Hydraulic Excavator CE750-8

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Product Description:

1,Hydraulic system provide perfect power and accurate control to ensure continuous digging operation.

Main components, such as pump, valve, are manufactured by international top brand enterprises.

There is an open hydraulic system with Tri pump & Tri circuits, controlled by load sensing system and limit power to ensure higher efficiency and productivity at the lower est hydraulic loss. Reasonable power distribution and double pumps with crossover power control system can reduce circulation time under multiaction operation and promote productivity.

Swing secondary pressure control for better starting and braking pressure so as to ensure fast and stable swing operation.

Hydraulic hose, connection: world famous brand with excellent performance ensure better reliability for operation in mine.

High efficiency features:

Starting with zero displacement with better starting load and starting performance

Technique with minimum flow control at neutral position for best energy saving and economical efficiency

Technique with pressure cut-off to provide better system protection

Control of constant power of single pump, limited power of three pumps for reasonable distribution of engine power

Confluence of three pumps for combined movements and increasing of operating efficiency

Logic valve control for automatic straight traveling, automatic release of swing brake

Confluence of two pumps for increasing operating efficiency

2,Power system(Unique power-driven technology in China)

Diesel engine

Cummins QSX15C510 electronic injection engine with CELETC electrical system provide surging power and excellent reliability, conforms, conforms toTier2 emission standard. ECM is enable to read controller data and adjust engine to meet different working conditions

Turbocharged and electronic injection control can promote fuel efficiency and reduce fuel consumption,meanwhile provide stronger power and better performance.

Electric engine ECM is featured as data collect, error diagnosis, automatic protection, maintenance and monitoring

3,Welding&casting structure for working attachment

Adopt international top brand cylinder seal for better sealing property

Working attachment pins are made of special wearresistant alloy, hardening and chroming treated for getting high strength and long circle life

4,Automatic central ludricating sestem

Top brand automatic central lubrication at setting time interval, for specified quantity and at all lubrication points. which results in saving of manual daily maintenance, reduced manpower and increased productivity

5,Classified esign & manufacture based on working condition

Special design & manufacturing of bucket, undercarriage, working attachment and other structure parts based on different working condition; customizing design on power unit, hydraulic system, oil products and electrical system to make our products suitable for all kinds of adverse circumstance

Working attachments such as breaker, cultivators, quick-change connector can be equipped to meet different working requirements

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Q:can anyone help me find the specs for JCB excavator yellow paint?
go to NAPA autoparts they probally have it or just visit a CAT dealership the would have it.
Q:How many hours does the excavator usually last?
This thing could not speak well, digging well, yiershiwan hours is normal.
Q:how to get free useful information on the maintenance of excavators?
You okorder.com.with more info and I will try to help you if I can.
Q:If you know anything about...?
It's fast in the sense of doing a lot of digging quickly. It is also very strong, and it doesn't get tired as human diggers would :-)
Q:What are the brands of excavators?
Komatsu, Doosan, Nagano, 31, Hitachi, Kaiyuan, rhino, diamond, Juli etc.
Q:i want directly go to australia, looking excavator operator job from site to site, is that good idea ?
unless you can get here under the skilled migrant program you will find it very hard to obtain work here. Go to the Immi.gov.au site for more details.
Q:a question i hate to ask but really need to know
Some people bury or cremate the horse. Your vet should have some info on this. Other people, (depends how attached you are to this horse and how many you have room to bury) will call the dead truck. This is a service that comes and hauls your dead away (cattle, horses, etc) and I don't know roughly what the cost is. Your vet should have this number too. Lots of people just haul it out to the back 40 for coyote bait but again, it depends how attached you are to the horse. Myself, I don't mind leaving cattle out there but a horse is another story, I like to have them buried.
Q:Are Daewoo automotive and Daewoo electronics separate companies?
yes they are an division (branch) there is also an tractor made by daewoo and also heavy equipment (excavators)
Q:How-to set up a heavy equipment sales website?
If this something you plan to do yourself rather than paying someone to do it for you, there are probably a couple different programs you will need to do this. Mainly being an html editor/web builder and a graphics program that can do the animation. There are a couple suggestions and links to such free software at the link below in sources. You can use any text editor to create HTML code for a web site, though it's probably easier with a WYSIWYG editor like NVU. Gimp, which I use, will allow you to make animated gifs, though it may be a little tricky if you haven't used such a program before. Another way of doing an animation would be something like flash, which may be a little more involved than a simple gif animation. As long as you're not planning on doing anything with a database or setting up a shopping cart/checkout, you just need basic hosting and a domain name.
Q:How do I turn off a hitachi backhoe?
HA!!! just let her run out. it's a diesel, so you have to interrupt the fuel supply.

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