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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

  • Model Number: BCC 120MM2

  • Type: High Voltage

  • Application: Power Station

  • Conductor Material: Copper



Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:wooden drum packing
Delivery Detail:7 days








For use on insulators for overhead distribution or for ground conductors



 Soft or annealed, bare or tin coated, solid or concentric stranded copper conductor.





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Q:wiring receptacle in bedroom?
A 15 Amp receptacle will work, of course, but the receptacle box is most likely already overfilled. So in order to keep the wire count down, your best way to go is to buy a receptacle that uses screw down connector tabs. (NOT the kind that you have to put the wire under the screw, but the kind that you insert the wire into the back and then turn the screw down to clamp onto it!) The receptacle is a little more money but it would be worth the expense to make this hook up work. Hot wire (Black): Connect all three black wires to the back of the receptacle on the brass colored screws. Common wire (White): Connect all three white wires to the back of the receptacle on the silver colored screw. Ground: make a short pigtail of bare copper wire (about 6 or 7 inches long). Then connect the pigtail to the other 3 bare copper ground wires using a wire nut. Then connect the other end of the pigtail to the grounding connection of the receptacle. MAKE SURE THE POWER IS OFF WHEN YOU DO ALL OF THIS SO THAT YOU CAN LIVE TO TELL THE TALE! :-)
Q:i have two 8 gauge wires...?
Two 8-gauge wires combined are equal to a 5-gauge wire, but that should be close enough for that amp. Make sure each wire has its own fuse near the battery; 40-amp fuses would be a good choice. If you capacitor is connected to ground, and your amp is grounded, then you don't really need a wire between the capacitor's ground terminal and the amp's ground terminal. It doesn't hurt anything, though. If the only ground wire at the amp is the one that runs to the capacitor, then you're better off connecting the amp ground directly to chassis metal.
Q:1994 Firebird Window switch wiring?
Check out the link below. This is actually for the replacement of the window motor for the 4th gen. f-bodies. But, it does show picz of the switch and the wires leadin to the switch. Good luck!
Q:Razer Naga Epic mouse wire question.?
Dual Mode Wired/Wireless Functionality The Razer Mamba's dual mode wired/wireless functionality allows you to switch between the wireless freedom and the frenzy of wired play, with zero downtime for charging. By connecting the Razer Mamba via its USB cable, it converts into a wired mouse - the gamer is then freed from battery life concerns as the battery is also charged while in wired mode.
Q:questions about wiring a light switch?
Why do you have a clean change with 4 terminals? It seems such as you have a three/way change w/floor rather of a single pole change? verify THIS 4 TERMINAL change until now YOU proceed. A single pole change would desire to have 3 terminals. Line, load and floor. you're saying the change container has only 2 wires. it quite is all you would be able to desire to connect a single pole change working a easy from one region in older installations. interior the change container - the white one is warm to the change and is a runner, (criminal). The black is the load cord lower back to the ceiling easy. Sounds as though the independent is already interior the ceiling junction container ,(2 white wires taped jointly and linked to the lamp). the two black wires are warm and taped jointly to the white to the change. would desire to be waiting to connect the white and black, interior the change container,to the recent change. because there is not any floor on the change - the floor terminal heavily isn't used. Disconnect the breaker or fuse for this circuit until now attempting to connect this change!
Q:what is the difference between a phone wire and a lan wire?
Yes the difference is that network cable (cat 5) supports 100mbs data transfer and has a range of 100 meters. Network cable is also shielded against R/F interference and uses a connector similar to a phone connector (RJ45) but is bigger. Phone cable is smaller in diameter and in most cases is not shielded it uses a (RJ11) connector. It may be possible to use the phone lines to connect your network but you would have to know how to terminate the ends of the cable. This takes a special tool and also the ability to do it. Its not that easy to do, Its easy if you have some one show you. I've been doing this for years, my advice would be to use network cable, do it right. wireless is the easy way to do it.
Q:Amp Wiring?
Okay, well the higher the watts the amp pulls the large cable you will need. My system pulls 500 watts (RMS) (1000 peak) and when i had it installed they ran 4 gauge wire from the battery to the amp, then used a separation block (4 gauge input and four 8 gauge outputs) to knock down the 4 gauge to 8 so it could connect to the amp. Usually the gauge wire that is the input size for the amp would be the wire you would want to run from the battery to the amp, unless you are running multiple amps. basically larger the amp=larger the wire needed hope this helps
Q:copper insulated wire?
You can buy it at the suggested locations. Insulated wires come in many types for various uses. Be sure the person you buy it from knows the use for which you are buying it. For instance, wire or cable for underground use is far different from house wiring.
Q:What / Where are spark plugs and wires?
The proper name for spark plug wires is: Ignition Wires. You're right, they are the leads that run from the distributor or ignition coil pack to the spark plugs. Some newer cars don't have ignition wires as such. A timed low voltage signal runs from small electrical wires directly to individual ignition coils which snap directly onto the spark plugs. Newer Toyota's are arranged like this.
Q:Calculating thickness of wire?
The resistivity of copper is ρ_Cu = 1.72 x 10^(-8) ohm - meters, whereas that of aluminum is ρ_Al = 2.82 x 10^(-8) ohm-meters [1]. Assuming that the wire runs are the same length L, the resistance in the aluminum wire will be R_Al = ρ_Al * L/A_Al, where A_Al is the cross-sectional area of the aluminum wire. The resistance in the copper wire will be R_Cu = ρ_Cu * L/A_Cu. If we want the same resistance in both wires, we require R_Cu = R_Al: ρ_Cu * L / A_Cu = ρ_Al * L / A_Al A_Al / A_Cu = ρ_Al / ρ_Cu. Since the resistivity ρ_Al of aluminum is higher, the aluminum wire must have a larger cross sectional area to yield the same resistance. To make this precise, suppose the wires are cylindrical. Then the cross sectional area is π(R_Al)² for the aluminum wire and π(ρ_Cu)² for the copper wire: π(R_Al)²/π(ρ_Cu)² = ρ_Al / ρ_Cu R_Al/R_Cu = √(ρ_Al / ρ_Cu) = √(2.82/1.72) = 1.28 The aluminum wire must be 28% thicker than the copper wire in order to provide the same resistance.

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