrant is used again.
Q:How to calculate the diameter and velocity of fire hydrant system?
Hydrants, officially called fire hydrants, are a type of fixed fire fighting facilities, which control fuel, insulate fire and eliminate fire. Indoor fire hydrant and outdoor hydrant. The fire fighting system includes outdoor fire hydrant system, indoor fire hydrant system, fire extinguisher system, and some automatic sprinkler system, water gun system, gas fire extinguishing system, fire detection system, water mist system and so on. Fire hydrant mainly for fire engines from the municipal water supply network or outdoor fire water network to implement fire fighting, can also be directly connected to the hose, water gun fire extinguishing. Therefore, indoor and outdoor fire hydrant system is also one of the important fire fighting facilities.
Q:Is the hand button the same as the hydrant button?
General fire hydrant button placed on the fire hydrant box, its surface is provided with a press piece, when the fire happens can directly press the red button to start the fire hydrant, the indicator light, through some external circuit connection can be realized to start the fire pump function.
Q:Can the fire hydrant box be installed under the window sill? The bottom of the sill is enough to be packed away
Except for the equipment layer without fuel, fire hydrant shall be installed in every building with indoor fire hydrant.The unit type, the fire hydrant should be the first floor of tower houses set in the staircase and the floor to rest on the platform, when 2 fire standpipe is difficult, with 1 fire standpipe, but must use double port dual valve type fire hydrant. The fire hydrant standpipe should be in the first layer on export site set up fast interface and check valves for fire water supply;
Q:What equipment are included in the fire hydrant box?
Look at the size of the box, and is embedded, or embedded in the closet or cabinet type. The former are usually equipped with fire hose, fire hose, fire reel, fire hydrant. (some fire guns and hoses are available in two sets). The latter is equipped with a fire extinguisher, usually equipped with two or three.
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