Hybrid Stepper Servo Motor Hs421 (42mm, 2Phase)

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Product Description:

Hybrid Stepper Servo Motor Hs421 (42mm, 2Phase)

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:HS421(1.8degree )42mm-2 Phase


Excitation Mode:HB-Hybrid






Resistance:100min 500VDC



Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.

Trademark:I. CH

Standard:CE, RoHS, nqa

Origin:Nanjing China


Production Capacity:50, 000PCS/Year

Product Description

I.CH Motion Hybrid Stepper Servo Motor HS421
General Specifications

Insulation Resistance:100MIN,500VDC
Ambient Temperature:(0-55ºC
Encoder lines:2500/1000

Electrical Specification
Series ModelRated Voltage  (V)L
Phase Current   (A)Phase
Holding Torque
Moment of Inertia   (g.cm2)Motor
( g)

Hybrid Stepper Servo Motor Hs421 (42mm, 2Phase)

Hybrid Stepper Servo Motor Hs421 (42mm, 2Phase)

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Q:What is the step length of the step motor? How do you walk the motor in step?
What is the step motor? Induction step motor, hybrid step motor, linear step motor? Step length generally refers to a shot of a step Angle, taking two steps into the motor as an example: The two-phase/four-phase step motor (50 rotors, 40 stator teeth), the market is generally 1.8 degrees, subdivided by 0.9 degrees,... Step Angle = 360/50 teeth / 4 beats
Q:How do you change the direction of the step motor
Three-phase stepper motor can change direction in line, if it is bad five phase is changed, can find a row selector switch power amplifier module, there is a change of phase sequence, this according to the manual operation, you can also try one by one, not dial back and try again next, until the direction of change.
Q:Can the numerical control system for stepping into the motor can be used for private motor
Your numerical control system step system changes to servo system, which is absolutely no problem. The step motor is pulse control and servo motor is changed to pulse control mode, and the corresponding fine score is set. Servo is faster and more accurate, but more expensive.
Q:The step motor and the servo motor are big
You will find that if is with torque motor servo motor much larger force, reason is that the servo motor drive has the function of adjust output can make servo motor in 2-3 times within a certain time under overload, therefore, when servo motor overload showed a trend of slow down automatically adjust the output current and voltage, make its operating force to keep the original speed slow, locked-rotor occur without (but not limited to motor overload capacity and drive affordable oh). The stepper motor was not the function, but also can meet the state of relatively low frequency (low speed) reach the rated torque output, when high speed stepping electric opportunity because of the high frequency, the pulse current in coil electricity shorter time and reach the maximum current, instead to cause a decline in moment, therefore, the stepper motor is only suitable for low speed and torque is small. Obviously, compared to the stepping motor and servo motor, the servo motor is larger than the step motor
Q:What is the meaning of step 1, 1204, 1605,1610?
What you're talking about is not the type of the step motor, but the type of the screw. For example in 1605: 16 is the diameter of the screw is 16mm. 05 is the lead, which is the distance from the screw to move the load to the 5mm. 1605 that is to say, the 16mm diameter of the screw will drive the load along the 5mm. 1204 means that the screw with a diameter of 12mm will move a circle and will drive the load up to 4mm.
Q:The speed of the step motor and servo motor is respectively
The torque-speed characteristic of different step motor output torque increases with speed decreases, and at a high speed when they fell sharply, so its maximum working speed is in commonly 300 ~ 600 r/min. Ac servo motor for constant torque output, that is, at its rated speed (usually 2000 or 3000 r/min) of less than, can be rated output torque and constant power output above the rated speed for.
Q:The type and calculation method of stepping motor?
To determine how much torque is required: static torque is one of the main parameters of the step motor. Large torque motor is required when loading. When the torque indicator is large, the motor is also large. • judge the speed of the motor: when the speed requirement is high, the electric motor with a large current and low inductance should be chosen to increase the power input. The higher power supply voltage is applied when selecting the drive.
Q:How to control the angular displacement speed and rotation direction of the step motor
Give the corresponding signal according to your needs.I hope my answer will help you
Q:The step motor is more expensive than the reversible motor
In the case of an electric motor, it is a bit more expensive to step into a motor, but it is more expensive to use the actuator and controller when stepping into the motor.
Q:The stepping motor vibrates only
The program error, the program pulse is given too fast, the motor can't react, can only follow the vibrations.

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