Impact crusher used on mining, metallurgy and cement plant

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The impact crusher is widely used in building material, chemical, coal mine and coke industry for coarse, intermediate and fine crushing of the brittle materials with less than intermediate hardness such as limestone, dolomite, shale, sandstone, coal, asbestos, graphite and rock salt etc, with the feature of big crushing ratios, high output, even graininess, simplified crushing flow, simple structure and convenient maintenance and use.


There are two types of single rotor and double rotor impact crusher as per different structure.


Since 1950s, our company has over 60 years experience in design and manufacturing of impact crusher. Meantime five specifications have the honor to win the national silver medal through many generations. The product was more popular by clients whatever domestic or overseas, it has many characteristic of advanced design, reliable performance, working stably and low energy consumption etc. Most production has been sell to world in 1960s. At present, our product is active demand in the international market.

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Q:What are the requirements of the temperature of the crusher when it is working normally?
Jaw crusher is mainly used as coarse crusher and medium crusher in mines, building materials, infrastructure and other departments. In accordance with the inlet width size is divided into large, medium and small three, the inlet width is greater than 600MM for large machine feeding port width in 300-600MM as midrange computers, the inlet width is less than 300MM for the minicomputer. Jaw crusher is simple in structure, easy in manufacture, reliable in operation and convenient in operation and maintenance. That is the vanguard, crushing production line as the saying goes, the train to run fast, thanks to the front belt, only the jaw crusher the head yield put up, crushing production line to increase production.
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Q:What's the difference between a crusher and a crusher?
Difference between crusher and crusher:First, the crusher is generally crushed, such as trees, straw, slag, computer files, metals and other aspects of life, the production of small materials. The crusher is a mineral processing equipment, generally crushing stones, diamonds and so on.Two. The price of the crusher is less than that of the crusher.Three, intuitively, the crusher is small, and the crusher is large.
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