hydraulic ram for excavator heavy duty machinery

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2.Seal:Merkel or Parker
3.Working pressure:16-25Mpa.
4.10 years of experienc

CMAX series engineering hydraulic Cylinder

(1)working pressure:16MPa

(2)Piston diameter: 40-250mm

(3)Seals:Merkel or Parker

(4)Sensor: MTS or Balluff

cylinder diamete r      (mm)
piston rod diameter (mm)max stroke (mm)

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Q:What kind of material is the hydraulic cylinder of loader?
There are two kinds of damage to the cylinder liner: the abrasion of the cylinder mirror and the corrosion on the outer wall of the cylinder liner. First, the cylinder mirror wear in the following situations: normal wear, abrasive wear, melting wear and corrosion, wear and so on. 1, normal wear, piston ring and cylinder mirror friction caused by, also known as friction and wear. The maximum wear position of the cylinder mirror surface is the position of the piston near the first ring at the top dead point, which often forms an obvious step. Because of this position, the maximum pressure of the cylinder piston ring on the mirror, the upper end of the cylinder with high temperature, abrasion resistance of metals decreased, at the same time, the piston at TDC speed is zero, the oil film is not easy to form, so the lower part of the cylinder wear mirror also larger. Abrasive wear is caused by heavy dust or carbon deposits in the air. Dust is sucked from the upper part, and the carbon deposits are formed in the upper part, so the upper part of the cylinder mirror is relatively worn. When the engine oil is thrown from bottom to top, the hard particles are affected by gravity, so the lower part of the cylinder is more worn. Abrasive wear is characterized by parallel, rectilinear strains of pulling from the cylinder mirror along the direction of the piston.
Q:The difference between cylinder and hydraulic cylinder
The pressure of the cylinder is less than that of the hydraulic cylinder under pressure,In the material, the cylinder material is generally aluminum (also steel), hydraulic cylinders are used in steel materials (so the same size, hydraulic cylinder heavier than the cylinder)
Q:Hydraulic and pneumatic transmission,
In hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, only the gas tank and accumulator belong to the pressure vessel and require qualification. The remaining electromagnetic valves, cylinders and cylinders do not belong to the pressure vessel
Q:Hydraulic oil? Refrigerant? Brake night? What are they? What's the function of it?
Cooling liquid is used for automobile engine cooling, winter antifreeze, corrosion protection, waterproof scaleLubricating fluid is oil and gear oil, such as ease the friction between the piston and the cylinder wall in the engine
Q:Kobelco 330 6e excavator hydraulic pump overhaul after the car is going to hold
The engine has to be overhauled with strict standards. The following are the important "indicators" for the engine to be overhauled. The signs are that the surface engines will be overhauled.1. cylinder pressure difference: cylinder compression pressure should be consistent with the original design requirements for tachometer, cylinder pressure gauge inspection does not meet the requirements for the unqualified cylinder pressure difference per cylinder pressure and cylinder average pressure difference less than 8% with tachometer, cylinder pressure gauge or engine analyzer to measure (does not meet the standards of the Elantra engine the cylinder pressure difference required for unqualified). When the engine cylinder pressure is lower than its Wyatt standard value will have a serious black smoke.2. idle fluctuation: engine idle running stability, the speed meets the original design requirements. The speed fluctuation is not more than 50r/min. The tachometer is used for running test or by engine comprehensive analyzer.
Q:Which pressure is the cylinder or hydraulic cylinder?
A hydraulic cylinder, such as a jack, that lifts 3 pieces. The normal cylinder pressure is only 0.9 to 1.5 MPa
Q:Can hydraulic oil be used instead of turbine oil?
Instead of running the machine, it is better to switch to oil or to use the contract's general oil
Q:Using hydraulic devices to control the cylinder,
At the same speed, under the same thrust conditions, the hydraulic system is much more expensive than the pneumatic system. You can use the hydraulic station to control the cylinder. You might as well buy an air compressor alone.If you have a hydraulic station or a large central hydraulic source, you must use the hydraulic system, you can reduce the work pressure, down to 0.8 MPa, and then send the hydraulic oil to the cylinder, you can also work.
Q:Hydraulic cylinder application
About expansionWorking principle of hydraulic cylinderHydraulic transmission principle - the oil as the working medium, through the change in the volume of sealing to transport movement, through the oil pressure to transfer the power.1, the power part - the mechanical energy of the prime mover is converted to the pressure energy of the oil (hydraulic energy). For example: hydraulic pump.2, the implementation part of the hydraulic pump input oil pressure can be converted to drive the mechanical energy of the work mechanism. For example: hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic motor.3 、 control part used to control and adjust the pressure, flow and direction of oil flow. For example: pressure control valve, flow control valve and direction control valve.4. The auxiliary part connects the three parts together to form a system, which functions as oil storage, filtration, measurement and sealing. Examples include piping and fittings, tanks, filters, accumulators, seals, and control instruments.A little pressure applied in any certain volume of liquid, can equal transmission in all directions. This means that when using a plurality of hydraulic cylinders, and each hydraulic cylinder according to the speed of each pull or push, and the moving load speed depends on the required pressure.In the same range of bearing capacity of the hydraulic cylinder, the hydraulic cylinder carrying the minimum load will move first, and the hydraulic cylinder carrying the maximum load will eventually moveIn order for the hydraulic cylinder to move synchronously, to achieve the load being lifted at the same speed at any point, it is essential to use a control valve or a synchronous jacking system element in the system
Q:Why is the digital hydraulic cylinder not widely used?
1, the movement of the plane to do a guide rail, to limit the movement of track;

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