Hydraulic Safety Valves with API 6A Standard

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Product Description:

1. Structure of Hydraulic Safety Valves Description

The Hydraulic safety valves is a kind of hydraulic valves to be installed on the wellhead main pass or production pass, whose function is when there is leakage or other abnormal condition happened of wellhead, it can close the well by releasing the oil cylinder pressure to shut the valve.

2. Main Features of Hydraulic Safety Valves

1) API standard

2) High quality and fast delivery

3) Best price and service

3. Hydraulic Safety Valves Images

Hydraulic Safety Valves with API 6A Standard

Hydraulic Safety Valves with API 6A Standard

Hydraulic Safety Valves with API 6A Standard

4. Hydraulic Safety Valves Specification

Nominal Diameter]2-1/16"4-1/16"
Nominal Pressure 2,000Psi15,000Psi
Material classAAHH
PSL classPSL14
PR classPR 2
MediumPetroleum oil, natural gas, water, mud
End connectionAPI standard connection

5. FAQ of Hydraulic Safety Valves

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Q:How do fix a stuck valve?
Engine is probably gooped up with old cruddy oil and lifters are blocked. Best solution is to go to a Mercury boat store and buy a can of Power Tune nad install contents into crankcase. Drive normally for 100 miles, and do an oil change. The chemicals in the 'Power Tune should dissolve the offending oil clots and restore the patient to good health. When the engine is clean inside, begin using synthetic oil like Mobil On or ELF oil and never deviate. Good Luck!!!
Q:Whatever happened to sleeve valve engines?
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Q:valve gasket nissan altima?
It wont hurt to drive the car. I would replace the valve cover gasket. I would get a complete gasket set with valve cover,half moons if they are separate, and spark plug tube gaskets. If the spark plug wires are soaked with oil and feel soft i would replace them also.
Q:Multi Valve advantages?
Think of an engine as an air pump - obviously, we want the least amount of restriction for the incoming air and also the least amount for exhausting the compressed air. The ideal situation would be to remove the head during the intake stroke and put it back on during the compression stroke, but, obviously, this isn't possible. On a naturally aspirated engine, the intake is the most critical because the air is moved only by a relatively small difference in pressures. The exhaust stroke, on the other hand, is aided greatly by the super heated temperature and rapid expansion of the gasses. Two intake and one exhaust valve seems to be the most practical and efficient solution - adding more vales means smaller valves and an increase in the overall complexity. I seriously doubt that Maserati ever abandoned ANY automotive idea due to cost restraints. It's far more likely that adding more valves than three or four simply resulted in diminishing returns. Sometimes the allure of a new buzz phrase is nothing more than a marketing ploy - a 16 valve, DOHC, four cylinder engine, for example, is a pretty impressive resume for an engine, regardless of whether it actually is the optimum performance set up or not.
Q:how do i gap valves on a 3406B motor. ?
try using this link here to help you out. Dont know if you have engine brake or not. but u should be able to still adjust the valves correctly if you follow along with the process.
Q:Need help finding a specific valve...?
The leading maker of solenoid valves is ASCO. Their website is shown below. If a valve that fits your application exists they probably make one. If you can't find a suitable solenoid then you need to consider a pneumatic valve operated by a solenoid valve. That is a common solution for a problem like yours. As to the male connections. If they are not available then you can just use a pair of threaded fittings (pipe nipples) to change the configuration.
Q:Mitral Valve Replacement Surgery?...?
Haven't had it done before but: It's a pretty involved procedure. Patient is put under general anesthesia and is usually on the cardiopulmonary bypass machine (heart-lung machine) since you can't really replace a heart valve if the heart is beating. mortality for full valve replacement according to wiki is 6-8 percent, prob less than 5% for young healthy patients. Recently, many people have been doing the procedure laparoscopically. Patients are put into the surgical ICU for typically 1-2 days after the surgery. You can be discharged about a week after. Obviously there's risks, this is a very involved and definitely not a simple procedure. However, the cardiothoracic surgeons do these procedures every day for their entire lives-they're very skilled and qualified. good luck!
Q:What are valves in a car?
the more valves, the more complicated the engine, but yes, more power. a regular 4cyl engine has 8 valves, or 8V. 1 intake valve, 1 exhaust valve. (4x2=8) in a 16v engine, it can be 2 intake valves, 2 exhaust valves 4x(2x2)=16 there are engines with up to 32 valves, those are usually in the 8cyl engines. as a valve opens, it allows air into the combustion chamber, after the burn, the exhaust valve opens to let the burnt fuel out and thru the tailpipe. the faster the air can excape, the faster new air can enter. so more valves, more power. problem is, if they bend or break, very expensive to repair.
Q:valve adjustment?
The running method is a good way to set the valves but you can set them with the engine not running to turn the motor to top dead center the rockers that have got the valves closed you loosen the rocker and spin the push rod kept spinning the push rod and tighten the rocker till you fell a slight resistance on the push rod or it do's not spin freely turn motor over 180 and do the rest this is setting every thing at 0 lash and you will not blow oil all over your engine bay they do make rocker oil stoppers but not had any luck with them. a lot of time ween you set the valves with the motor running and if not done it before you will set them to tight but ether method is a good one. good luck
Q:Leaky Aortic Valve???
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