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China (Mainland)

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Hydraulic plate valve

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Rotary Drilling Rig




Oil Well






2,000-15000 psi


Hydraulic plate valve
SS Gate Valve Handwheel Operated
1.Medium: water, oil, gas.
2.Certificate:API 6D,TS,CE.

                   Hydraulic plate valve                                 


Applicable standards:Steel gate valves, API 600 / API 6D
Steel gate valves, ISO 10434 / ISO 14313
Steel valves, ASME B16.34
Face to face, ASME B16.10
Flanges end, ASME B16.5
Buttwelding ends, ASME B16.25
Inspection and test, API 598 / API 6D


Design description:
Full port design

OS&y,outside screw and yoke
BB,Bolted bonnet
Flexible wedge,fully guided
Choice of solid or split wedge 


Renewable seat rings


Forged T-head Stem


Rising stem and non-rising handwheel 


Flanged or buttwelding ends 


Available with BG operator


Gate Valve Product Details


Design and Manufacture

ANSI B16.34,API600,API603,BS1414

Face to face(end to end)


Flanged connection

2"~24" TO ANSIB16.5,22",26"~36" TO MSS-SP-44 to API 605 on Request

Test and inspection


Butt welded end

ANSI B16.5


A. Anti-friction ball thrust bearing: Reduces friction between mating parts to ensure smooth operation
B. Grub screw: Secures yoke nut in the bonnet
C. Grease nipple: Supplies lubricant to the mating parts


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Q:Pinch Valve?
a pinch valve has a membrane (or sleeve) inside the valve. When the valve handle is screwed down the membrane is pinch closed. This type of valve is good when the flow needs to be finely controlled. It is also good for slurry (abrasive) flows, as the membrane can be replaced when worn. Gate valves are less effective when the flow must be controlled. They are not used in slurry applications at all, as the gate will be quickly worn away. Knife gate valves can be used in slurry, but are generally totally open or totally closed. The valve must be installed the correct way around, as when closed the weight of the product against the knifegate helps seal the valve. If you have the wrong way around it will tend to leak.
Q:1986 Chevy sprint valve lash?
if you cant see clearly, just right click it and choose save as so you can enlarge it. this will be important. now... Rear of vehicle side = Intake valves Font of vehicle = exhaust valves Rotate crankshaft clockwise and align the timing notch on the pu;;ey to 0 on the timing tab. Remove the distributor cap and ensure the rotor is at 3 oclock This position indicates the is at compression stroke. TDC #1 cylinder. Using feeler gauge between rocker and valve syem, check intake and exhaust valve clearance on cylinder #1. After adjustment tighten the locknut to 11 to 13 ft pounds torque.
Q:Gas safety valve does not work for thick slurries?
A gas valve is designed for gas, not thick slurry! When the valve opens, the aperture is nowhere near large enough to allow a significant flow of slurry. The simplest thing would be to use a burst diaphragm, designed to burst at a particular pressure and sized for the appropriate flow rate. You need to replace it after every use, but they are cheap. Otherwise you are stuck designing a custom valve, which would be pretty expensive.
Q:I was adding air to my bike tires and the valve became loose. Do I need a new tire or is there a way to tight?
It sounds as if you just need a new inner tube if there is a valve problem. New tubes cost only a couple of £££ each, and it's worth getting a couple of spares and a puncture repair kit if you don't have one. If you have some mates who also cycle, it can be worth getting a box of inners and splitting the cost. That way you get the discount and some spares. Check that you get the right size for your tyres.
Q:Pitted Exhaust valve on generator, can I just replace valve?
There is no need to replace head if the seat is good. Blue smoke indicates to rich a fuel mixture,white indicates oil consumption.
Q:The tricuspid valve is closed?
Q:Plumbing question - Fill Valve?
The okorder.com. Type in toilet fill valve in the search box and click on SEARCH. You will see a list of How-To videos that will help you with this project.
Q:my valve cap is leaking slowing how do i fix it on my 95 jeep cherokee?
valve cap? like on the tire? shouldn't leak...replace valve stem
Q:replace pcv valve on 2002 ford explorer?
Try okorder.com
Q:My son has a Bycuspid Aortic valve....does anyone else...?
As long as the action of the valve is normal and child is otherwise active and healthy with normal cardiac functions, mile stones, and growth, you can almost forget about the anomaly.

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