Hydraulic Rexroth Throttle Valve Yuken Pressure Hydraulic Relief Valve

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1000 unit/month

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High Pressure





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Medium Temperature



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China (Mainland)

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Black or customer made





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Check valve

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Packaging Detail:1 Plastic 2 Small carton 3 Large Carton 4 Wooden case
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Hydraulic Rexroth Throttle Valve Yuken Pressure Hydraulic Relief Valve
1 High quality
2 Good service
3 Rexroth type Vickers


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Q:control valve selection?
control valve is an uni-directional (non-return) valve, some of the factors to be aware of before selecting it....identify application character, select the valve size, select the valve end connection, piping layout and valve orientation , maintenance requirement , actuation requirement , initial cost ..etc..
Q:Is valve standard of API and ISO same?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Is valve standard of API and ISO same? what's the differences of American standard valve standard and Europe valve standard. Like API598 and ISO5208 , EN12266 valve inspection standard, or API600 valve design manufacture standard,and EN598,
Sounds like you have a valve that is not opening up fully. Is the noise coming from within the valve box or from the plumbing inside the house? I am assuming that it is coming from the valve box itself. If the valve is not opeing fully at that 4th station, the low volume of water flowing through the opening is causing a humming sound. And, with a low volume of water entering the lateral lines, your last station heads will not popup all the way, or may not popup at all. Check to make sure that you have no soft, wet, mushy areas on the turf in the last station area that would indicate a lateral line breakage or leek. If you do not see this occuring, you more than likely need to change out the valve and replace it with a new one for that particular system... Hope this answers your question. ...Billy Ray
Q:What are valve ticks?... Honda fourtrax.?
You certain its a valve noise and no longer an exhaust leak up near the head? They can sound very equivalent. If it's a valve noise the very first thing to check for is oil stress. Due to the fact you say it can be good maintained I have to expect you have changed your oil AND filter at the recommended intervals. Let me recognize, i know probably the most prior shadows had a unconventional hydraulic valve procedure where you had to force oil right into a chamber for the lifters. In case you misplaced that oil the lifters do not operate accurately.
Q:do i need a pressure reducing valve?
My okorder.com/
Q:Can any one tell me how can i make a one way valve at home?
We need to know what exactly the work/purpose your 'one way valve' has to perform. You have given overall description that got you fairly good answers here. But if you really want to solve a problem by yourself (instead of going to any plumber) then you have to understand that the one way valve used for garden drainage system is different than the swimming pool drainage system and numerous other household applications one can think of where 'one way valve that would allow water or other fluid one way but if there is too much pressure on the opposite side the valve will close and stop water from flowing backward'. Let me assume that you are in a place where neither plumber nor the hardware shop is readily available. In that event you may consider placing one ‘flap-valve' on top of the outlet pipe. The valve is simple metallic piece may be from tin, iron, plastic etc., that can withstand the force applied by water/liquid on it. The flap-valve would have to be hinged hanging from top part of the drain/pipe in a way that it can move away with the pressure of the inside tank or reservoir and then would shut-off when reverse flow (RF) would occur, by the force created by the RF. If you have seen any Tube Well or DWT Pump then you may notice that these are also having a RF (Check Valve) mounted either at the bottom of the sunk-pipe or somewhere in-between. This help in having the flow of ground water upward only and any reverse flow back to the ground is automatically restricted as the 'flap' would fall onto the pipe orifice due to gravitational weight as well as weight of water column on top of it. Hope this would help learn the basics.
Q:Installing new kitchen faucet/shut off valves?
Double Shut Off Valve Dishwasher
Q:Heart Valve question - stenosis and regurgitation?
stenosis okorder.com/
Q:Motorized Valve for Gravity Fed Drip Irrigation?
should not be any issue finding on your plumbing features. do only not forget approximately to deactivate and cap the line coming from the front. it is basic to apply that line with the two between the valves finding on the place you chop back and cap it.
Q:Toyota Automatic transmission Valve body?

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