[Ilogic] Best Wholesale 14.1 Inch Screen Replacement For Lg Laptop LCD Screens Lp141Wx3(Tl)(N1)

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best wholesale 14.1 inch screen replacement for LG laptop lcd screens LP141WX3(TL)(N1)


MODEL   LP141WX3(TL)(N1) for LG
Size 14.1 inch
Productor for LG
Resolution 1280x800
Display scale 16:10
Response 16(Tr+Td) ms
Luminance 200 nits
Contrast Ratio 300:01:00
Color 262K
Interface LVDS
Drive-screen voltage 3.3
Pixel Pitch 0.0791x0.2373 mm
Active Area 303.74x189.84 mm
Outline 319.5x205.5x5.5 mm 
Weight 400 g
Viewing Angle 40/40/15/35 
Backlight CCFL
Operation Temperature0 °C ~ 50 °C
Operation Humidity 10% ~ 90%
Storage Temperature -20 °C ~ 60°C
Storage Humidity 10% ~ 90%
Applications  Notebook 




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Q:Help attaching LCD monitor to a laptop please?
Make sure the cable is secure on both the notebook and LCD ends. Try a different VGA cable if you can't get a solid connection between the two. You may want to check your display settings and crank up the resolution on the external monitor as well. I'm sure a 24 LCD can do some good stuff but the graphics adapter in the notebook may not handle it.
Q:can a lcd monitor cause nero to burn slower?
I see no connection (pun intented, haha) I don't think a new monitor has anything to do. Probably you have to update your monitor's controllers so windows recognizes it correctly. Did you new monitor have an installation disk? I suppose you did install it, didn't you? Greetings
Q:My LCD monitor isn't working?
sometimes you can unplug the lcd monitor for awhile, plug it back in and try again - might help. this has happened to me too - and chances are that the video drivers need to be reinstalled - i use an old video card to do this because your current video card will not get a display at all - I don't know how to help you unless you have an old video card to use. A computer shop could reinstall the drivers pretty cheaply.
Q:LCD monitor, red fuzz where it should be black?
When monitors start to lose its color and turn to some tint/fuzzy it means it starting to go bad. But there things you can try like checking the connection to the computer to see if it loose or shorting which also cause the same problem, jiggle the connection to see if it change. Also you can do a test on other monitor to check if it has the same problem, and to make sure you don't have a bad video card.
Q:How do you see the quality of LCD?
The parameter is not good, there is a written, yourself, see yourself or to be able to choose good LCD
Q:How to connect ps3 and pc to same lcd monitor?
That BenQ monitor you have will NOT work with the PS3. At least not directly. It is NOT HDCP-compliant-- It only has an analog VGA input. The PS3 has NO native VGA support. If you want to connect the PS3 to a VGA-only monitor, it requires either a signal converter box or an active adapter. The one active adapter cable available on the market that has a chip to convert the PS3's analog Component signal to VGA gives very poor video quality. You want to use an LCD monitor with the PS3 without crippling loss in video quality, buy a monitor with an HDMI input.
Q:What is the difference between an lcd touch screen monitor and an lcd monitor?
Standard LCD monitors are just that, a Liquid Crystal Display and a backlight. Touchscreen monitors take a standard LCD monitor and add another screen or clear layer to the front of it. There are several different technologies being used today in touchscreen displays, but most of them usually send an electronic current through the screen and when something touches it, the current or voltage changes. This change helps the screen determine where it was being touched at. ***It is not necessary to have a mouse if you have a touchscreen monitor, but there are some programs that would be easier if you did have a mouse. Also, you might would need a mouse to set up the software for the touchscreen monitor when you first try to use it.
Q:Why do old crt monitors have better picture quality than lcds?
It really depends on your LCD monitor, there are cheaper models with less mature technology, whereas CRTs have been around a long time and hence it's cheap to produce good models, and they don't (afaik) make them anymore. Try look at high-end IPS monitors, which do have much better colour reproduction, viewing angles and then the price :P. People moved to LCD, not because of image quality, but for energy-efficiency and how light it is.
Q:LCD and LED monitors?
A LED monitor is just an LCD monitor that uses a LED backlight instead of a fluorescent one. This helps alleviate the problem of poor color fidelity that LCD's suffer from, but does little to help poor black levels, response time, and viewing angles. Hope it helps ! :-)
Q:In Floor LCD Monitor?
There should be no issues as long as you have them sealed away from spilled drinks and a little ventilation. You will need more ventilation on the back of the monitor than on the front.

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