Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck Price

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Lift Drive / Actuation:



All accepted

Fork length:

1100 / 1150 / 1220 mm



Load capacity:

2.5 - 3.0 tons


Hydraulic hand pallet truck price

Lower fork height:

75 - 85 mm

Fork dims.:

40*120*1070 mm

Service weight:

63 - 75 kgs

Turning radius:

1216 / 1266 / 1336 mm

Width overall forks:

520 / 550 / 685 mm

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:6pcs / pallet; 144 / 180pcs for a 20ft container
Delivery Detail:30 days after received deposit

Hydraulic hand pallet truck price

Innovative design, comprehensive testing and highest quality !

  • Most standard and popular model with capacity 2500 - 3000kgs.

  • Supporting base : the new type is thicker in case of bending problems.

  • Forks: the thickness of the new type is 53mm to make strength increased.

  • Great innovation on part of wheel frame:With Copping Supporting NOG & strengthening ribbing under top triangle cover.Complete pump design with reliable leak-proof pump eliminating maintenance and extending the service time.

    •   A. The new type wheel frame enhances strength to prevent distortion problems.

    •   B. The new type frame without roll ring & roll sheath.

    •   C. Adopts double-spring pins construction with strengthening ribbing under triangle to prevent pin snipping problems.

  • 210 steering arc, and small turning radius.

  • Fork Lowering speed is controllable, operated by hand control and foot pedal.

  • Ergonomic rubber wrapped handle, which is comfortable and convenient to operate.

  • Entry / exit roller, more freely travel.

  • Equipped with over-load valve, with long service time.

  • 3 position hand control - Raise, Lower, Neutral.

  • 12 lubrication grease nipples on all movable parts for easy maintenance.

  • Adjustable pump cap ensures a long service life.

  • Ergonomic large rubber handle with three control lever.


  • Nylon wheel, polyurethane wheel, rubber wheel, single fork roller or tandem fork rollers.

  • Fork length: 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm.

  • Foot pedal release.

  • Pump color: black painting, silver painting, silver galvanized.

Remark: Special size for width and length can be made according to customer's requirement.







2500 / 3000

 Lowered fork height




 Steering wheel




 Fork roller single




 Fork roller tandem




 Max. lift height




 Total height




 Overall length


1483 / 1533 / 1603

 Fork length


1100 / 1150 / 1220

 Width overall forks


520 / 550 / 685

 Ground clearance, centre of wheelbase




 Aisle width for pallets 1000*1200


1683 / 1733 / 1803

 Aisle width for pallets 800*1200


1783 / 1783 / 1803

 Turning radius


1216 / 1266 / 1336

 Service weight


63 - 75

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