hydraulic platform of scaffolding for repairing in aerial work

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main parameters of SC200/200 construction hoist


The SC200/200Construction Elevator is an external construction hoist with a three- drive rack-and-pinion mechanism. It has a rated loading capacity of 2 tons and a rated hoisting height of 150 meters. A simple alteration can change it into a single-cage construction elevator with a rated loading capacity of two tons. The SC200/200Construction Elevator is equipped with a state-patented safety device which can brake automatically in case of accidental fall. The driver element on top of the cage is safe and reliable and convenient for maintenance. The elevator with a maximum hoisting height of 300 meters is widely used for construction work such as industrial and civil construction, bridge construction, underground mining, large chimney construction and the shipping industry. It can be used for transporting materials or people vertically, as a permanent or half-permanent lift, or in places like storehouses and tall towers.


Rack-and-pinion Threee-drive Double-cage Construction Elevator

Rated Loading Capacity

2×2000 kg

Passengers Loaded

2×24 persons

Rated Hoisting Speed

34 m/min

Rated Hoisting Height

150 m (Goods-supply Height: 50m)

Inside Dimension of Suspension Cage (L×W×H)

3m ×1.3m ×2.4 m

Power Consumption


Motor Power


Weight of Standard Section

140 kg

Height of Standard Section

1.508 m

Type of Safety Device

SAJ30-1.2 50m

Gross Weight



hydraulic platform of scaffolding for repairing in aerial work

hydraulic platform of scaffolding for repairing in aerial work

hydraulic platform of scaffolding for repairing in aerial work

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Q:What are the characteristics of HHXG type inverted chain chain electric hoist?
HHXG type electric hoist chain stage designed for manufacturing stage electric chain hoist inverted or normal position, such as stage sound / light / set / steel widely used. The utility model has the advantages of high reliability, a limit switch device on the upper and the lower, and a micro switch with short reaction speed, can quickly and effectively stop, prevent the chain from exceeding, and ensure the safety.
Q:Hoisting safety notice
Safety measures shall be taken to prevent the overturning of the crane (1). The road on the lifting site shall be level and solid, and the backfill and soft soil shall be treated. If the soil is soft, roads should be paved separately. Parking crane is not working on a slope, also does not allow the crane two side high. (2) overload lifting is strictly prohibited. (3) prohibition of oblique hanging. Inclined hanging will cause overload and wire rope out, and even cause tension rope and rollover accident. The crane also causes the heavy object to swing out of the ground rapidly and may cause people or other objects to be damaged. (4). The component shall be binding sling after calculation, all lifting tools should be regularly checked, make an appraisal on the damage, the binding method should be correct and firm, to prevent lifting slings breaking or slipping from the component, the crane tipping and weight loss. (5) important components and equipment that are not suspended from weight. (6) prohibit lifting operation under the condition of grade six wind. (7) command personnel should use unified command signal, which should be clear and accurate. The crane driver should obey the command.
Q:What are the protective measures against crane injuries?
Crane type selection is reasonable, the road is flat and solid, and should not work on the slope.
Q:Classification of lifting tools
Light and small lifting equipment mainly includes lifting tackle, spreader, Jack, electric hoist and ordinary winch. Most of them are small, light and easy to use. In addition to electric hoist, the vast majority of manpower driven, applicable to the work is not heavy occasions.
Q:What elements should I take into account when purchasing a car?
In determining the purchase with the crane to at present on the market have a clear cognition, have a certain familiarity of the freight industry, at the same time, the freight market is changing, relying on the traditional rough operation will be difficult to survive in the fierce competition in the freight industry.First of all, before deciding how to buy a car, it's important to understand why you want to buy a car. What's the real purpose of your own car purchase?. They have no fixed line transportation and supply, and how the level of profit, which is the most important, if there is no fixed line or supply, road freight transport in the current competitive market is extremely fierce, rush into the freight market, rely on the guerrilla picking operation, is bound to bear great pressure, it is to stay in business.
Q:Please explain how to prevent the safety accidents in the process of tower crane installation and disassembly
The tower crane (also known as the tower) with crane and tower body mutually vertical shape, so it can be installed in the nearby construction engineering and effective working range than other types of cranes. The working height of the tower crane can reach 100 ~ 160m, which is especially suitable for the construction of high-rise and super high-rise buildings. In addition, the operation is convenient and the amplitude is simple, and has been widely applied in the construction. However, due to the uneven assembly and disassembly or other reasons, tower crane safety accidents happen frequently. In view of the serious accidents occurring in the loading and unloading of tower cranes in recent years, this paper discusses the problems concerning installation, demolition, operation, maintenance and safety management of tower cranes.
Q:Rack type lifting machine, rack press, rack lifting machine
The rack press is the abbreviation of the press, hydraulic press and hydraulic press. The press refers to a kind of forming machine used for the pressure forming of the industrial products. The hydraulic cylinder is generally used, so it is also called the hydraulic press. In the building material industry, the press is the abbreviation of the brick press, and the press breaks up the dynamic brick machine and the automatic hydraulic brick machine.
Q:Is the electric crane with track electric hoist or other mechanical products?
The crane with track has electric hoist, single beam crane, double beam hoist crane. Double beam bridge crane, Longmen crane. Cranes usually have rails.
Q:What are the points for attention in the course of transportation of double beam cranes?
Transportation conditions, transportation conditions, including on-site transportation, road construction, inspection and commissioning, etc..(1) construction of road transportation on site. According to the shipping component vehicle load size, body size, grade and standard requirements to determine the construction of temporary road pavement width and subgrade, pavement structure, construction site of the road transport people.(2) check the routes and routes. Transport drivers in Zhengzhou steel company and the relevant personnel along the exploration of transport routes, smooth road, road slope and road turning radius, or wire obstacles such as bridge and culvert clearance size are higher.(3) test run. The transport frame of the largest size component shall be installed on the vehicle, and the dimensions of the components shall be simulated and tested along the transport road.
Q:Is there a good steel lifting machine, the crane always binding steel plate, the efficiency is not high?
The easiest thing to do is to use a special hook for lifting iron (heavy lifting) and a manual magnetic sling under the wire rope.

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