Hydraulic Cone Crusher for River Stone for Aggregates

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Product Description:

XHP Series Hydraulic Cone Crusher Introduction:

  • Type: Secondary Crushing

  • Input Size: 95mm--353mm

  • Processed Materials: Limestone, Granite, Gabbro, Basalt, River Stone, Coal Gangue, Quartz, Diabase,Iron Ore, Copper Ore,  Zinc Ore, Manganese Ore, etc. (for Hard Stone).

  • Applications: Aggregates Shaping, Mechanism sand, Bituminous Concrete, Metal Mine,  Chemical, Road, Railway,Metallurgy, Construction, Highway, Water Conservancy

  • Capacity: 90-1200 TPH

Characteristic of Cone Crusher:

XHP series high efficiency Hydraulic Cone Crusher is a world-level cone  crusher developed from the up-to-minute technology of America. The cone  crusher not only improves the production capacity and crushing  efficiency, but also widens the applying area, from limestone to basalt,  from stone production to various ore crushing. It has a second-to-non  crushing performance in the work of medium-size crushing, fine crushing  and super fine crushing. The crusher is the improved type of spring cone  crusher and can be used to replace ordinary hydraulic cone crusher . 


Model            Cavity            Standard Type            Short Type            Power            Capacity (t/h)            
Feeding Size (mm)            Min Discharging   Size (mm)            Feeding Size (mm)            Min Discharging   Size (mm)            (kw)            
XHP200            Super coarse            

132-200            90-250            
Coarse             185            19            76            10            
Medium            125            17            54            6            
Fine            95            13            23            6            
Super Fine            

10            5            
XHP300            Super coarse            230            25            

180-250            115-440            
Coarse             210            20            75            10            
Medium            150            15            50            8            
Fine            105            10            20            6            
Super Fine            

20            6            
XHP400            Super coarse            295            30            

280-355            140-630            
Coarse             250            25            90            10            
Medium            195            20            50            8            
Fine            110            14            40            6            
Super Fine            

30            6            
XHP500            Super coarse            330            30            

355-450            175-790            
Coarse             285            25            90            13            
Medium            200            20            55            10            
Fine            133            16            40            8            
Super Fine            

35            6            
XHP800            Super coarse            353            32            

550-630            260-1200            
Coarse             297            32            155            13            
Medium            267            25            92            10            
Fine            219            16            33            6            
Super Fine            

Reference Photos :

Hydraulic Cone Crusher for River Stone for Aggregates

Hydraulic Cone Crusher for River Stone for Aggregates

Hydraulic Cone Crusher for River Stone for Aggregates

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Q:What kind of dust removal equipment should be chosen for the dust removal of the crusher?
The dust produced by crushing equipment is caused by the running parts of a block when it is broken.As the size of broken materials is large, there are more coarse particles in the dust, so the crushing of limestone usually adopts cyclone dust collector or diffusion cyclone dust collector. A cyclone dust collector and a two stage water scrubber can be used for the coal fragmentation.
Q:SID how about crushing municipal solid waste?
The effect is still passable. But huge, input, output, and uneconomical. It's better to use local brand equipment.
Q:What are the hammer crusher models? What's the approximate size of each model?
Hammer crusher mainly has these advantages: (1) high production capacity and large crushing ratio; 2. Low power consumption and uniform particle size; the mechanical structure is simple, compact and light; the investment cost is low, and the management is convenient. The utility model is mainly composed of a casing, a rotor, a strike iron, a grate bar, etc.. The shell is divided into two parts, which are welded and welded by the steel plate, and the other parts are connected together by bolts. The inside of the casing is provided with a high manganese steel lining plate, which is easy to change after wearing, and the main shaft is provided with a hammer with an array regular distribution, and the rotor is composed of a turntable and a hammer shaft. The host through the motor, triangle belt driven spindle, so that the rotation of the rotor, hammer by centrifugal force produced by the rotation of the stretched outward, after the bulk material from the feed port into the crushing chamber, by high-speed movement of the hammer. Grate discharge qualified material from the lower gap, not qualified in the crushing cavity, the hammer and iron bearing repeated action until the qualified discharge. To avoid clogging, the water content of the crushed material is generally not more than 20%.
Q:Crushing methods for various types of crushers?
Impact crusher. The ore block is crushed by the impact of the fast moving parts, which can be divided into hammer crusher, cage crusher and counterattack crusher
Q:How much money a crusher
More money, this question is too general, in many ways. I see you are not knowledgeable, you'll still find some special selling this platform such as crushing equipment, factory stores, manufacturers, can be a good contrast, goods than three do not suffer.
Q:The advantages and disadvantages of Sandvik crusher
The foreign machines are superior in quality and fairly expensive in price. An excellent HP300 estimates 2 million 500 thousand. But they mine stability, abrasion resistance, convenient adjustment, from Barmac series to Simmons series, now and then to the HP series, they are constantly improved.
Q:Ask for help, stone, I used a broken plug-in
When larger, usually refers to the mining out of the stone, generally the diameter is relatively large, at this time to break, there is a choice. If it is not a hard basalt stone granite, large caliber crusher and so can be used for large machinery, two meters in diameter of the stone was broken. If the stone is hard, so the large caliber crusher will reduce the service life of the equipment, the need for a large jaw type crusher are broken, but large jaw crusher price is relatively high, so in the selection of equipment, but not to consider the nature of the stone, but also considering the equipment investment, but also taking into account the crushing effect.
Q:What are the models of the crusher?
Crusher, then double gold SJ series cone crusher, stone beating stone principle, this technology produced a grain of good. Sand making, SJ series cone sand making machine (energy saving and environmental protection type sand making machine).
Q:What is the working principle of a shear crusher?
After the material enters, the material is evenly split in the space between the rotor shear plate and the stator shear plate, the material is crushed and squeezed by the shearing and shearing of the rotor shear plate and the stator shear plate, and the material is discharged from the bottom of the crusher after crushing.
Q:How long is the crusher hammer used in general?
This is related to a lot of factors, such as crushing materials are different, crusher hammer selected material is different, and so on. Our company is specializing in the production of wear-resistant parts of the crusher, high manganese steel, high manganese steel, alloy steel, single or double metal composite material casting, with advanced production technology and production of high manganese steel hammer, high chromium, high manganese steel hammer hammer, composite hammer, hammer crusher to adapt to different service condition. Customers can also be provided for customized drawings!

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