HYAC messenger eight-lane communication cable

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Messenger non-filled cable is suitable for the local telecommunication network of cities and towns telecommunications lines, can also be applied to public network access to the private network lines.Messenger wire and cable with the same outer sheath, economical and practical, easy installation and installation.In a 30 ~ 60 ~ C a C environment conditions, the mechanical and electrical properties of the cable remain unchanged.
Conductor: annealing bare copper wire, copper wire diameter is 0.32, 0.4, 0.50, 0.60, 0.70, 0.80, 0.90 mm.
Insulation: high density polyethylene or b/c copolymer, insulated wire color code standard.
Insulated wire for: two different color in different pitch insulated wire twisting in pairs, with specified color combinations to identify.
Core structure: to 25 as the basic units, more than 25 pairs cable according to the unit combination, each unit with regulation of chromatographic tie around, to identify different units.100 on and above the cable to add 1% of prepared.Covering: cable core is wound with polyester film bag.
Shield: a corrugated or corrugated metal belt longitudinal steamed stuffed bun cable core package with lap on both sides.Coating the surface of the block with plastic film and protective layer of adhesive
Sheath: black low density polyethylene.
Alignment: suspension wire for 7 strands galvanized steel strand, nominal diameter of 6.3 mm and 4.75 mm, its tensile strength is not less than 3000 kg and 1800 kg respectively, suspension wire with thermoplastic paint coating, to prevent corrosion of steel wire.
Identification and marking: cable outer surface with permanent identification mark, mark at no more than alternate 1 m intervals, tag contents are: the diameter of wire, wire on the quantity, cable type, factory name and year of manufacture, marking at no more than alternate 1 m intervals to mark on the surface.

Other constructions:
According to user needs to provide the high frequency isolation (PCM) cable said to HYAGC.Also can according to IEC, BPO, REA standard production

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Q:Should TRS or TS cables be used for the powered signal in a 2 channel PA?
TRS cables are used for two channels, either to patch stereo signals from one component to another, or for send and return in an effects loop. TS cables are used for single-channel patching, and would typically be used between a mixer and a power amplifier. Speaker cables are different from signal cables, even though they often use the same plugs. Speaker cables should be made of 18AWG or larger 2-conductor wire, whereas signal cables shoud be made of shielded (screened) wire. Be certain to use the correct type of cable for the type of signal being conveyed. You may want to get some local help for this. Someone near you should be able to assist.
Q:My Acer laptop shuts down when I moved the power cable?
sensitive power supply connection i guess
Q:How to add power and cable outlet to closet?
What's under and over the closet? If the basement (unfinished is best for tapping into and no worries of going through multiple walls) is under it, you may have a bunch of choices to tap into. Make a list of what circuit breaker/fuse every light, outlet, appliance is on, you don't want to overload a already full circuit.
Q:What is the Best RG59 Cable?
Hi Ian: That cable you refered to is called Siamese cable meaning it's RG-59 coax + an outer power cable twinned to it (as a single run) for powering a remote camera. If that's the purpose for the coax you need (or you are wanting to wire a car backup camera with power and video signal, for example) then this is the correct cable to use. However, if you just want to run a video, antenna, or cable-box signal, and don't need the power cable feature, this particular brand of cable is a waste of money. Feel free to use the Additional Details link to post an Update to the discussion, and I or another Y!A Contributor can give you more info on the topic of what your application is for the coax cable. hope this helps, --Dennis C.
Q:What power connector adapter cable is needed for a NVidia GTS 150 video card?
Power connector cable? Usually, you don't need an adapter cable: you just plug the video card into one of the PCI expansion card slots available on the motherboard, then you plug the monitor's cable to connect the monitor to the computer via the serial port on the video card. Knowing what computer you have doesn't really help: You have to tell us the motherboard's brand model to see if this particular video card is compatible for your computer's motherboard.
Q:Does this power supply have enough cables?
Your PSU should do just fine. Mother biard:24 pin and 8 pin connector HDD- SATA power Writer-SATA power G.card: ships with a 8 pin to 6 pin connector, so you are safe buddy. If its not shipped, buy one. Its dead cheap.
Q:How many amphs does the us ps3 slim's power cable have? It should be #A?
i don't know why youre trying to find this out but heres a chart. The power cable has different electricity usages depending on what youre doing but the average is 87 ish
Q:How can I power on my hardrive without the main power cable?
Put a coat hanger on it and wait for a thunderstorm.
Q:Is it ok to leave laptops charging with power cable?
yes it will make the life of your battery shorter plug it in when it needs to be otherwise unplug it
Q:Do I have to use a fuse for the power cable on an amplifier, if the amp is only a 350 watt amp?
The reason you need a fuse on the power cable is that if the power wire gets shorted to chassis metal, and you don't have a fuse near the battery, the wire will overheat. When it overheats, it will scorch or ignite anything next to it. Any wire connected to the battery, no matter how large, needs to have a properly rated fuse installed as close to the battery connection as possible.

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