Ib-H8002 Universal Clip 180 Degree Fisheye Lens For Iphone

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Product Description:

IB-H8002 Universal Clip 180 Degree Fisheye Lens For iphone


Descriptions:  Lens For iPhone

 With its hemispherical shape, similar to the eye of a fish, the fisheye lens captures a wide, panoramic view — an approximately 180-degree field of view. This ultra wide lens is designed for shooting very wide angles and is especially useful for photographing extremely wide panoramas of landscapes and the sky, and for close-up subjects in crowds, interiors, and architectural settings.


Features:     Lens For iPhone

1) Universal Fisheye Photo Lens

2) Blue coating,Optical glass

3) 180 Degree fisheye lens

4) For mobile phones  & Tablets

5) Attach and remove in seconds



 Package Includes:    Lens For iPhone

 Fisheye Lens   1x

 Lens Cap          1x

 Pouch               1x



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Q:How to clean the camera lens dust
First of all to be protected. Immediately cover the camera with the camera cover, do not use the camera in dusty occasions, try to use the camera bag, buy camera dust cover, etc. Camera lens has been dusted when the first use of air blown away on the lens blowing dust.
Q:What camera and lens are suitable for humanistic photography?
  Corresponding to the above, have the following considerations: First, do not consider too much aperture, so that can be light weight, small size; Second, the equivalent focal length is best not less than 35mm below; Finally, the equivalent focal length not more than 60mm and so on.
Q:Nikon camera lens focal length
Introduction to the physical concept of focal length If you read the camera in the English specifications "f =", then the back of the digital is usually its focal length, that is, the length of the focal length. Such as: "f = 8-24mm, 38-115mm (35mm equivalent)", refers to the length of the camera's focal length of 8-24mm, while the diagonal angle of the equivalent of the traditional 35mm camera 38-115mm The In general, 35mm camera lens lens length is about 28-70mm, so if the focal length is higher than 70mm on behalf of the support for telephoto effect, if less than 28mm said there is wide-angle shooting ability. "Focus range" is the extension of the focal length, usually divided into the general shooting distance and close distance, the camera's general shooting distance are usually marked as "from a centimeter to infinity", and near-stage design of the product is often also Will provide close-up shooting function (macro), to make up for the general shooting mode can not focus on the problem.
Q:What is the difference between the optical zoom of the SLR camera and the optical zoom of the card machine?
First, the card's optical zoom is less than SLR, because the card's lens crucified, SLR machine can be selected according to the lens to achieve the desired artistic effect.
Q:10 years ago SLR camera lens
This, you must first confirm whether this lens can be used in today's camera. Such as Nikon, most can be universal; Canon is not good to say; if it is the German lens, that body to death ah ... ... what brand you and what brand? On the back of the problem, the optical point of view, mainly film is certainly not as good as the current lens, but the lens structure, mechanical structure these are not necessarily behind. If the year to sell more upscale, now use, in most conditions can still have a good effect. From the electronic point of view, there must be no autofocus function like friends, but fortunately your father since 10 years ago will use the camera, presumably this is not troubled. As for whether to buy a new lens, you can use to read again Well.
Q:Camera lens can not open how to do?
Camera This part of the transmission are plastic gear, you long-term unused, part of the rotating parts is not flexible, or stuck, the motor does not move, the camera since the protection (so shut down). In fact, the problem is not big, but you may not get.
Q:Digital camera lens with the sensor type which important point, what is better
This question is very professional. Digital photography and industrial photography is different, but I see the classification is "Baidu know" education / science> science and engineering> engineering science ", so you must ask the industrial camera / camera, CCD / CMOS there are industrial lenses, In contrast, that is more important to the imaging effect. At present, I think it is the type of sensor, because most applications of industrial cameras do not need particularly high pixels, many with millions of pixel-level CCTV lens. In contrast, or CCD / CMOS performance, as well as RAW picture decoding effect is more important.
Q:SLR camera lens focal length how much to how good
Such a large zoom, it is prone to lens distortion, if forced to control within the acceptable range, will cause the lens weight increases, and the price is expensive, even so, than the same level of small zoom lens in the same focal length performance.
Q:Camera lens fell down to the camera on the demolition of how to do?
Need to be sent to a special repair shop repair. May be the lens of the bayonet to be destroyed.
Q:Camera and camera lens, in the south of the wet environment, the specific how to do moisture-proof mold?
3. The general sealed type of moisture-proof box is made of high strength plastic (also has glue), the mouth is equipped with a rubber seal, the top of the pressure regulating valve can be solved because the negative pressure box cover can not open the situation. Internal moisture absorption device (moisture absorption card), and can be heated by charging to restore the dry state, repeated use. Most of the box is also equipped with a hygrometer.

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