Humidifier Clear static electricity

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The role of the humidifier

Flooding in addition to dry

     Unusually dry winter indoors, not up to standard basic humidity (40RH-60RH) drying the body of water will wet, dry environment will lead to moisture loss, accelerated aging life.

    Drying will accelerate the loss of body water, muscle fibers resulting in the loss of fracture toughness, will form a wrinkle-free hair restoration, America Ling humidifier to keep indoor humidity, moisturizes the skin in a healthy environment.

Flu Prevention


Model XY-01

Item XY-01

Applicable area 31-40 square meters

Functional ultrasonic

1.0-2.5 liter tank capacity

Fog port number 1

Mechanical operation

No timing timing function

Water power protection support

Power Source AC

Shape Square

  Adding essential oils in water or liquid, etc., with the mist distributed themselves in an aroma, making the body more easily absorbed, there is healing repose, health treatment effect, especially for skin allergies, insomnia, colds, coughs, asthma has excellent secondary effect, is the best replacement alternative to traditional aromatherapy products.

Stylish furnishings, beautiful and practical

  Uses cute cartoon fashion, floating clouds dreamlike, as romantic as Wonderland, enough to produce unusual creative inspiration. Dry automatic protection, fog amount can be adjusted, and humidity balance. Unique "zero-noise design" circuit, so that your machine is more energy-saving, quiet, energy saving and environmental protection

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