Hydroponic LED Grow Light

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Product Description:

Detailed Product Description of Hydroponic 540w( 180 * 3w) LED Grow Light For Greenhouse Vegetables & Flowers & Fruits


1.Newest design, easy for replacement

2.beam angle :30,60,90,120

3.double lens

4.customized ratio

Features of 4G LED Grow Light


1. Perfect cooling system (heat sink & cooling fans), solve the heat dissipation excellently


2. Using advanced isolated power driver, UL standard safe voltage output which is 45V DC very safe to human


3. 4G LED Grow Light selects new 3 watt chip  leds as light source, ensuring the superior high quality and long lifspan.


4. with double on-offer swithes


5.  With optical lens, Lens are of super light penetration, very efficient.


6. Right  for all phases of plant growth, and works well with any indoor garden,  hydroponics or soil based.


7. Inetelligent monitor system, ensure the whole equipment in a good working condition and automatically alarming for break down. 


8. Any plugs are available


9. Delicate packaging, fast shipping and good after-sale services.



Parameter OF Hydroponic 540w( 180 * 3w) LED Grow Light For Greenhouse Vegetables & Flowers & Fruits













 Red Blue Orange UV IR and customized




R:B=2:1 or Customize


Input Voltage


AC 85-264V


Output Voltage 




Lux (center)




Luminous Flux




Working Environment


45%-90%RH, -20 to 40°C


Working Frequency




Lens Angle


30/60/120 Angle Available


Edge illumination












Life Span


≥50,000 hours 


Net Weight


7.35 kg/pc



Applications OF Hydroponic 540w( 180 * 3w) LED Grow Light For Greenhouse Vegetables & Flowers & Fruits


1. The led grow lights can be used to promote the growth of various plants, vegetables, flowers etc.


2. The lights can be used in greenhouses, estates, gardens, etc.





1: We supply 3 years warranty for the 180w led grow light , not including the damage caused on purpose.


2: Please indoor use only.


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Q:Pole 25 meters high, 100 meters in diameter required W
Single disc high pressure sodium lamp 12*400 watts or LED12*200 watts can
Q:How about the high pole lighting radius 40m
The rod body is generally cylindrical single structure, steel plate rolled, height of 25-40 meters to 25 meters above the new lighting device of steel column type lamp and high power combined lamp frame. It is composed of a lamp holder, lamp, electric rod and base parts. Head shape according to user and the surrounding environment, and specific lighting needs; inside the lamp by the light and light source, generally uses the high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp. Lighting, radius of 60 meters. The rod body is generally cylindrical single structure, steel plate rolled, the height is 15-40 meters.
Q:How much illumination can the 200 Watt LED projector reach 30 meters?
Generally speaking, LED light projection angle 120~180 degrees, 200W LED lamp in the 30 meters position, the projection area in the ground should be about more than 100 square meters, the higher the lumen of the light, the more bright the ground. Perhaps this involves some calculations and the specifications of the lamp itself.
Q:35m lamp (18 light 2) to put much LED light? To meet the diameter of 200M
The white light projection lamp 1000W is suitable for being installed in the football field, the leisure square, etc., and the advantage of the white light is that the distortion is not yellow, but the illumination range is wide and the transmittance is good. And the LED lights, light efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, expensive, high-power LED lights installed, heat dissipation technology can not pass, in such a high place is still not appropriate. I hope it works for you. Shengda street lamp dedication.
Q:To achieve the following functions of LED lights, what knowledge do you need to use?
The power of the driving power is left with the proper allowance and the hard quality is required.
Q:18 150W LED cast light lamps installed in the 25 meter high pole lamp is bright enough, how can be irradiated
25 meters high enough to light lamp, lamp light angle smaller, the irradiation range depends on the quality of lighting and light emitting angle. Recommend the upcoming special production of high-power LED lamp handing LED
Q:What is in the lamppost of the LED street light?
The cross flow source acting on the current steady light effect reached stable effect and pressure welcome to Yangzhou Henghui lighting equipment Co., Ltd. cooperation the company specializing in the production of LED street lamp solar street traffic signal lamp and high power LED
Q:What's on the lamppost of the LED street light? What is the function?
LED street lamp has the characteristics of environmental protection, pollution-free, less power consumption, high light efficiency, long life and so on. Therefore, LED street lamp will be the best choice for energy saving reconstruction.
Q:LED lamp configuration with traditional lamp compared advantage?
There is not a kind of ah, LED energy saving, environmental protection, small decline. Good but generally high pole lamp lumens, with lamp and light, do you want to compare LED and sodium lamp? LED has a relatively long life, about two times that of sodium lamps
Q:Why high pole lamp control switch to the specified time to advance light
Should be the time control switch failure, it is recommended to ask manufacturers to deal with.
The company take "the quality first, integrity-based, quality win" for the purpose, adhere to the "customer first" principle to provide our customers the best quality service. Welcome general merchants to come to consult!

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