HXGN-12R Tank-type (Fixed) Metal-clad Ring-net Switchgear

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 HXGN-12R tank-type (fixed) metal-clad ring-net switchgear (RMU). applies for urban power grid renewal and building.it has the function of cut -off load current and closing shor-circuit in power supply system.it adorpts vacuum load cirsuitand makes operating mechanism as spring operating macheniam.and it can has manual operation and electric operation. switch and insolating knief  be used with active operation structure.so it has the feather of strengh complete perfomance,small volume,no fire crash and no explosion accident.it has reliable "five protection"performance.


  RMU applies for AC 10KV,50hz distribution system and is widely used for urban power grid building,reconstruction project,industrial and mine enterprise,high rise building and public utilities etc,as the RMU and terminal equipment,it has protective function of  power distribution,management and electrict equipments.

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