Hydraulic Long Ram Jack, Double Pump 3T

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2.Seal:Merkel or Parker
3.Working pressure:16-25Mpa.
4.10 years of experienc

CMAX series engineering hydraulic Cylinder

(1)working pressure:16MPa

(2)Piston diameter: 40-250mm

(3)Seals:Merkel or Parker

(4)Sensor: MTS or Balluff

cylinder diamete r      (mm)
piston rod diameter (mm)max stroke (mm)

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Q:One circuit controls three cylinders.
Yes, you need relays, solenoid valves, push buttons, switches, switches, and so on. It depends on what you need
Q:Kobelco 330 6e excavator hydraulic pump overhaul after the car is going to hold
5. low torque: the maximum torque of the engine shall not be less than 90% of the original design calibration value. The dynamometer shall be checked in accordance with the relevant provisions, and the work capacity shall be seriously damaged.
Q:What is pneumatic oil? Is it the same as hydraulic oil?
Pneumatic oil is a kind of lubricant used by pneumatic tools and equipment, mainly attached to the surface of the cylinder, piston and internal rotating parts. The main function is to prevent rust in the pneumatic components, lubricate and retard the aging of the sealing ring.
Q:What is the basic working principle of the cushion device in the hydraulic cylinder?
Because of the cylinder, cylinder pressure required is large, usually in the front end is provided with a cylinder buffer mechanism, such as buffer piston, as shown in the figure (if not insert picture ah).
Q:What's the name of this hydraulic device? Where can I buy it?!
The white one is obviously an electric push rod, which is directly driven and retractable by the motor.
Q:What type of cylinder do you have?
1) from the cylinder piston to withstand the pressure of gas is one-way or two-way classification (1) single acting cylinder: the piston of the cylinder can only be one-way pressure driven, reverse need to use external force. (2) double acting cylinder: the piston of the cylinder is driven by the air pressure in the two directions of both positive and negative directions. 2) classify the installation form of cylinder (1) fixed cylinder: cylinder block fixed. (2) axle pin type cylinder: the cylinder block can swing around the fixed axis pin at a certain angle. (3) rotary cylinder: the cylinder block is usually fixed on the main shaft of the machine tool, and can rotate with the main shaft of the machine. This kind of cylinder is usually used in the pneumatic chuck of the machine tool.
Q:What's the difference between the cylinder and the hydraulic?
The cylinder is compressed air as the power source, installation, use and maintenance are very simple and convenient, hydraulic cylinder is hydraulic oil as the power source of great output.
Q:What is the working pressure of the hydraulic cylinder with a diameter of 80?
I think you should ask about how much work you can do at work. Formula: theoretical output = work pressure x piston area. The piston area 80 cylinder diameter is 3.14*40*40=5026mm^2; if the work pressure is 10MPa; then the theoretical output is 5026x10=50260N, equivalent to 5 tons of force.
Q:How do you adjust the timing of the car's cylinder?
If there is a distributor. You can rotate around to make time earlier or later. If not, start with the timing belt, one earlier or later! To adjust the time!
Q:The pressure system is about 200bar.
This change has to be premise, there are many functions can not be replaced. Hydraulic is characterized by "incompressible" and can be "precise control."". The compressibility of the air is unstable, and the end of the movement is the full stroke of the cylinder, while the hydraulic pressure is random. This is in "accurate, safe" on the big difference, depending on your working conditions are there such requirements?

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