Hydraulic Telescopic Articulated crane 5ton mounted with FOTON Chassis 4x2

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1 unit
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20 unit/month

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Product Description:

Quick Details

·         Feature: Truck Crane

·         Condition: New

·         Application: Oil, steel, exploration, chemical, power, water supply, metering......

·         Rated Loading Capacity: 3990 kg

·         Rated Lifting Moment: 12.5 T.m

·         Max. Lifting Load: 5000 kg

·         Max. Lifting Height: 11 m

·         Span: 5 m

·         Place of Origin: Jiangxi, China (Mainland)

·         Model Number: BJ5122V4PBB-A1

·         Certification: CCC & TX

·         Warranty: ONE YEAR

·         color: Red,Yellow,White,Blue

·         boom length: 8.5 m

·         slewing angle: 360 ratotion

·         chassis: Foton

·         Material: Advance from home and abroad

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

package by pallet and wooden box. 6 units of crane only of truck mounted crane/cargo crane/truck loader crane/stick crane 5ton, into one 20'gp container

Delivery Detail:

5-15 days per one set of stick crane/cargo crane/loader crane


Foton truck mounted crane 5ton
1.Original Foton truck
2.Crane 5ton
3.Straight boom 3 section

Hydraulic Telescopic Articulated crane 5ton mounted with FOTON Chassis 4x2

Product Feature:

Self-loading, self-transportation and self-dump.

Advanced raw material from home and abroad.

Adopting new technology and skill from Japan, Korean,and European etc.

More than 15 years design & manufacture experience, to satisfy different adjustment 

Small size, reliable operation, high efficiency, low operating costs, good economic benefits.

Technical Parameter:


Vehicle Brand


Vehicle Name

Truck Mounted Crane

Vehicle Model




Beiqi Foton Motor Co.,Ltd

Engine Model




Kunming Yunnei Motor Co.,Ltd





Overall Size(Mm)




Total Mass(Kg)


Cab Passenger


Curb Weight(Kg)


Rated Load(Kg)








Axle Base(Mm)


Axle Load


Axle No.


Spring No.


Tire No.


Tire Model


Front Wheel Base


Real Wheel Base


Steering Mode

Steering Wheel

Max.Travel Speed


Crane specification

Max Lifting capacity(Kg)


Max Lifting Moment(T.M)


Max Lifting Height(M)


Max.Working Radius(M)


Max oil flow of Hydraulic system(L/Min)


Max pressure of Hydraulic system(Mpa)


Oil Tank Capacity(L)


Outrigger Span(M)


Crane weight(Kg)


Installation space(mm)


Derricking Scope(°)


Number of Booms


Rotation Angle

360º continuity



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