Hydraulic Rexroth Throttle Valve Yuken Pressure Hydraulic Relief Valve

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1000 unit/month

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High Pressure





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Medium Temperature



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China (Mainland)

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Black or customer made





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Check valve

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Packaging Detail:1 Plastic 2 Small carton 3 Large Carton 4 Wooden case
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Hydraulic Rexroth Throttle Valve Yuken Pressure Hydraulic Relief Valve
1 High quality
2 Good service
3 Rexroth type Vickers


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Q:i need help identifying a broken valve in a van?
Cylinder compression test will tell you if you have a broken valve. Thats the best way. The valve might not be broken, it could just be a poor seal.
Q:Water Heater Relief Valve keeps opening.?
sounds like you may have a bad high limit/thermostat. replace it and it should fix your problem. the valve keeps popping off because of the pressure build up from the bea high limit
Q:how to calibrate a pneumatic control valve?
Artspremo okorder.com )
Q:1995 Intrepid keeps burning EGR Valves?
are you sure its the egr valves going bad or not the egr solenoids causing you to get the code,that will make it appear that an egr has gone bad when it really hasn't,good luck.
Q:how to calibrate a digital control valve in offline having foundation fieldbus ?
* okorder.com moreinfo
Q:Gas safety valve does not work for thick slurries?
Not sure but I would check for corrosion inside the valves. I assume the valves are positioned so that they are not exposed directly to the slurry. If possible, empty the system and test with compressed air to see if the release at the correct pressure. It is very important that this type of safety device work correctly. Also suggest contacting the mnfr. You get what you pay for so I recommend that you do NOT skimp on investment in safety equipment, consider the cost if the safety equipment fails to do what it is intended to do. Killing employees is not very popular with surviving employees and it costs a LOT of money.
Q:Where does the blow off valve blow out the air to?
Depends on the type of blow off valve. Some vent to atmosphere(just blow it out into open air) others recirculate(blow the air back into the intake farther upstream). Which one it does depends mainly on where the blow off valve is located in the system. If the car has a MAF(mass air flow) sensor and the blow off valve is located after that sensor then it has to be recirculated, because the sensor has already registered that air and if it vents to atmosphere then the engine will run rich because the ECM will be putting too much fuel into the engine.
Q:What is a purge valve in cars?
i would guess on avg 100K miles. But hey, my girlfriend has a 2006 altima and the starter went bust. My 98 acura still has it's original starter (honda uses great oem parts). things go depending on driving conditions and what we in the auto parts stores call flukes. Like a 2007 pontiac that needs a new ignition coil. That's why aftermarket companies continue to make parts for cars. no one wants to go to the dealer.
Q:Idle air control valve cleaned?
There should be a VECI map under your hood that shows you where this valve is located. In a pinch, find a Haynes manual or a Robert Bentley manual that has pictures in it. If you can find the valve, you can clean it yourself with a can of spray Gum-out. While you're at it, clean the throttle body and PCV valve, too. Hopefully, you have had the good sense to have used only genuine Toyota coolant in this car, since Toyota heads require a special coolant formulation to prevent aluminum deterioration. More older Japanese engines are ruined with improper coolant than I can write about here. Sensor damage is caused as well! You might take your car to the Toyota dealer and ask them to clean out the valve for you. Since this is only a 2 minute job, they just might do it for free. If they do, at least offer to tip the technician under the table. Be sure to power wash your entire engine bay before you take the car in. They will LOVE you for this!!!
Q:Shower head Mixing Valve?
The mixing valve is in the handle that turns the water on. You don't need to take down the wall to get at it. The handle come off including any cover plate and the valve is right behind it. Be careful not drop/lose any screws or washers. They are small. The home center sells replacements for certain brands so get that information.

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