Hunting Light Kit C8 Bow Light

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We are always continuously designing and producing higher quality, new style and worldwide popular flashlights with our owned solid technical power. We are also always trying our best to provide economic flashlight to our customers! Our soul is to facilitate customers excellent service and supply the competitive flashlight.


Bow light

Bow mounted hunting flashlight/bow light professional manufacturer

Emitter Brand  

CREE Q5 Green

Light Color:  





180 lumens maximum brightness

Battery Configurations:  

1 x 18650 battery

Lamp Cap Input:  




Mode Arrangement:  



Clicky (Clickie); Glow-in-the-Dark

Switch Location:  

Tailcap (Tail-cap)


140 x 45mm / (L x Dia.) 


Aluminum alloys

processing technic:

The hard anodizing process


90 minutes (manufactuer rated)

Operating Temperature:  




Compact and Lightweight Design
Engineered from T6061 aircraft grade aluminum, our LED hunting lights offer vast utility in a compact package.  At just 6 inches in overall length and weighing roughly 6.5 ounces with a battery - you won't have to worry about adding bulk to your hunting gear. We believe it's the perfect weapon light for hunting at night.

Tactical Yet Practical
Our lights are a testament to a sleek combination of functionality and form.  The semi-aggressive assault crown provides protection for the lens from drops.  The handle has micro-checkering texture for a sure grip even when its wet out.  Our sleek black finish is highly scratch resistant and matches most anodizing for AR-15's. 


Works on Multiple Species
Whether you are a trying to rid your land of feral hogs or calling predators, our lights are field proven to work.  With our  light you will be able to effectively hunt hogs, coyotes, and many more species.  The science behind this involves varmints and hogs alike not being able to pick up on these colors.  Contrary to a white light, these green and red LED hunting lights won't spook!


New Lithium Ion Technology
You shouldn't have to continuously buy new batteries that you are just going to have to throw away after a hunt or two.  Our LED hunting lights utilize lithium ion technology giving you the power to recharge between outings.  This means longer run times and faster charge times when compared to alkaline batteries.  You can expect roughly 2-3 hours of run time per charge.


Dust-Proof & Water Resistant
Hunting can be a dirty job sometimes.  Knowing that your gear can handle the elements and stand up to the abuse of the outdoors is added peace of mind.  Our hog hunting lights and predator hunting lights are completely dust-proof and highly water resistant.  With an IP65 rating you can be rest assured that mud, sand, and rain won't have a chance at ruining your next hunt.


Going the Distance
Gain clarity and vision at night using our LED hunting lights and confidently take shots up to 200 yards.  Depending on your optics and magnification you will be able to spot, scan, and acquire targets at these distances.  Even older generation night vision setup's won't provide you with these kinds of distances.  


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Q:How to measure the circuit board of LED flashlight with Multimeter?
When measuring the resistance of a circuit, the power supply of the circuit under test must be cut off and the live measurement shall not be carried out.
Q:I want to put the flashlight's LED led on the 12V motorcycle. When the rear taillight is used, how can I change the line?
4 series into 1 groups, the voltage is just right, directly connected to the power supply, do not have any original, and if you think the brightness is not enough, you can group parallel. That's what my car 12V power supply does.
Q:Can the lead-acid battery of LED flashlight be replaced by mobile phone lithium battery?
Lithium battery voltage is 4.2-2.6 volts, long-term stability of 3.7 volts, so the voltage will be low, the need to limit the current resistance LED reduced to 90% of the original, otherwise LED brightness is not enough
Q:What about the high brightness of a flashlight? Bull LED? Or single head high power LED? That kind?
Agree with the 1 floor. However, small power, that is, long LED brightness unit is generally MCD, high power brightness unit is generally used lumen (LM). LM and MCD cannot be converted. Because LM is the unit of total luminous quantity, MCD is the brightness unit of a certain luminous surface, just like the total decoration after buying a house and the relation of the charge of the floor tile.
Q:How to judge the quality of the flashlight lamp?
The flashlight is used LED lamp, flashlight lamp general judgement is good or bad, the first is: the average person is distinguished by brand.
Q:LED lamp with what method from the welding of aluminum substrate nondestructive down (T6, flashlight)
It is hard to say, there is a heating station on the big impact, if there is no heating station, find a skilled worker, generally can be very good treatment... Basically no impact, the head office has welding, patch, and I have tried welding streetlights, will not have any impact. I'm in charge of the aluminum base plant.
Q:Buy a few flashlight LED lamp, directly connected to the 5V electric heating lamp why. How to solve?.
The general electric LED lamp with voltage does not exceed 4.2V, because 18650 of the full battery voltage is 4.2V, voltage to 3.8V protection to prevent the excessive discharge of the battery. The heating lamp is normal, the more heat generating power is also bright brightness. So the LED lamp equipped with aluminum substrate and the copper circuit warehouse to heat.
Q:LED rechargeable flashlight, small table lamp
The voltage between the 2V-2.6V is the lead-acid battery.Voltage at 3.6V-4. Between the 2V is the lithium battery.Generally speaking, charging more than time will cause serious damage to the battery, because the low charger does not automatically protect the battery. So, it's better to press the instructions.The light of the rechargeable flashlight sometimes shakes, probably due to poor contact between the switches and other parts. It can be checked by itself.The battery that has just been charged has the highest voltage, so the light is brighter, and as the energy consumption, the voltage will gradually decrease, so the lights will dim. In low level lamps without a stabilizer, dimming is normal.
Q:LED flashlight, how many V and how much W is it related to?
Usually the letter "U" stands for voltage, and the unit of voltage is "volt", referred to as "volts". The symbol is "V."When voltage is very high, kV is usually used as a unit. When voltage is low, mV is used as a unitW (Watts) is the unit of powerPower * time is power consumption
Q:Led bright flashlight, is it easy to use? Is it Expensive?
I am doing titanium lighting flashlight, the flashlight irradiation effect is relatively strong, mainly C10 flashlight with 800 lumens single chip CREE XML T6 LED, close the pan light intensity, long distance focusing, pavement irradiation effect is great, and the first choice is the outdoor riding at night. 18650 hours straight, with another T6 LED small size, brightness super awesome, you can exchange.

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